Saturday, 16 December 2017

Chinese Pianist Shizhe Shen's Charity Work Inspires Building of a Charity Music Room after Her Name in Xiangxi

China; 16, December 2017: Many often, an artist becomes a philanthropist and dedicates his/her part of career life to charity. Chinese Pianist Shizhe Shen is one of those rare artists who inspire others with her music and charity works. Recently, a charity music room was built after her name in Xiangxi to commemorate her dedication to charity.

Born in 1994, Shizhe Shen received her first piano lesson at the age of 6 with Ms Hua Wang. After completing her studies with Professor Bin Su at the middle school attached to the Wuhan Conservatory of Music, she moved to England with a full scholarship to study at both the Purcell School of Music and the pre-college of Royal Academy of Music under Professor Tessa Nicholson and then at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover (HMTMH) with Professor Arie Vardi.

Shizhe Shen started showing her talent in playing the piano since very early and won numerous competitions in China, including the 1st prize at the "Qintai piano competition", the top national "Song Qinglin scholarship", the 1st and the Absolute prize at the prestigious "China Golden Melody piano competition". When she moved to Europe, she also won several recognitions, such as the 1st prize at the Purcell School Concerto Competition, the 1st prize at the Christopher Duke Piano Competition and the 3rd prize at the Louisiana International Piano Competition.

Now she is being invited to give many master classes in piano. As one of the most promising pianist of her generation, she has received many enthusiastic reviews as well. Professor Arie Vardi describes her as “a natural born performer and a great artist”.

Shizhe Shen gave her first performance at the age of 7. Since then she has been invited to give numerous concerts at the most prestigious concert halls in China including the Changsha Concert Hall, Hunan Grand Theatre, Hunan Concert Hall, Kaiyuan Grand Theatre Concert Hall, Huangzhong Concert Hall, Bianzhong Concert Hall. As well as in Europe and the United States such as Steinway Concert Hall, Wigmore Hall, Coughlin-Saunders Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall, Reinberger Hall at Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ulsan Concert Hall (Korea), Rossini-Saal, Regentenbau Bad Kissingen (Germany), Krakow Philharmonic Hall, among others. Her performance of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 with the Rapides Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Roberto Gianola was successfully broadcasted over the world.

As one of the most outstanding pianist of her generation, Shizhe Shen has been invited to perform at several music festivals such as "Kissinger Klavier Olympic" “30th Kissinger Sommer", Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad. She also played a few compositions by the famous French composer Thierry Escaich at the festival and received great recognition by the composer himself.

About Shizhe Shen:

Shizhe Shen is a Chinese pianist who has won many accolades for her playing piano talent and has performed in many prestigious events worldwide. Shizhe Shen is now Artist in Residence and artist director at PinYa Media, which is now considered as one of the most important media companies for classical music in China.

Friday, 15 December 2017

PosterLOL Launches Their Quality Range of Tokyo Ghouls Posters & Anime Collectables

China; 15, December 2017: Anime is the Japanese term for computer animated television shows. It is the short form in the Japanese language for the English word animation and has a rich history that has its origins back in the 20th century. Anime has gained popularity all over the world and its fans have their reasons for that. Anime is different from the mainstream animation series coming out of Hollywood as Japanese artists are known for their unique style of expressing emotions in their animated characters. Manga and anime series is also famous for their fantastical settings and unique storytelling style. The graphic novels, manga and anime are favourite among all age groups as they have a different take on the realities of life. They create a satirical scenario while depicting the instabilities of the human society.

PosterLOL is an e-tailer that operates out of China. They are associated with the fabrication, supply, and designing of anime scroll poster. They carry out their business operations through their carefully designed and feature-laden web store. The web store is equipped with all the bells and whistles to ensure a seamless shopping experience for the visitor. The posters and collectables are manufactured using state of the art machinery and automated equipment. The raw materials such as the paper and flex materials are sourced from third party suppliers who ensure quality over quantity. The company also has their dedicated unit for designing and quality control. All the posters and collectables are created using state of the art computer designing software by skilled designers.

The best selling product of the company is the Anime scroll poster Kantai Collections Rising popularity of the manga/anime posters and collectables are the direct result of the unique and sophisticated marketing strategies put in place by advertising agencies. The anime clubs have not only gained a strong foothold in Japan but also in the international scenario. Since the 90’s, the growth of the Otaku culture and its related subcultures also work in favour of the exponential growth of companies like PosterLOL.

The company invested a lot of its time and money to perfect their manufacturing units. The anime scroll poster Tokyo Ghoul series of posters from the company are made using the highest manufacturing standards which are at par with the guidelines and requirements of most countries overseas. The payment mode of the company is flexible and they recently started accepting payments in the form of COD. The shipping network of the company is extensive which allows the firm to deliver the orders of their clients on time, irrespective of their location.

About PosterLOL:

PosterLOL is a manufacturer and supplier of quality assured anime posters and collectables. They operate through their intricately designed and feature-laden web store and is often regarded as a customer-centric organisation for their flexible payment options. For further details feel free to visit the official website or store of the company.

For Media Contact:
Company: FoShan Khipusoft Technology Co., Ltd.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Marrakech’s Sahara Desert Trips & Day Tours Website Launch!

14, December 2017: Desert Trip Morocco, which offers a wide choice of Marrakech guided tours in Morocco, has got a new website providing several day trips for visitors on Marrakech, possibly the most important of Morocco's four former imperial cities. 

Depending on the visitor's length of stay in Morocco on their Marrakech holidays, the enterprising operators of Desert Trip Morocco provide for a wide selection of trips thatranges from two to four-day desert dunes trips. 

According to the Morocco tours company spokesperson, the two-day desert trip goes to the Zagora dunes, where the visitor spends a night at a nomadic tent before moving on to the base camp travelling via camel ride. 

“Whereas the three and four-day trips, you will go to Merzouga dunes which are famous for its monumental dunes, namely Erg Chebbi,” said the source. 

Trips from Fezare arranged by request, and there should at least be two people. This tour usually takes two to three days travelling to and from Merzouga. On the other hand, the three-day journey to Merzougaends in Marrakech, a region that has been inhabited by Berber farmers since Neolithic times, but the actual city was founded in 1062 by Abu Bakribn Umar, chieftain and cousin of Almoravid king Yusuf ibnTashfin. 

“Each of thesetwo trips is a package deal that includes overnight at a camp andtravelling by way of the camel,” said the source, who added that all their desert trips are a lifetime experience visitor will cherish forever. 

In addition,day tours are also available to such places as the high Atlas Mountains, Ouzoud waterfalls, and the Kasbah AitBenhaddou. 

“One of our famous Atlas Mountains day trip from Marrakech is the day trip to Imlil valley which is about 65km away from Marrakech,” said the source. Imlil is a small town at the foot of Mount Toubkal which is the highest peak in North Africa & in Morocco. 


Desert Trips Morocco was born out of the desire to discover, in an authentic way, the desert of Morocco by Zagora&Merzouga, its cultures and nomadic traditions.“Desert Trips Morocco”, local and genuine, is specialized in Desert Trips in the Moroccan Sahara. Based in Zagora &Merzouga, at the gates of the Moroccan desert, the team speaks French, English, Arabic, Berber and a few words of Spanish, Italian and German. 

The team of Desert Trips Morocco is happy to welcome you in Morocco to make you discover the Sahara. We are at your disposal for your journey in the Moroccan desert. What travellers say about us: we are a friendly team (authentic), Attentive to our guests, and organized for them an unforgettable stay, an extraordinary adventure. Looking forward to welcoming you one day. 

For Media Contact:
Company: Desert Trips Morocco
Phone: +212662160690

Bulkdvdset Ltd Makes Known The Dropshipping of Wholesale China DVD Box Sets

Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China; 13, December 2017: Movies, tele-films, TV serials and shows, and other video formats which are archived on DVD and Blu-ray discs are often sold as a single package so that buyers can watch a movie or a TV program in the comfort of their homes and at their convenience. This box set usually comprises of a set of DVDs that store numerous or complete episodes of one or more TV series or the entire sequence of a movie series. For instance, the wholesale China DVD set from Bulkdvdset has enough digital space or room to store the entire Star Wars episodes released till date or the cinematic or small screen adaptations of the Stephen King thrillers. Bulkdvdset has, over the years, garnered extensive experience and developed sufficient expertise in procuring DVD boxed sets from reliable online dealers and retailers and transshipping the same to its numerous individual and institutional clients across the globe. 

When customers buy bargain DVD from Bulkdvdset, they are receiving hardware in bulk which is of unquestionable quality. The trader has been able to maintain a consistent quality in its services as well as has been successful in supplying wares that are amongst the best of the best in terms of structure and content. This has been possible because the outfit has always strived to source its inventory from auctioneers and resellers who advertise their products on the world’s most reliable e-shopping sites, including eBay, Amazon, and Overstock. On the other hand, the business has partnerships with world-class transshipment and courier companies that deliver packages on its behalf to respective addresses. 

All low price DVD movies box packages shipped by the China based dropshipper and wholesaler are double checked before they are finally dispatched for loading on ships and cargo liners. The firm also goes out of the way to ascertain that the prices charged are moderate and competitive so that the customer does not feel that he or she is paying a fee that is too exorbitant. Bulkdvdset also has several free shipping offers subject to placing orders for a particular amount as well as conditional to fulfillment of some other prescribed norms. The company is committed to dealing with only the best quality products and providing the same to customers at the lowest price possible. 

However, the firm endeavors to provide wholesale China DVD set at affordable rates without compromising on the quality front. The customers who pick up DVDS from the company in lots at competitive rates are able to resell the same at lucratively thereby earning a profit. Right now, movies that are enjoying high demand like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2 Broke Girls, and American Horror Story are available for ordering on the Bulkdvdset site. 

About Bulkdvdset Ltd: 

Bulkdvdset Ltd is a Chinese dropshipper and wholesaler of DVD box sets since 2007. In order to know more about them the buyers can visit the above mentioned link. 

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Emily
Company: Bulkdvdset Ltd
Phone: 15131562333

Monday, 11 December 2017

Hour Trust Ltd Provides A Dedicated Secured Platform For Cryptocurrency Investments Worldwidely

The United Kingdom; 11, December 2017: The modern society is a fast-paced race that doesn’t have any tolerance for the ones who can’t be in-sync with it. Profit is marginal, and the cost of living has skyrocketed ever since leading to instances in the year when the average man is left with nothing to save up for a rainy day. With the advent of the internet and the invention of several secure ways to carry out monetary transactions, the common man is now able to save some funds in investment schemes that guarantee attractive returns. 

Hour Trust Ltd is financial institutions that invest funds and carries out instant deposit in the form of safe, fast and secure cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The company is based in the United Kingdom and is capable of maintaining stability on exchange rates, sag minimization and reduce drag-downs by restructuring the forms of investments. The company creates a safe and secure environment for the benefit of their clients by implementing exchange rate arbitrage and special arbitration. The primary goal of Hour Trust is to ensure long-term high returns to their clients. 

The returns are guaranteed irrespective of the amount invested by the client. Online investment opportunities are attractive these days as the global economy has been stable for quite some time. It is one of the primary reason why the firm turns to private investors and gather funds. The company has a dedicated team of experienced traders that are always keeping a close watch on market fluctuations. Monitoring market stability in real time allows the company to manage their business operations, manage their funds and ensure handsome returns to their investors on time. 

It is also the raw information that allows the traders of the company to prepare intelligent algorithms that manage the rate of supply and demand. The possession of the inside knowledge of the market enables the company to provide their clients a safe and secure environment that shields both their interests and investments from the instabilities of the market. The firm has all the necessary registration and licenses that allow them to legally carry out instant payment in the form of cryptocurrency with ease. 

The most popular investment scheme offered by the firm is the Trust-investment fund that provides all the highly profitable and favorable conditions for the benefit of the clients. It ensures flexible investment opportunities with timely and handsome payouts. The company recently started offering their loyal clients the chance to become a member of their affiliate program. By enrolling themselves as an affiliate of the company, the clients can start their own business and earn extra income on the side by just referring others to join Hour Trust Ltd. The firm maintains a referrals reward program that entitles the clients to 3 – 10% commission on the deposits made by new clients. 

About Hour Trust Ltd.: 

Hour Trust Ltd is a UK based investment company that provides an investment platform to interested parties that is safe and shielded from the instabilities of the stock market. They carry out their monetary dealings in the form of cryptocurrencies that allows them to provide their clients with handsome and timely returns. 

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Company: Hour Trust Ltd

Friday, 8 December 2017

New Gay Wedding Checklist Available for Free Download!

08, December 2017: The Gay Wedding Guide, the UK'spremier lesbian weddings online guide, has recently announced the release of a new Wedding Checklist that covers a year’s worth of detailed planning for same-sex couples. 

The new wedding checklist provides a roadmap to setting a budget, drawing up a guest list, booking the ceremony and reception venues, giving notice of the wedding at the Registry Office, and booking the Registrar, and ends with on-the-day reminders for remembering the rings and making time to bliss out. 

“Weddings take a lot of planning, and to help ensure yours runs seamlessly, we’ve put together a month-by-month wedding checklist to help,” explained a spokesperson fromthe award-winning guide, which has featured in prominent British mainstream media, including The Daily Telegraph, BBC, Attitude, Out, and Visit Britain. 

This wedding checklist UK is available as a PDF document on the company’s website and can be downloaded at

“If you are looking for wedding theme ideas for your gay wedding, then you’ll find our wedding checklist will greatly assist you in planning your wedding,” said the spokesperson. 

The printable gay wedding checklist was designed to keep the same-sex bride and groom organized enough so that they can relax on their wedding day. According to the spokesperson, the same-sex wedding checklist has everything couples need to know, with no added stress. 


The Gay Wedding Guide is a one-stop online wedding venue, wedding supplier and wedding ideas resource for everything wedding related. Aimed at the gay community, the site featuresa constantly updated gallery of real gay weddings, some of Britain's top wedding venues, a directory of wedding photographers and other suppliers, honeymoon suggestions, a wedding fairs calendar and advice, tutorials and inspiration boards. Discover more at 

For Media Contact:
Organisation: The Gay Wedding Guide
Phone: 020 3286 7073

TrustyHour Ltd Now Announces Investment Plans With Hourly Withdrawal Option

Utah, USA; 08, December 2017: People can now start investing in the crypto currency market with a small investment, as TrustyHour Ltd is now offering affordable investment plans with big returns every hour. They have three different plans: starter plan, premium plan and unlimited plan, with an investment amount as low as $10 only.

The trusty HYIP offers an easy signup, and an investor will start investing money with them in minutes. The company earns from the speculation of the prices of the digital currencies and passes over the profits to individual investors on an hourly basis. They have different plans with different rate of returns, and their unlimited plan can offer 30%-45% hourly returns for all investors. The Bitcoin price is rising unexpectedly in the recent times, and this broadens the prospects of every single investor who are enrolled in the company’s investment programs.

According to the company spokesperson, they allow withdrawal hourly for a member to get money in their account every hour. “This means, one will get big profits every day and they don’t need to learn the technicalities of the Bitcoin trading either,” he states. Now, everyone has realized that Bitcoin can change their future. The skilled professionals of TrustyHour Ltd know how to benefit from this fast price surge of Bitcoin and other currencies. They know to take advantage of the price volatility of the digital currencies and can ensure the best profits for every investor at each hour.

TrustyHour Ltd can immediately pay to their investors after they make money from the Bitcoin trading. They can guarantee high return of investments for investors who are keen to take advantage of the rising trend of doing business in digital currencies. With the fast growing e-commerce market, the use of crypto currencies is going to increase day by day, boosting profits of all those who trade in these currencies. People who are not aware of Bitcoin trading, but want to invest in the crypto currency can check the investment plans of TrustyHour Ltd by visiting their website

About TrustyHour Ltd:

TrustyHour Ltd was founded in 2015 by a group of likeminded businessmen who are also specialist in cryptocurrencies. TrustyHour Ltd ensures the maximum profit to its investors and still offers a very low capital loss risk in a safe environment to prevent them from both financial and moral losses. They provide unbeatable support service through mail support and live chat to give a professional, fast and effective response to every member.

For Media Contact:
Company: TrustyHour Ltd

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Hamstercages4u.Com Features Exclusive Expert Reviews About Hamster Food & Accessories

Austin, Texas; 07, December 2017: Hamsters are a popular choice for both grown-ups and children. Hamsters are a distant relative that belongs to the family of rodents and can live for up to two years when taken care of properly and house alone. They come in various sizes and color a trait that is a direct indication of its breed. Different breeds of hamsters have different personality traits that can often become the number one preference for a pet owner while at the pet shop, picking out their next ball of fur. is an online community that talks about tips and tricks crucial for hamster owners. They also provide honest reviews on hamster cages, health tips, along with tips on how to keep them in optimal health and keep their population within the cage under control.

The website was set up for the sole purpose of providing the confused pet hamster owner with solutions for the plethora of problems they might be facing on a regular basis. After getting steady traffic from its loyal audience for many years, the group teamed up with e-tailing giant Amazon as their affiliate partner. The hosting and maintenance costs are now sponsored by Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed specifically for affiliate partners. The administrating group gets their commission/incentives by engaging in the production of honest reviews. Their reviews are always on leading brands producing best hamster food products available in

The range of hamster accommodation options available online is vast and sifting through the lot to find the best hamster cages is a tough feat to achieve. The enclosures come in various shapes, colors, sizes and of course amenities for the little rodent residents. It is crucial to opt for a cage that has all the facilities required for the convenience of the hamster. Hamster owners often choose the wrong cage for their little pet, and this leads to a sick, fatigued and unhappy hamster. The website not only provides the pet owners with tips for choosing the perfect hamster cage but also with suggestions that would allow them to train their pet hamsters successfully. The website is headed by a separate team of experts that provide prompt answers to the frequently asked questions thrown at them related to training tips for hamsters.

About is a website that is being operated out from Austin the state capital of Texas. The administrating group of the site consists of animal lovers and pet owners. The site publishes weekly posts on the best hamster cage along with tips on how to keep pet hamsters happy. For further details, feel free to visit the official website.

For Media Contact:
Company: Best Hamster Cages
Phone: 512-270-3309

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Getting Right Information from the Pages Jaunes

06, December 2017: The Pages jaunes are designed to provide you with the best help in order to get the right address and identification of a person. No matter what is the name or reference you are looking for pages jaunes have all the references available in them. All the registered addresses and contacts are mentioned in these directories to provide you with the instant help. No matter if you are looking for the individuals or the business groups you can access all the information according to your need. There is no need of providing any of your registered credentials to access this information as a number of platforms are offering you the facility.

All you need is to ensure that you will be using the yellow page with all of these protocols. There are some tips that can help you to invest your less time in searching the right information from the pages jaunes. Commonly it takes hours for a person to find out the information due to many of the problem and mistakes the person makes in the whole procedure. When you are looking for information on a yellow page make sure you are accessing the right platform.

Right now you are available with online pages jaunes so it is better to access these instead of printed one. It is quite easy and smooth to search with the digital tools as compared to the printed one. With the advanced searching tools, you can easily access the best and nice form of the information. On the other hand in the selection of the yell pages make sure you are picking up the directory of the relevant area. If you are searching for the addressee or business in the UK then pages jaunes of UK will be effective for you. If you are looking for the information in the Canadian pages jaunes you will not get it for sure.

Moreover to that, there are some area-specific pages jaunes available online so for more refined results you can access these pages and these can help you will the instant and accurate results. Other than the manual search you can look for the keyword search on the portal that can lead you to the quick results.

About Blog:

The blog is all about to provide you with the ultimate guide related to the pages jaunes. Here you can get more of the tips related to the use and productivity of pages jaunes in your daily life. For more information on the account of pages jaunes and related utilities, you can visit the

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Capucine Paradis

Monday, 4 December 2017

Bathtub Chip and Crack Repair Saves Money and Environment

04, December 2017: Surface Renew Inc., a specialist tradesman company today announced a reliable "chip repair" service for Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway, Ft. Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Benton, Bryant, Fayetteville and Springdale"s homeowners.

"If you are a homeowner whose bathtub, sink, tile or shower is in good condition overall, but maybe sporting a big chip or crack that you'd love to get rid of with having to purchase a new one, there Surface Renew, Inc has a solution for you," said Bob Kennedy, owner of Surface Renew, Inc which is headquartered in Maumelle, servicing residential and commercial entities.

Surface Renew, Inc, which provides repairing, resurfacing and refinishing bathtubs, wall and counter tile surfaces, showers, sinks and countertops, said their approach is a "cost and time effective alternative to replacement."

There's no need to incur the extreme expense of tub removal and replacement just because of an unsightly surface blemish. Bathroom fixtures clog landfills and are bad for the environment. Repairing is a much more ecological and cost effective solution.

Surface Renew in Maumelle Arkansas will 'renew' your fixtures with a hard and durable surface in a variety of modern colors and textures of your choice, according to Bob, whose repaired and refinished surfaces are ready to use, and are available in central and north-west Arkansas, covering Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway, Ft. Smith, Van Buren Alma, Benton, Bryant, Fayetteville and Springdale. Paducah, Murray, Mayfield, Marion and Princeton.

As a local Arkansas resident investor in several apartment complexes, Bob, unlike some property owners, is taking steps to improve his property to create a better living environment for his tenants.

Damage to tile, sinks and tubs can occur anytime and for several reasons. Whether the crack is caused by the manufacturer who shipped the sink or tub to your home, or some heavy object dropped into the tub or sink, the damage can be fixed to look brand new.

"We specialize in returning you cracked and lackluster tub or sink to its original beauty," said Bob, who doesn't care for how the item was damaged. He and his team concern are to help homeowners continue to enjoy the use of their tub or sink for many more years to come.

Advising against "do-it-yourself" approaches, which might in the short term save the homeowner money, but in the long run can result in massive heartaches and additional expense.

Arguing that chips and cracks in bathtubs, sinks, wall tiles and showers can be repaired by the experts Bob noted that repairs could be done in a way that nobody would be able to tell they were once damaged.

"We can also make your bathtub and tile will look new again. And when you consider the cost of a full replacement of your damaged tub, shower or sink, it makes sense to repair and refinish instead of replacing," noted Bob, who recently released a new article, "Chip and Crack Repair for Bathtub, Sink and Tile," explaining in greater details, how to get your damages tub, shower, or sink looking brand new again. Read full article here:

Great Warranty
Another aspect that customers find reassuring is the fantastic warranty that backs up their work. Surface Renew, Inc. guarantees its products and services for three years from date of application. It covers defects in quality, workmanship and materials.

Contact Surface Renew
Contact Surface Renew today to schedule an in home quote on bathtub chip and crack repairs. Surface Renew serves central and northwest AR including the following Arkansas cities: Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway, Ft. Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Benton, Bryant, Fayetteville and Springdale. Call 501-920-9326 in Central Arkansas or 479-226-0703 in Northwest AR. Watch a video about bathtub chip and crack repairs here:

Get a free quote on tub refinishing costs by calling Surface Renew at 501-990-9326 in Central AR or 479-226-0703 in Northwest AR.

Company: Surface Renew, Inc.
Arkansas Central Office, Bob Kennedy: 501-920-9326
Arkansas Northwest Office, Ryan Shultz: 479-226-0703

Monday, 27 November 2017

ONE KEY to RULE them all – Simplicity meets Iconic Design

28, November 2017: In line with Ovio Locks commitment to delivering innovative state of the art lock solutions, Ovio Locks is proud to present the Ovio Pairlocks – a first of its kind revolutionary solution to lock security.

Relying on its years of experience and creative genius, Ovio launched the prototype version of Pairlocks dubbed “My own locksmith” in 2014. This prototype earned Germany’s Red Rot Design in the same year. In a bid to improve on what most would consider perfection, Ovio Locks set out to test, refine and improve the concept of “My own locksmith” to feature higher security, simplified management, and optimal locking mechanism. Thus, the most intelligent locking innovation in the world, Pairlocks was born and launched in 2016.

The Ovio PairLocks was designed for the purpose of revolutionizing lock security while doing away with the inconvenience of carrying around a bunch of keys. So in place of having 10 different keys for your home, with Ovio Pairlocks, you could have one key that opens all 10 doors – each door with a different combination from the last!

For OVIO, the PairLock is not just any lock but more of a conception which integrate mechanics and work of art to increase convenience and maximize security, while exercising all of your locks aesthetic appeal with no functionality compromise. The design of the Pairlocks emphasizes high precision and visual refinement.

The elegance of the design coupled with the efficiency of the product is yet unmatched but Ovio Locks continually looks to improve its aesthetic appeal, efficiency, and functionality.

For years, the debate between traditional locks and smart locks has continued to spin around in circles. The Ovio Pairlocks harnesses the benefits of both the traditional and smart locks while doing away with their deficiencies to provide a lock that looks more graceful than the traditional locks and is more powerful than the digital locks.

This revolutionary design uses one key to unlock all locks using a blend of password functionality and standard key safety. So whether it is machinery, instrument, bank, warehouse, bike, office, toolbox, shop, jail, suitcase, etc, OVIO gives you the one key for all solutions.

For homeowners who have new tenants moving in and out yearly, the Pairlocks design saves you the hassle of changing locks for every time a tenant moves out. Simply recalibrate the combination and your new tenant gets the same lock with a different combination!

And if you happen to lose your keys, simply get another OVIO Pairlock and set the combination to your unique Pairlock-password and you’re in!

Ovio Locks is currently offering 13 rewards to our existing and prospective clients on our crowdfunding page.


With Ovio Pairlocks, Simplicity meets Iconic Design.

About OVIO:

OVIO is an international company based mold design and design-oriented creative ID of the company, has accumulated More than 600 design cases, mainly in the main mold design, development to product design, combined with a wealth of experience in mold design, including the appearance of the ID design, mechanical design, model making, production agents, taking into consideration the market demand for products , manufacturing costs, product value, unique concept for enterprises to achieve possessed leading brand design.

Contact OVIO:
TEL: +886-2-2908-3969 EXT
FAX: +886-2-2908-3717
Address: 6F, No.649-5, Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang Dist.,
New Taipei City 24257, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Beijing Professional Massage and Maid Spa Recommended To Keep Tiredness & Stress Away from Life

Beijing, China; 23, November 2017: Everyone deserves a blissful daily life with the essential joy and satisfaction. But many people often complain of fatigue, stress, migraine and other health conditions due to their hectic work schedules. For all such discerning human beings, VICI Beauty & Massage Center now brings professional and healthy massage service that can take away their stress and all other common disturbing symptoms.

According to the spokesperson of the Beijing massage service, they use different types of essential massage oils to offer a soothing and relaxing massage experience to every individual. Besides, they are equipped with various massage equipments, such as vibration massage instrument, infrared massage instrument, spectrum massage instrument, and so on. Besides, relaxation, they offer beauty massage therapies as well, using whitening permeation instrument and body contour instruments. The massage therapy also improves the body metabolism and helps in the weight loss.

The research recommends using massage therapies to relieve from the stress that one may get due to their work or study pressures. People often maintain the same sitting posture while working or studying and this may cause back pain, cervical pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and other problems. At the VICI massage center, a team of expert massage therapists offers perfect massage on all pressure points to eliminate the pain or stressful condition. The massage can also help in migraine, insomnia, indigestion, hair loss and other disturbing symptoms.

The spokesperson reveals that unhealthy lifestyle choices are one of the major reasons behind many common diseases that humans suffer from today. With their massage therapy, they improve the blood circulation to different body parts for an individual to get a rejuvenating experience. After the massage session, an individual feels more energized and cheerful. The massage service in Beijing aims at improving the health conditions of the human beings with their massage therapies. To know more about their massage services, one can visit the website

About VICI Beauty & Massage Center:

VICI Beauty & Massage Center is located at the CBD of Beijing, Chaoyang District in China. The Center provides professional beauty and massage treatments using various essential oils. They are equipped with various instruments for offering different types of massage therapies. They are available 24 hours a day and the customer service executive will respond to all queries and also help booking a massage service all through the day.

For Media Contact:
Telephone: +86-159-1079-1248

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

An Exciting Justin Bieber Phone Case Collection Now Available At Discount Prices For All Justin Fans

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China; 22, November 2017: One more reason why Justin Bieber fans would love to visit The online store now brings an exciting range of Justin Bieber phone cases for his fans to show their love for this popular pop star. What’s more, these phone cases are available at amazing discounts. 

Besides wearing Justin Bieber clothing, now a Justin fan will also be able to accessorize his mobile phone with a Justin Bieber phone case available online at There are a wide variety of phone cases to choose from. All these phone cases are available at significant price discounts, with the maximum discount of 35%. There are Justin Bieber photo printed phone cases that his fans will love to customize their mobile phones. These phone cases carry different photos of the rock star and one can pick a phone case with a Justin Bieber photo printed on it. 

According to the spokesperson of the web store, Justin Bieber hoodies are the all-time favorites among his fans, and they are still offering price discounts on these hoodies. One can easily grab a Justin Bieber hoodie with a discount of 50% or even more. The spokesperson reveals that their hoodie collection is ever expanding and one can find different hoodie varieties in their stock. A Justin fan can pick hoodies that exactly features Justin’s signature style. There are a variety of color choices and style range for a customer to choose the best hoodie to match his personal style. 

This time, also brings the team Bieber white t-shirt. This new addition is also available at a discount of 25%, and one can choose from different sizes. This purpose stadium tour motorcycle t-shirt is hugely popular and Justin’s fans will now be able to get this t-shirt from the web store at a cost-saving price. Moreover, one can also get a Justin Bieber cap and a Justin Bieber ring along with this t-shirt by paying a fraction of additional cost. 

To check the new collection of Justin Bieber phone cases or his clothing range, one can visit the website 

About Shenzhen MiBaoSpace Technology Co., Ltd: 

Shenzhen MiBaoSpace Technology Co., Ltd provides Justin Bieber sweaters, hoodies, hats, pants, and various other items popularized by Justin for all his fans. All dresses and accessories are available at reasonable prices and showcase Justin’s exclusive style. Made of quality material, these clothes are available in different sizes and are made for all Justin Bieber fans, irrespective of their age and physique. 

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Tyler Liu
Telephone: +86 13058706453

Monday, 20 November 2017

Sositar Mould Co., Limited Produces a Wide Range of Precision Molded Parts for Various Enterprises

21, November 2017: A near endless number of products and items that are used both in the industrial/commercial as well as domestic sectors worldwide have been manufactured using plastic injection molding process. Starting from complex automotive parts to simple bottle caps and from medical/surgical/diagnostic instruments to home appliances are all fabricated using injection molding technology. Virgin plastic granules serve as the basic raw material that is melted considerably to fill up a customized mold through high pressure injection. Once the mould filling cools down sufficiently the molding machine opens up to release the prototype. Sositar Mould Co., Limited is one of the premier plastic manufacturing companies in China, exclusively engaged in producing a range of high-quality plastic molded components for more than 17 years.

Sositar Mould Co., Limited manufactures and supplies custom plastic parts including but not limited to plastic injection parts, 3D print prototypes, mock-ups, high temperature plastic parts, plastic molds, CNC rapid prototypes, silicone brush, PVC fitting mold, and transparent plastic product mold. The enterprise also produces rubber parts, CNC machining prototypes, injection mold for auto parts, customized steel inserts, plastic injection tooling, plastic prototypes, promotional silicone components, silicone keypad, rubber cover, PPSU, and overmolding molds. The manufacturing company has received and continues to receive from world-class multinational/transnational corporations like Aston Martin, BOSCH, DELPHI, Ford, Nissan, and Philips which is a fitting testimony of the high level of craftsmanship it has achieved in its business.

The firm has a very large and sprawling workshop with an area exceeding 3,800 sq. meters where over 150 seasoned toolmakers work diligently to fabricate about 60-80 molds, including precision molded parts, every month. Sositar Mould Co., Limited is also capable of making plastic injection molded pieces and modules weighing up to 1.5kg or presses up to a maximum of 650 tons. The outfit takes advantage of the state-of-the-art web-oriented tools and techniques in order to keep the marketing, management, and production costs under control. Additionally, exploiting the web-based tools also goes a long way in enabling the company to create molds and communicate with its customers with greater efficiency.

Most of the production equipment and machinery installed in Sositar Mould Co., Limited have been sourced mainly from Taiwan and Switzerland. These include 17 milling machines, 11 Charmilles EDM machines, 6 CNC machines, 4 lathes, 10 grinding machines, 7 wire-cutting machines, CMM, a video measurement module, a slow-fed linear cutting machine, and a CMM, and numerous supplementary machineries. The setup specializes in crafting precision molded parts for various companies engaged in automotive, medical, home appliances, sports goods, agricultural/agro-based, home appliances, and numerous other commercial sectors. Sositar Mould Co., Limited has been an ISO9001-2008 accredited company from 2004 which ensures that all its customers are supplied with products that are of the best quality as well as remain functional for years on end.

About Sositar Mould Co., Limited:

Since 1998, Sositar Mould Co., Limited has been producing a wide range of precision molded parts for various enterprises that are the leading commercial organizations in Europe and North America.

For Media Contact:
Company: Sositar Mould Co., Limited
Phone: +86-0755-33183226

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Cheap Yeezy Boost 350 V2 & Other Supreme Brand Sneakers Now Available For Sale Online at

China; 20, November 2017: Customers can now purchase quality sneakers from supreme brands at cheap prices from the online store of Kingbigsneakers. The online store has an impressive collection of Adidas Yeezy shoes, Air Max shoes, Air Jordan shoes and lots more. Available at a discount of up to 35%, one can grab a pair of stylish sneakers at a reduced price.

According to the spokesperson of kingbigsneakers, they have the discount Yeezy Boost collection for with a series of Yeezy Boosts, available in various styles and different color choices. The collection includes different sizes for both men and women. These sneakers are more popular for their functional silhouette that is a unique combination of a woven Primeknit upper the Boost midsole. The Boost midsoles of the shoes are of full length and wrapped in a TPU casing.

The spokesperson maintains that these are limited edition sneakers and available directly from Adidas and a very few big retailers. Customers can now get the complete range of the Yeezy Boosts, including the most sought after, Yeezy Boost 350 V2 at The online store brings the complete color choices for the fans of 350 V2 series of sneakers, including Core Black, Beluga Orange, Zebra White, Black Charcoal, Purple and others. The woven black Primeknit upper with its matching black Primeknit upper is the prime attraction of the 350 V2 sneaker that drew the attention of the athletes, soccer players and others as soon as it was launched in 2017.

The online store also brings an incredible selection of Air Jordan sneakers, available in a number of color choices, including black/red/white, navy/white, black/gold and so on. These shoes are available in different sizes and one can rest assured of getting the best prices for each pair they choose from the online store. The spokesperson maintains that they ship the ordered product within 48 hours, and it reaches customers in a timely manner. One can check the complete range of premium quality sneakers available at discount prices by visiting the website

About Kingbigsneakers:

Kingbigsneakers is a professional YEEZY shoes wholesaler, and they bring all products for customers from factories directly. The online store focuses to offer customers the best quality shoes at very low prices. At the same time, they never stop making efforts on the timely after-sale service and fast global shipping via DHL.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Kingbig
Telephone: +8617361039872 (whatsapp)
Company: Kingbigsneakers

Friday, 17 November 2017

New Deck Construction Video by Poway Deck Contractor HK Construction

18, November 2017: Local Poway deck contractor HK Construction shares release of informative video about new deck construction.

HK Construction is a popular deck contractor for new deck construction in Poway, CA. Their construction approach is unique as it emphasizes on listening to your wants and needs, your personal design tastes, how you plan to use the deck and your budget and time frame for completed construction. They happily share their experience and design recommendations to assist you with your planning and decision process.

As experienced deck builders HK Construction is dedicated to craftsmanship and a personal approach to customer service. The decks they build are said to be beautiful, functional and safe and affordable. Their desks are expertly designed and built with high quality materials that will last throughout the life of your house (with proper maintenance and care).

"Home Remodeling is fun so have a great time with it!" exclaims owner Marc Gieselmann as he encourages home owners to envision a fun new reality of adding a new deck to their home. He says engaging one's creativity can allow one's own personality shine through.

He advocates people infusing their own personal style into the design plan of their new deck. "It's your house so why not let everyone know that? You style is your own so let it become part of your home too."

Hire the Best Contractor for the Job Find a contractor who knows your neighborhood and has experience in the type of home remodeling you want. Always check references and reviews prior to hiring a contractor!

Obtaining a competitively-priced contractor with great experience and reviews is the most vital factor in getting your new deck construction project off the ground. With high praise testimonials on video and in writing it is clear that HK Remodel is one of the most experienced, skilled, honest and trustworthy deck construction contractors in San Diego. Watch the new deck construction video here:

Want a price quote on new deck construction? Call HK Construction in Poway, CA 858-748-6580 (serving all San Diego area). Let us know your wants and needs, we'll work up a custom quote just for you for free; no obligation. We just want the best for you! See what we can do for you. It's worth a quick phone call.


For Media Contact:
Owner: Marc Gieselmann, Owner
Company: HK Construction, Inc., Home Remodel Contractors
Service: New Deck Construction
Phone: 858-748-6580

Virginia Home Inspector Announces New Free 15 Minute Phone Consulting Service

Ashland, Virginia, 17, November 2017: MGB Inspection Services LLC specializes in a wide range of both home and office inspection, covering the areas of roofs inspection, concrete slabs, well testing, plumbing, electrical inspections, etc. They now announce to offer free phone consultation for their prospective client throughout Virginia. One just needs to put a call through to them.

According to the spokesperson of MGB Inspection Services LLC, they have different type’s of inspection services for both businesses and homes. One can ask for a free phone consultation for either home or business about the cost-effective prices. MGB Inspection Services LLC focuses on roofs inspection, concrete slabs, well testing, plumbing, electrical inspections.

MGB Inspection Services LLC specializes in a complete assessment and inspection on roofs, concrete slabs, electrical, plumbing and many more around the state of Virginia. At the same time, these services can be handled to meet with customer’s request. They also have a great expertise in fixing leakages in roofs, plumbing system and electrical system.

Interested parties are directed to use the contact information below to contact MGB Inspection Services LLC. Ask for a free 15 minute consultation.

About MGB Inspection Services LLC:

MGB Inspection Services LLC provides professional home and business inspection services. They also supply electrical units, roofs and plumbing. MGB Inspection Services LLC also secializes in roof inspection, concrete slabs, well testing, and much more. Their complementary consulting range of inspection covers every area.

For Media Contact:
MGB Inspection Services LLC
13152 Toler Ln.
Rockville, VA 23146

Thursday, 16 November 2017

San Diego Locksmith Announces New 24 Hour Locksmith Services To Meet Demands

San Diego, CA, USA; 16, November 2017: Prestige Locksmith a local San Diego locksmith has announced that it will be providing all kinds of locksmith services to the local residents round the clock. The company has proudly announced that its team of qualified and professional locksmiths will reach any doorstep in all of the San Diego metropolitan area and surroundings within 30 minutes of a phone call (most instances). This one of a kind service offered to the local San Diego residents and will ease the lives of people and businesses ...along with the car owners 24/7.

“Our trained team of San Diego 24 hour locksmiths will be there to help everyone in the area in that unfortunate hour of emergency when your locks break down.” Said the representative of Prestige Locksmith while talking about the services offered by the company. “Besides unlocking the doors, we also offer a number of other lock and key related services including repairing and replacement of locks.” The rep. added. The services cover business, commercial, residential, vehicular and all other areas where locks can cause a problem at any unfortunate moment.

The key areas focused by Prestige Locksmith's new 24 hour locksmith services include lock repair, lock changing, lock breaking, key making and duplication of keys, etc. The best feature offered by the company is time because in a city like this, rapid response time is everything. With an experience spanning over half a decade, these services are trusted and valued very high by the residents and the user reviews, testimonials and feedback about these services have been phenomenal. Everyone, particularly women and students who often forget their keys have been extremely grateful.

For Media Contact:
Company: Prestige Locksmith
Address: 3342 Kettner Bivd,
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 858-353-7430