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Local startup, Springleap, attracts international funding

01, January 2015: Startup Springleap (, recent winner of the United Nations Award for Innovation, has announced a successful round of seed funding from a consortium of British and South African investors. Springleap has secured $400 000 from Angel Investors Colenso Capital, Clearwater, Kevin Gaskell and Crystal Bay Capital. 

"The team at Springleap had gained significant traction in a short amount of time with Fortune 500 brands and have a big vision to empower the creative industry." ­ Kevin Gaskell ­ Chairman of Springleap advisory board, former MD of Porsche and BMW, CEO Eurotaxglass, CEO Fairline Boats. 

Springleap has pivoted into a conduit for clients to access thousands of creatives for design, creative research and co­creation projects. "With our investors’ support, we can now focus on building more innovative models for our agency and brand clients to work with our community of pan­African and global creatives." says Springleap’s CEO, Eran Eyal. "We will also be focused on building our team to fuel expansion. Our core focus is leveraging our agency creative community to drive ROI on creative and marketing via localized actionable insights " With that scope for growth, negotiations have been initiated for the second phase of funding with commitments already received from prominent US, UK, EU and ZA­based investors. 

"The pivot at Springleap made a lot of sense, but we are also backing Eran’s ambitions and vision, here. In a short time, he's brought a world­class team and advisors together around Springleap and positioned the business for huge potential." ­ Colenso Capital’s Tim Leclecrq 

The investment interest in Springleap comes at a time of increasing attention from the global advertising industry on acquiring local advertising, communications and digital agencies. Springleap's creative research panel of over 30,000 vetted creatives with ad agency backgrounds delivers localized actionable insights from any territory that ensures the efforts in creative are always spot on for the marketplace. 

"The model Springleap is developing can sit at the heart of any agency to help them flexibly scale and access new varieties of talent and skills across Africa." comments Clearwater CEO, Derek White. 

There is a massive gap in the brands and agencies market ($580Bn p/a) for a model that is managed, curated, bespoke to the project and not limited to traditional staffing models." says Peter Binks, Managing Director of Crystal Bay Capital 

With clients such as Samsung, SAB, Nestle, Kraft, and Ogilvy, Springleap was also the recent winner of the MentorCamp finals in Canada and was announced as runner up in the Innovation 100 Awards held in California against the likes of Amazon, eBay and the Apple Store. 

"We recently launched a new type of creative research panel testing that significantly increases ROI on any creative work and marketing before it launches which has been very well received", concludes Eyal, "Securing the first round of funding puts us on track to seeing our vision of getting our community of agency creatives to refine any creative assets with localized actionable insights and feedback in record time to avoid disasters and ROI. It's a game changer in terms of value and speed of delivery." 

About Springleap: 

Springleap is a marketplace for managed, curated creative professionals with ad agency backgroungs to help brands, agencies and startups drive increased ROI on creative and marketing dollars through localized actionable insights and to source solutions to creative briefs. With a global network of creatives, Springleap offers scalable solutions to brands and advertising agencies which draw on the expertise of their vast online community. 

For editorial queries please contact:
Eran Eyal (CEO / Founder)
T: +1.646.789.1243

Naturetrek's Wildlife Holiday Brochure Creates Huge Interest

01, January 2015: The experts at top specialist wildlife tour company Naturetrek are delighted with the response to their latest holiday itineraries, to destinations all over the world. Their most recent brochure offers a huge array of wildlife holiday experiences to places as exotic as Brazil and the Republic of Congo, to name just two. The company's diverse range of comprehensively organised tours is the hallmark of their continued success.

Naturetrek customers now also have the opportunity to sign up for tours of the Scandinavian wilderness, African safari parks, the unique habitats of Madagascar, and the Spanish mountains. David Mills, Managing Director of Naturetrek, says, "We see our brochure as a holiday ‘bible’ for any natural history fan, whatever their age, ability and aspirations. Birds, plants and mammals are inevitably the main focus of our trips, but we try to incorporate all other aspects of the natural world and to uncover the unique culture and allure of a destination, rather than simply to tick off wildlife checklists."

Each of the specially organised nature tours holds a unique appeal. Those who sign up for the wildlife experience in Brazil can expect to encounter intriguing species such as the Brazilian Tapir and Giant Anteater, while other people may opt for the experience of a relatively relaxing plant-hunting expedition in China.

Naturetrek continue to hold true to their mantra of developing wildlife experiences for travellers of vastly differing interests, and particularly adventurous travellers may be excited about the prospect of staying in the tree top camps in the Republic of Congo, observing boisterous primates including the Grey Cheeked Mangabey and Western Lowland Gorillas. Alternatively some travellers may take the opportunity of exciting sightings of fearsome predators such as the Lion and Cheetah as they prowl their territory in Tanzania.

Tour bookings with Naturetrek include transportation, accommodation and expert guiding. Anyone wishing to learn more should visit the Naturetrek website.

About Naturetrek:
For more information on any of Naturetrek's many carefully designed wildlife itineraries, visit or call 01962 733051.

For further information, for photography, prices, to request the current brochure or to interview the Managing Director of Naturetrek, David Mills, contact Sarah Belcher at Travel PR on 020 8891 4440 or

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Katequeen presents its designer prom dresses with interesting discounts

31, December 2014: With changing trend it is important to buy dresses from professional stores that provide huge stock of dresses. There are huge amount of online stores selling designer dresses and one must make a proper research before buying the dresses. These dresses are available at cost effective rates and one can use various coupon codes to get branded dresses at cheaper rates. One of the sites selling these cost effective dresses is Katequeen. 

There are huge ranges of dresses available for prom nights and unlike any formal event one can try to experiment during the prom events. In the online store of Katequeen the wide varieties of prom dresses include short prom dresses, long prom dresses and different colours of prom dresses. All these dresses include the new arrivals that will follow the trends of 2015. Along with this people can take the advantage of the Christmas discounts available at the online store. Katequeen provides almost 75% discount on their dresses and this enables the buyers in buying the dresses at cost effective rates. 

Huge amount of women like to follow their favourite celebrity and wear the attire worn by their favourite celebs. The online store has wide range of celebrity dresses that are based on the trends created by the celebrities. Along with the prom dresses UK they also have a nice collection of bridesmaid dresses UK. New brides would always love to be at their best on their wedding day and having a look at the vast range of dresses at Katequeen would help them in buying nice designer dresses. It is not only limited for bride as they also sell dresses for the mother of the bride and other people who would be attending the ceremony. 

The 75% discount on various dresses comes as a Christmas gift for the buyers. There are regular discounts provided on the site and these last for around 2 to 5 days. People can subscribe to their newsletter to make sure they are updated with the trendy dresses that are added to their collection. One can find dresses in almost every colour and different sizes. Different people have different body requirements and it is important to have a proper look at the dress before buying it. If one does not make a proper research before buying the dress then it could lead to disastrous results and make it embarrassing on the day of the event. 

About Katequeen: 


Katequeen is an online store that sells various designs of dresses. These dresses involve modern trendy designs and one can also get the designs worn by their favourite celebs. They specialize in prom and wedding dresses. They have a huge stock of dresses and provide regular discounts on the dresses that they sell. One can have a look at their website to know more.

Family Holiday Insurance: Winter Sports Warning

31, December 2014: The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has launched an awareness campaign with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to warn travellers heading for the slopes this winter to take out suitable insurance. This could consist of an individual policy or a family holiday insurance policy, but the important thing is that it is a dedicated policy for winter sports. 

Astonishingly, it claims that the number of people who will not take out suitable cover will number in the hundreds of thousands this year. This comes following its recent research that found that one million people will go skiing or snowboarding this year but that 29% of them will not have adequate cover. 

Injuries incurred while taking part in winter sports activities can lead to huge medical bills if travellers do not have an adequate individual or family holiday insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover winter sports. 

The ABTA found that the most likely travellers to go on a winter sports holiday are the under 35s, but it also found that they are the least likely to take out winter sports insurance. 

Younger travellers are less likely to take out insurance for other types of holidays as well, according to the ABTA. One of its studies shows that for those aged 16 to 24, almost a fifth think that travel insurance is not necessary. 

Many travellers wrongly assume that the government will cover treatment, or that insurance is not needed because they have an EHIC card. However, although the EHIC will provide cover for state level care in European countries, it does not provide the same cover as a dedicated travel insurance policy. 

Another (slightly more obscure) group of travellers is also being warned about the dangers of not having suitable insurance, and this could affect families this winter. Many families choose to visit Lapland to see Father Christmas, and they often go on reindeer rides and do other activities like snowmobiling. Experts warn that they, too, need to ensure they have organised appropriate family holiday insurance to covers the activities involved. 

About Insuremore: 

Insuremore provide a range of low-cost travel insurance policies for the B2C market, including single-trip, multi-trip and family insurance. Contact them at 

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Wholesale Dresses For Sale For All Your Special Occasion Looks

31, December 2014:, an online seller of fabulous dresses and clothes, announces its wholesale on special occasion dresses. You can choose from a wide variety of party dresses that will surely garner you compliments on your special event. Whether you need a floor length, a tea length, or a cocktail dress, you can find it in's website. 

There are lots of styles of dresses to choose from as well. Depending on your body type, you can opt for an A-line dress, a ballgown, a mermaid-style, a trumpet style, and many more. Whether you're petite, a slim figure, an athlete type, or a full figure, you can always find the right dress with the right style for you. There are various sizes available for you to ensure that the dress fits perfectly for you. These dresses will definitely give your body the best fit possible, so you can flaunt your figure as beautifully as you ever wanted. 

You will also enjoy from the choices of necklines that they have in their collection. There are round and V-necklines, sweetheart, scoop, sabrina, bateau, court, halter, and a lot more choices. You can also find dresses that features a strapless, sleeveless, spaghetti straps, cap sleeves, and long sleeves designs. 

Aside from the different lengths and styles of special occasion dresses that sells, there are also numerous colors that grace their collection. You will be excited to know that you can select from a wide choices of colors on a dress that you like. You can choose and buy a dress with the style and color that suits you best that can make you the star of your special party. 

The prices ranges as well to suit your budget. You can even check and compare the prices of the dresses that you choose to buy the best one according to your budget. When you buy wholesale, you can even gain more discounts. There are no regrets when you buy from, because of the lowest price range that you can avail with the best special occasion dresses that you dream of wearing. 

Visit today and find the perfect party dress for your special occasion. There's no time to waste now, get your perfect dresses with their perfect style and color for you before its all sold out. 

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Princejets Offers Premium Private Jet Service in Bangkok

31, December 2014: Tourists from all over the world can now enjoy breathtaking aerial view of the beautiful city of Bangkok, with the private jet service introduced by Princejets. The leading private jet service is offering premium-class and luxurious private jets at affordable prices.

Announcing about their private jet hire in Bangkok, the Managing Director of the Company, Amir Nada says, “Earlier flying in a private jet in Bangkok used to be a luxurious experience for the wealthy and the elite class of people only. But now with our Princejets private jet hire, we intend to bring the joy of flying in a private jet well within the affordable limits of a large group of tourists visiting Bangkok every year as well as the domestic holiday makers as well.”

According to him, one can now Hire a Private Jet in Bangkok at inexpensive prices and can enjoy the aerial view of the city, full of skyscrapers and architectural marvels. The city is counted as one of the tallest cities of the world for its high-rise buildings. People can now opt for an exciting aerial tour of the city and can explore the city’s bustling landscape from the top of the sky.

Besides offering a luxurious aerial touring experience, the private jet can prove a reliable and safe mode of transportation to reach to the destinations in time. Bangkok is a busy city and roads are often chocked with busy commuters. Thus, one can rely on the private jets offered by Princejets to reach anywhere in and around the city in time and without any hassles.

The company announces that they have private jets for the diverse group of domestic as well as international tourists. Whether someone is on a business trip or on a family holiday, they offer a range of choices for commuters to meet their private jet hire needs more specifically. Besides offering the best and the most satisfying private jet charter, they also claim to offer reasonably priced services for the travelers coming to Bangkok from all around the world. To learn more about their Bangkok private jet charter service, one may follow the link

About Princejets: is dedicated to helping its clients to maximize their most valuable time and travelling experience, allowing them to choose the best private jet charter in a number of worldwide destinations. With access to thousands of certified jets and other charter aircraft throughout the world, the company can provide access to aircraft anywhere in the world to customers at a moment’s notice.

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Telephone: +43 (0) 676 909 0660

Essential Hotel Collection Welcomes Tourism Boom in Jamaica

30, December 2014: Jamaica has long been a popular destination for holidaymakers, especially those seeking luxury holidays in the sun to escape from the cold back home. Now it seems that tourism has seen something of a boom in the country over the past year, with increasing numbers of people choosing Jamaica as their holiday destination. The news has come as a welcome sign to celebrate by top accommodation specialists like the well-known Essential Hotel Collection.

Numbers Up

Dr Wykeham McNeill, the tourism and entertainment minister for Jamaica, recently announced that 2014 was a particularly good year for the tourism industry in his country. Speaking at the Sandals Travel Agency Recognition awards in Ocho Rios, he claimed that it was the best ever November for tourism, with arrivals to the country increasing by 6%. For the overall year, arrivals were up more than 3%.

In a further boost, it looks like the winter tourist season, which has just started in Jamaica, is set to be a particularly good one this year. Many people choose a winter getaway in Jamaica, with accommodation organised by companies like Essential Hotel Collection. In a bid to escape the winter blues, Jamaica has long been a popular destination.

It was recently revealed that 1.2 million air seats have been secured for the season, which represents a 15% increase compared to last year. Jamaica is also expecting over 600,000 cruise passengers this winter, which is more than 5% up from last year.

McNeill revealed the impressive figures at a recent event hosted by the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Representatives from Essential Hotel Collection say Jamaica is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean, and is proving to be a particularly popular place for tourism at the moment. With its combination of beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, interesting attractions and relaxing vibe, it is no surprise that it is a favourite with tourists from all over the world.

About Essential Hotel Collection:

Essential Hotel Collection are the official UK booking office for a handpicked selection of luxury, privately owned hotels in the Caribbean. Contact them at

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Legend Knight – Hall of Heroes, Merry Christmas

30, December 2014: As the resting place for the most heroic souls, the Legend Knight Hall of Heroes has built a mighty Hero Regiment under the lead of the Gods. Heroes as the God of Gods, the Magic Banshee, the Lord of War or the Arch Wizard lie here with their Warrior Armies. Only the most powerful warrior will become their ally.

Legend Knight

After reaching level 80 and clearingthe Infernal King in the Chapter 4: Elf Forest, the icon of the Hall of Heroes will appear in your UI.
Legend Knight

You can get 5 free dungeon challenge attempts every day.You can buy an extra attempt for 100 Balens or Bound Balens. You’ll have to defeat all the subordinates if you want to challenge the Heroes. You can get Gold and EXP Wines after clearing each round. Remember to Blitz the levels you already completed to get more rewards!
Legend Knight

The items required for upgrading the Hero into a Red Recruiting Hero can be found in the Hall of Heroes. But challenging the Hall of Heroes is not easy; boost your Battle Rating first if you want to get a mighty Hero!
Legend Knight

With the items in Hall of Heroes, you can recruit the purple hero directly which can be immediately put into your formation and play an important role!

Heroes, God of Gods, ArchWizard, Flame Goddess and other high quality heroes can only be recruited with the items from Hall of Heroes. So Hall of Heroes is almost the only way to get the high quality heroes. What are you guys waiting for, Join the Best web-based RPG Game now?

Attention: When you have defeated the enemy, you can use Blitz to get the rewards in the second time. So, when you lose in the Hall of Heroes, don’t give up and try again, sometimes you may need some luck to clear it.

The Legend Knight Official Website:

Lavish Skincare Review - Under-Eye Circles, Easy To Cure With Lavish Skincare; 5 Benefits Revealed

30, December 2014: According to the Spokesperson of Lavish Skincare Review, Loisa Velasco, it is actually now simple to heal the aging results towards people. She introduced a statement throughout the conference in the Company, the under eye areas as well as other results of getting older like puffiness could be taken care of effortlessly. “Most men and women would ask why? Undoubtedly, the solution lies about the idea this skincare solution employs substances and compounds that happen to be centered on skin healing,” she said yesterday. You watch the product video review here 

This Lavish Skincare has five benefits for the consumers or users. Firstly, it removes puffiness around the eye or under the eyes. Secondly, it eliminates wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of the skin. Thirdly, it reduces darks spots more efficiently. Fourthly, it moisturizes and hydrates the skin. And fifthly, it makes the skin healthier and younger again. 

“These 5 various results or benefits of this product are correct in my opinion. I am now 40 years of age. And also this age is the trigger why I am just getting swelling, dark eye areas and creases. However, using this product help me conquer such consequences,” disclosed Laarni Birdwell from California in her review at 

The anti-aging components of this skin serum are the true player why people since that time right up until now rely on this product. The increase of on the internet reviews is undoubtedly a contributor of great pride to the part of the Company. Based on the record of Lavish Skincare serum, there are already around 600 Lavish Skincare reviews posted in the different legitimate reviews or testimonials. 

The product has a webpage whereby all transactions, from query to purchase or order could be done. “Perhaps in the future, people would wait for the time we would issue or launch a promotional pricing,” added Loisa Velasco during the press con. 

Click here to try Lavish Skincare risk-free for a limited time only. 

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Address: 4316 Alpha Avenue,
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