Monday, 29 February 2016

Brandon to sum up usage of Airwheel intelligent personal transportation walkcar

01, March 2016: The electric self-balancing scooter has appeared in the market long before. More and more players are exposed to them. For now, it is ubiquitous in the street, the golf course and some large plants. A host of players innovates a good many usage of intelligent self-balancing scooters. Airwheel rose to prominence in the recent and therefore it is most representative. Brandon is to sum up some main usage of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters.


The first usage is obviously for purpose of entertainment. Brandon sees Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter as a recreational vehicle that suits the people of all age. Children ride it in the street, the garden, and square. Some youngsters steer Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter in the street, showing their thrilling wheelie before pedestrians. The pedestrians usually scream at their amazing showing.

Almost everyone who sees their showing will produce an idea of leaning to steer Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters. What’s more it keeps a lasting charm for children. Even if these children play with it for years, their interest in it will not be dented at all. It seems that Airwheel electric scooter owns endless charm and temptation to them.

The next important purpose is to work out. Brandon thinks it explains why a lot of city white-collars who spend a lot of time before PC love them very much. Those white-collar office workers primarily undertake sedentary job in a tiny cubicle with scant space to move about. They are in a dire need of exercise after work, but they are hard up for time more often than not. That a paradox. With Airwheel electric scooter, they could work out during commute. It will not cost extra time to work out. On the one hand, Airwheel electric scooter saves them much time. On the other hand, these workers gain the opportunity to work out. They have the cake and eat it.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Eric
Company: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd

Purpose of Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent electric hoverboards S-series

01, March 2016: Airwheel S-series falls into three types: the two-wheeled intelligent scooter S3, S5 and S6. Joyce is an expert who has a good knowledge of Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooters. As he is concerned with the latest status of two-wheeled intelligent scooters, he can quickly name each member of S-series. So it is natural for him to form an insight into them. According to the purpose of each model, Joyce will probe into them for the readership. He hopes that the readers and scooter-lovers will get a better idea about Airwheel S-series.

The first model of two-wheeled self-balancing scooter is Airwheel S3. From then on, there was a vogue of two-wheeled intelligent scooter in the market. The two-wheeled scooter dominated the then market. S3 is used mainly for the even and smooth road. Joyce thinks that compared with the subsequent models S5 and S6, S3 seems featureless. The relevance of S3 resides in its originality. It paved the way for the subsequent S5 and S6 for it provided the structure and the successful case and example. It also laid down the solid foundation for the R & D of S5.

Following Airwheel S3, S5 came out, hailed as the personal ATV. Airwheel S5 aspired to pass over all tough terrains like the muddy path and craggy road. The equipped jumbo tyres enable S5 easily to go down steps without any hitch. Joyce is a lover of the do-it-yourself journey. Therefore he likes S5 very much. He usually rides it for a short trip. It is often used for off-road trip. The latest model is the intelligent self-balancing scooter S6 with a saddle similar to A3. S6 is both sit-on and stand-on. When the rider feels fatigued, he could elect to sit on the saddle of S6 as he cycles. This kind of scooter, Joyce thinks, is primarily for visitors. When guests come to plants or workshops, a set of S6 will be a great help.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Eric
Company: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd

VDOGS Crowdfunding Page Set to Help Veterans and Wounded Warriors with PTSD

Atlanta, GA; 01, March 2016: Military veteran Blake "Top Dog" Rashad has a mission. He is on the path to help military veterans around the country who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Anxiety, Depression and other combat related injuries. The reason for creating this project is to help veterans, the warriors of this nation, fight post war stress and depression by pairing them up with specially trained companion dogs.


“Our goal is to create training centers for dogs that will become the best friends of veterans dealing with TBI and PTSD and other disabilities,” said Rashad.

According to VDOGS (Veterans Deserving Outstanding Generosity and Services) the current veteran suicide rate is around 22 deaths per day. This is 22 more than it should be according to Rashad. So his organization wants to put a smile again on the faces of those who have fought for our safety and now fighting their own uphill battle. Blake Rashad and his wife Sheila have launched a new GoFundMeCrowdfunding Campaign that promises to boost their efforts by raising funds to open a complete training facility for service dogs/skilled companion dogs. These specially trained animals create an invaluable bond between soldier and dog. These nonjudgmental pets are essential to improving their quality of life. The local media and community in Atlanta have already joined in to become partners for this purpose, and now VDOGS hope other Americans will as well.

How You Can Help:

• Visit the GoFundMe page for VDOGS at and make a donation. Every dollar goes toward opening the facility for dogs and will immediately help our veterans in need.

• Spread the word by sharing this campaign in social media via places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or personal Blogs. Sharing the message with just a few people can have a huge impact on the success of this project.

• Call your local media and request a feature on the Top Dogg K9 Foundation VDOGS program. Getting the message on TV en masse will be the most powerful way to turn a charitable idea into reality.


Blake Rashad is a professional dog trainer, as well as a veteran of the U.S. military where he served as a K-9 trainer. His goal is to prevent veteran suicides, to restore positive family relations and increase quality interaction with the community. Since 2011, Blake and Sheila Rashad rolled up their sleeves and started their non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, soliciting help from Congressional leadership, federal and local, requesting funds to pay for service dogs designed to urgently help America’s veterans.

To support VDOGS in their goal to raisefunds for this important work, visit their GoFundMe Campaign page and make a tax-deductible contribution today.


About Top Dogg K-9 Foundation:

In 2011, Top Dogg K-9 Foundation was born, providing Service Dogs and Companion Dogs to people with disabilities. He also continues to educate veterans and family members on how to assist the companions with assisting their Battle Buddy's. Servicing the needs of the veteran is first and foremost.


For Media Contact:
VDogs Publicity Manager
Sheila D. Rashad
Phone: 404-566-6602

Off-road winner- quality Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S5

29, February 2016: The contest of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters held by Lynn, Owen and Lexi has commenced for ten minutes. On the even road, they kept in a line and nobody showed an obvious lead. In the next section—bends, Lynn’s single-wheeled self-balancing scooter X8 showed its massive advantage over other models. It smoothly and quickly passed several bends and then took the lead. Owen seemed to feel nervous because his two-wheeled intelligent scooter was not good at bends. As a result, Owen lagged behind the two. But he still gave up for he believed that he would overtake them on the third section.


The third of contest is the tough terrains. The terrain is full of soil and not even. What’s worse, there are dotted with stone and steps. Lynn is taking the lead, thereby being the first to greet the tough terrains. At the sight of the terrain, she feels slightly embarrassed. When she cycles 5 metres forward. She stumbles over the rock.

She is confident her skill of riding Airwheel electric unicycle X8. Hence she feels awkward to fall over. She also clearly knows that the terrain is a challenge to her and her Airwheel X8. But she has to face up to the terrain. She slowly passes the terrain. And soon Owen catches up with her. It is high time for Owen to show the potent ability to keep balance of S5.

Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S5 is born to be an off-road winner. Being positioned as personal ATV, Airwheel S5 can easily negotiate tough terrains, bumping over the rocky and craggy section of road. Owen confidently steers his S5 to passes the tough terrain and even he goes down the steps with ease and without any hitch. He chalks a lead. Finally, he gains the final victory. Although he lagged behind in the beginning, he wins at last. It goes to say that Airwheel S5 is good at passing over tough terrains.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Eric
Company: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd
Phone: +8618861270200

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Bidrop Images revamp website to showcase their stunning Photography & Videography.

Tamarindo and Nosara, Costa Rica; 29, February 2016: Bidrop Images revamp website to showcase their stunning Photography & Videography.

wedding photography

Bidrop Images today announced the launch of their new website

A professional photographer’s work is constantly evolving and so should their web presence.Highlights of the website's design include fast loading image galleries and portfolio, a totally new responsive design, CSS improved and touch enabled, a powerful Autosuggest Site Search feature and integration with Facebook/Instagram.

The French owner of Bidrop – TohGouttenoire, has been a professional photographer living in Costa Rica, Central America since 2000. He is known worldwide for his innovative take on the wedding photography phenomena - Trash the Dress -

When asked about his Photography processToh had this to say: "I enjoy every steps of creating images, from the first contact with the client, to delivering the final product, passing by finding an idea, a look, shooting it… and finalizing it in post production! I’m excited during the whole process."

As well as showcasing their stunning Photography, Bidrop have recently partnered up with Tamarindocompany, Costa Rica Cinematography and now display a selection of their finest commercial, real estate and wedding videography services.

The new website was built by Zwart Design, based in the UK. Owner Kristian Zwart said this "Tohapproached me with the brief of updating his previous website to a more modern design, also being able to be viewed on mobile devices. I love Tohs work so it was a pleasure to work on displaying his professional images as fast as possible without sacrificing quality." The website was built with the viewer in mind, having a simple navigation system and being able to showcase their stunning sensual images speedily.

For Media Contact:
Toh Gouttenoire
+506 8390 375

Your Healthcare Provider Is Now a Mouse Click Away With The Launch of New Website

29, February 2016: Healthycycling has launched its new website, where patients can now look for nearest hospital as well as find doctors and doctor reviews as well as other medical practitioners in their locality. This new move is in keeping with the constantly changing world that is mostly fueled by technology.

It is not a surprise that the world today is heavily reliant on the internet for information, news, and events and even shopping. The world is now in the palm of your hands, as is normally said today with the onset of smartphones, where you can browse for almost anything from anywhere in the planet. The website seeks to fill the need for speedy provision of healthcare to millions of people who may find it difficult to locate a hospital near them, or find a good practitioner working in their locality.

The new website’s layout is very simple and easy to navigate and features helpful information on after hour’s clinics, medical clinics, and nearest hospital, doctor reviews, and immediate care as well as a wealth of information on health news, health tips, healthy lifestyle as well as diseases and their symptoms. With this information now just a click away, people’s approach to healthcare is going to drastically change for the better.

Doctors such as family doctors, pediatricians, Gynecologists and dermatologists can be located on the site, as well as dentists specializing in areas such as cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and periodontics, and surgeons practicing in the areas of plastic surgery, endovascular neurosurgery and hair transplant surgery. To access these practitioners, all you have to do is use the quick search button to locate them.

With the provision of a slot for these doctors, dentists and surgeons to add their listings, the website makes it possible for them to gain visibility as well as increase their earnings. Patients can view very crucial information such as the medical practitioner’s qualifications, the procedures they do as well as rate them once they have visited the facility for services. This thus acts in benefiting both the medical practitioners and the patients in that the practitioners with more positive reviews will get more patients visiting their medical facilities, while patients looking for a good practitioner will gain insight as to which practitioner to visit straight from these reviews. The medical practitioners can also use these reviews as feedback information on how patients view their services as well as facilities.

The website allows patients to find provide Doctor Reviews, which helps improve the relationship between doctors and patients across the United States. The website is a great way of bringing healthcare provision right at your fingertips to ensure that you stay healthy and strong no matter your location. Just as Dr. Tony Iton said, “When it comes to health, your zip code matters more than your genetic code.” , and healthycycling is proving this quote right in every way possible.

Healthycycling is a health directory that helps people find health locations, information on dentists and doctors. To visit the new website, visit for more information.

For Media Contact:
Daniel Young
302 Northern Blvd
Albany, NY 12204
Tel: 844-884-6600

SHS Products Introduces the Glass Canopy - An Exciting New Product for All Domestic Customers

29, February 2016:SHS Products, UK leaders in designing, manufacturing and supplying bespoke stainless steel and glass balustrade solutions, are excited to announce their brand new product, the Glass Canopy. A perfect addition to exterior doors in domestic homes, the Glass Canopy is a strong new addition to SHS Products’ already impressive portfolio.
SHS Products
With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Walsall-based SHS Products are extremely proud of the new addition to their glass family that provides stylish shelter all year round and enables domestic customers to utilise their outdoor space to its full potential. The Glass Canopy joins an exciting list of products already on offer, such as Glass Systems, Wire Rope and Steel Rod Systems and Key-Link Railing Balustrade Systems.

Rob Witcomb, Director at SHS Products, said of the Glass Canopy, “This new product really adds a different dimension to our portfolio. We are already proud to provide stunning balustrades for interior and exterior voids and now we can also offer our domestic customers that little bit extra, with year-round exterior shelter. As a Director you are always looking to develop and improve your offering, and I really feel we have done so with this exciting new product.”

SHS Products' Glass Canopies are constructed using tubular stainless steel with a stunning satin finish for an elegant yet minimalist look. The clear glass is toughened for safety and all of the Glass Canopies are manufactured and constructed in house, meaning that the SHS Products experts can oversee and manage the quality control of the product.

For further information, please contact Sophie Sutton on 01922 461 055 or email

For Media Contact:
Sophie Sutton
Unit E6/E7 West Point,
Middlemore Lane West,
Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 8BG
01922 461 055

Notes to editors:

Stainless Handrail Systems are a UK company with over 25 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke stainless steel and glass balustrade solutions for both homes and businesses. With a strong national reputation, SHS Products are not only proud to provide a wide range of stylish glass and steel balustrade solutions but also offer a personal approach to all communications. Visit for more information.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ex-student launches innovative new website for Runshaw College

27, February 2016: A Leyland-based college has had its website revolutionized and relaunched by a former student, resulting in auser interface that is the first of its kind within the local education market.

Web developer, Adam Davis, completed his A Levels at Runshaw College 20 years ago and after progressing on to university and working within a number of web design agencies, Adam founded Soap Media with his brother Markerle in 2005.

The digital agency was selected to complete the work for Runshaw via a competitive tender process that ran nationally. Commencing in August this year, the 12 week consultation, design and build process was project managed by a task group within the college, in close collaboration with the agency.

The most unique functionality of the new site is the simplicity and ease of use of the navigation and course selection process. Adam and the team at Soap used e-commerce principles to createa simple tick box selection system which refines the choices for potential students.This technology results in users being able to quickly find what they are looking for and is unique within local educational establishments.

The tone, style and look of the website was a collaborative process comprisingideas from the project team, staff, students and other stakeholders.

Adam said: “As a former Runshaw student it was a fantastic opportunity to develop their new online presence. I have very fond memories of my time at the college and to see how it has grown and developed was a pleasure. Bringing the website in line with Runshaw’s current position as a leading educational provider was a challenge that we enjoyed and the end result is something we are incredibly proud of. Not only is the site very modern and sleek, it is also very user friendly, innovative and future proofed.”

The site has been built on WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), which allows the team at Runshaw to update the site with ease. Soap integrated bespoke programming into the back end of the website, including the automation of manual tasks and syncing of data across systems, saving the College’s IT team’s time and resources.

IT Lead, Andrew Gant, who managed the project on behalf ofRunshaw College, said: “The new website is of huge benefit to us, not only from an end user point of view, but also from a behind the scenes perspective. Courses created in our Student Information System are now automatically imported into the website upon creation, forming a seamless process. We now also have the ability to syndicate news items and events on the website with our newly developed Communications Portal and our Staff Portal so that staff and parents are kept abreast of the very latest news as it happens. This live news approach to the home page creates a highly interactive social hub, giving the site a current, vibrant feel that ties in to the culture of the college.”

Another key element of the rebuild was ensuring the site was fully optimised for all devices, as 75% of all users of the previous website were viewing it from a smartphone / tablet device.

RunshawCollege’s Principal, Simon Partington, said: “As one of the most successful colleges in the UK with national recognition for outstanding results, we strongly believe that our websiteshould reflect our excellent status. We’re incredibly pleased with the new design and functionalities, which have been very well received by our students, prospective students, staff and parents /carers alike. The design is current, innovative, user friendly and works across all platforms, representing us perfectly as leaders in our field.”

The website will continue to develop, with the College having commissioned Soap to carry out further work to improve Apprenticeship application pathways online. Potential applicants will have the ability to search for vacancies in a similar way to courses and navigate easily between a vacancy and the course element. The team at Runshaw believe they will be the first in the area to do this and that internal processes will be streamlined by the technology.


L – R Linda Winnard, Human Resources Officer
Andrew Gant – IT Lead
Adam Davis - Director at Soap Media
Simon Partington – Principal
Alex Harding – Senior Systems Developer
Adrian Roscoe – Business Centre Manager
Lesley Hudson – Head of Marketing (19+)

For Media Contact:
Markerle Davis
Piccadilly House
49 Piccadilly
M1 2AP

Boost My Campaign Offers Crowdfunding Marketing Services

27, February 2016: Through the years, Boost My Campaign has never failed to help thousands of fundraisers when it comes to raising money for their respective causes that will benefit the community in return. This crowdfunding marketing agency happily announced that they were able to help fundraisers in making their projects known by the world.

Boost My Campaign focuses on helping different fundraisers when it comes to getting the sympathy and support of the entire society. They happily announced that they were able to help their clients to raise more than 7 million dollars.

As a crowdfunding marketing agency, Boost My Campaign works in partnership with IndieGoGo. This company is dedicated to providing a comprehensive professional service which results to an excellent crowdfunding marketing campaign that comes with some ideal features which are designed to match the requirements of any startup professional. Boost My Campaign knows that every fundraiser is in need of excellent assistance and perfect assistance do includes the latest technologies, innovative features and a knowledgeable group. This company comes with its team of crowdfunding experts who are responsible for providing a wide range of services that their customers will enjoy while they get registered. With the services they render, they assure their clients that their crowdfunding PR would grow at a great pace. They back up their customers with a press release and they start marketing the campaigns of their customers through social media. They also go offline as they promote the crowdfunding campaigns of their customers through TV, radio and exclusive multimedia. Apart from that, they also offer backers for all their clients. Each of the plans they offer comes with a least number of genuine backers and they assure their clients that they do not need to worry regarding the success of their campaigns. While the campaigns are ongoing, Boost My Campaign will assign one of their personal assistants to assist their clients and take care of their needs. Each member of their team is focused on helping their clients to ensure the success of their campaign in the end.

Crowdfunding is among the most effective as well as innovative ways of raising funds for a specific venture. Boost My Campaign is a crowdfunding marketing service provider that is dedicated to providing high quality services to all fundraisers.

To know more about Boost My Campaign, please do not hesitate to visit For inquiries, contact them through this page:

For Media Contact:
Company: Boost My Campaign

Friday, 26 February 2016

Expert Florist Serves Customers In Brighton & Hove

United Kingdom; 27, February 2016: A leading team of florists help to provide the best floral products to people living in Brighton & Hove. The company is dedicated to selling only the most luxurious and fresh bouquets for every special occasion. Customers can browse their range of bouquets and plants, wedding flowers and funeral flowers online. The Florists Workshop also provide stunning arrangements for venues and events. Companies can have an account for weekly or fortnightly flowers to be delivered to a business address, such as offices, reception areas, hotels, and spa’s. During the last few months, this Brighton floristhas experienced an influx of orders from all over the local area. Word travels fast, and customers keep coming back for more.
The Florists Workshop
The Florist Workshop specialises in wedding and funeral flowers. Photos of their latest work can be seen on the portfolio page of their website. However, the team is more than happy to help customers with any occasion. All wedding and funeral orders come with free delivery. With years of experience in the industry, these experts have the skills required to provide a first-class service. This is reflected in their outstanding testimonials and feedback from their happy customers. Indeed, they often give advice to customers and try to point them in the right direction. Some people haven’t a clue about the right flowers to buy, but that’s no longer an issue.

The team will deliver affordable, fresh, beautiful, handmade flower bouquets straight to your door. At the current time, their delivery services covers the following areas:

● Brighton
● Hove
● Shoreham
● Southwick
● Portslade
● Saltdean
● Peacehaven
● Newhaven

Customers from other areas in East and West Sussex are advised to get in touch to discuss their delivery options. Wherever they might reside, the company will work hard to reach a solution.

Unlike other florists in the industry, people don’t have to settle for pre-made arrangements. Being workshop based means this company can take a personal and bespoke approach to every order. No customer should end up with a product they've seen elsewhere because all bouquets are unique. Flowers don’t come in a box with a courier. Instead, they are beautifully presented and hand delivered by a member of the team.

It’s sometimes possible to arrange same day delivery if buyers place their orders before 12 pm. In most other instances, shipments will go out the following day. So, it’s by far the best flower service in town and customers should never need to look elsewhere.

Anyone who wants to learn more should take a look at The Florist Workshop website. Alternatively, customers can call the number published below to speak with a member of the team. No matter what occasion they want to celebrate, the experts working for this company will always provide the best guidance.

For Media Contact:
Sarah Brown,
8 Dorset Street
BN2 1WA,

Hydrolyze 90 Review - Get Rid Of Your Skincare Problems With This All-in-One Solution!

New York, New York; 26, February 2016: The manufacturers of Hydrolyze 90 created a scientifically proven skin care solution that helps women get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Women won’t have to worry about any unwanted effects because this product uses all natural ingredients. Meaning this product does not contain any artificial elements or ingredients that can harm your skin.

Hydrolyze 90 definitely provides benefits that will surely make women feel brand new. This is a product that meets expectations; women can ask all other users that have enjoyed the wonderful results after just a few days of proper use.

Hydrolyze 90 is the hottest skin care product to hit the market today. This revolutionary skin care formula which provides solutions to all possible problems of women’s skin that is caused by aging, bad environment or over exposure.

Hydrolyze 90 helps preserve the skin's dermal structure which results in the reduction of wrinkles and prevents damaging effects of free radicals. Its powerful ingredients toughly combat the signs of aging thus resulting to a more youthful appearance.

Features and Benefits

● Immediate Wrinkle Reduction
● No more Dry Skin
● No more Dark Spots
● Tightened Skin

Natural Ingredients

● Collagen Proteins
● Moisturizers
● Immune Boosters
● Age Defying Nutrients

“It is the best skin care product ever released in the market so far and more and more women are using this product as a part of their daily beauty routine,” a company source added.

Availability of Hydrolyze 90

This product is available only on its official website, as it is only sold exclusively online. Women can expect amazing skincare benefits after proper and daily use of this formula. Women won’t have to worry about any unwanted effects, because this product uses all natural ingredients. Meaning this product does not contain any artificial elements or ingredients that can harm your skin.

About Skin Care Cures

SkinCareCures ( is a credibly resourceful website specially created for providing significant facts and information about skin care products particularly age-defying or anti-aging essentials. It professionally designed for potential female consumers who are searching for premium quality skin items that associate honest benefits and reliable product features. This website guarantees for serving genuine, safe and highly-recommended skin care, that also gives risk-free trials, special packages or other promotional offers.

For further information and details you may visit here -

For Media Contact:
Name: Lynn G. Jensen
Company: Skin Care Cures
Address: 4529 Quarry Drive,
Dothan, AL 36303
Telephone: 334-778-1424

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Discover The Powerful Anti-Aging Miracle Of Creme Ultime Ageless Cream!

Michigan, USA; 26, February 2016: Cosmo, Marie Claire, Lifetime, NBC, New York Times etc. are just few of the popular media and magazines which rarely feature and promote authentic and high quality skin care products. Eventually, Creme Ultime Ageless Cream is one of those highly recognized genuine age-defying formulas that has delivered real profound results to thousands of women consumers already.

Recent verified studies revealed remarkable results to females who have tried and tested the incredible anti-aging works of Creme Ultime; 84% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, 95% tightened and firmed skin and 73% decrease of the look of dark circles and puffiness. Brittany Myers of Illinois, the newest endorser of this product, stated in her deliberation during the conference, “Creme Ultime Ageless Cream is prudently designed and formulated with clinically-proven anti-aging skin care technology to bring out the best in every woman’s skin.”

This revolutionary injection-free formula primarily reverses the effects of ageing and damage and responsible for releasing phenomenal benefits for the skin;

● Eliminates wrinkle size, expression and laugh lines
● Noticeable skin lifting effects
● Overall plumping to lessen sagginess
● Lightens dark pigments and skin discoloration
● Brightens and enhances appearance
● Keep the skin smooth, resilient and vibrant
● Skin is supple and enjoys youthful glow
● Combats the damaging outcome of free radicals and stress
● Protects skin and improves immunity against environmental threats
● Helps in clearing away skin impurities

Active Core Ingredients: Pentavitin, Trylagen PCB and Argireline

Creme Ultime Ageless Cream is a safe and hypoallergenic age-defying essential. Thus, there’s no need to worry about any reactions of allergies and occurrence of side-effects.

For availability, this skin care is an exclusive online-based item. This means, buying is absolutely inaccessible at any leading stores, beauty shops or supermarkets. Instead, orders can only be done safely and securely by visiting to Creme Ultime Ageless Cream official website.

About Skin Care Cures:

SkinCareCures ( is a credibly resourceful website specially created for providing significant facts and information about skin care products particularly age-defying or anti-aging essentials. It professionally designed for potential female consumers who are searching for premium quality skin items that associate honest benefits and reliable product features. This website guarantees for serving genuine, safe and highly-recommended skin care, that also gives risk-free trials, special packages or other promotional offers.

For further information and details you may visit here -

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Lynn G. Jensen
Company: Skin Care Cures
Address: 4529 Quarry Drive,
Dothan, AL, 36303
Telephone: 334-778-1424

Clark’s Airwheel SUV two-wheeled intelligent scooter S5, a veritable ATV

26, February 2016: Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S5 is a credit to Clark. Since he bought the Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter S5, all neighbours of Clark are jealous of Clark’s having the electric scooter. When Airwheel Company pushed out this kind of new model to the public, it positioned it as the personal ATV, aiming the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter at going for off-road ride. Indeed, the equipment on S5 enables it to get over all terrains. Clark is fond of do-it-yourself journey. Therefore Airwheel S5 is what he wanted long before. The instant Airwheel released this unit, Clark jumped in and bought it online on hire purchase.


Since Airwheel S5 is intended for rough and tough terrains, it is naturally able to pass over these terrains. On that account, Clark purchased it for off-road ride. Clark usually goes for an off-road trip. The bicycle is not an ideal vehicle for this kind of ride. What’s worse, the rider of the bicycle has to worry about theft. With Airwheel S5, Clark is successful in getting rid of such inconveniences for example theft. Airwheel S5 can negotiate the rough section of trip. The amount-side sign lights keep the rider safe even though he rides at night. The wing equipped in the front of Airwheel S5 shields the bodywork from dirty water spattering over it. Or the permeating water will mar the inner circuit of Airwheel S5. In serious case, the whole scooter might break down. These considerate design protects the intelligent self-balancing scooter S5, exempting Clark from care.

Clark also lauds the tyres on Airwheel S5. The large tyres are made by Chen Shin, ensuring a safe ride. The jumbo tyres enable S5 to pass down the steps. When Clark comes across the steps, there is no need for him to disembark. What he needs to do is going on with the ride. The potent electric scooter S5 will smoothly pass the steps.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Eric
Company: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd

Company Describe How Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 Day Work

26, February 2016: Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 Day is a proven skincare formula, according to its spokesperson, Ms. Pamela Johnson, to restore skin health by enhancing the collagen level. “It works, since it uses scientifically-proven ingredients. The posted Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 Day reviews on the web are affirming the true legitimacy and power of our skincare solution,” speaks the spokesperson.

First, this product works to reduce the large pores in anybody’s facial skin. The formulation of this product is focused on this aspect. “Large pores in someone’s skin have to be stopped or minimized; otherwise, she would suffer a decline of her self-confidence,” adds Ms. Johnson.

Second, this skincare brand is able to revitalize the aging skin. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines will be addressed. It is affirmed by the company, their skincare solution has useful nutrients and antioxidants to address the impact of free radicals and toxins, which typically cause oxidation-based wrinkles and fine lines.

Third, this product is proven as potent and effective to restore proper moisture and hydration. The formulated ingredients are proven scientifically, based on clinical tests, that the issues on moisture and hydration are resolved.

Fourth, this formula is capable of reviving skin firmness and smoothness. “There is no question about this claim. Based on the posted reviews by our clients, our formula works well in reviving firmness and smoothness. However, people must understand that it takes time to enjoy these good results,” the spokesperson further discloses.

Meanwhile, one Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 Day review is stated this way: “This product amazingly stops my agony. The wrinkles and fine lines in my face were all gone, after only 1 month of daily using it. It is worth-recommending!” –Trisha Falcon, consumer, 44 years old.

Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 Day has an offered risk-free trial program anybody can avail of through its official website only.

About Us: is really a legitimate and trustworthy site that gives details about skincare items around the world for ladies and males who suffers skin issues and premature aging process like facial lines, under eye circles, acne along with other skin problems. Antiaging-skin is really a US based site specifically in Brooklyn, New York. This website only promote efficient and scientifically proven anti-aging skincare items for visitors to achieve trust for this website. To learn more visit:

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With Revita Beau! Leave Skin Feeling Noticeably Wrinkle-Free & Smoother

Michigan, USA; 26, February 2016: Every woman’s skin deserves to be treated with ease and extraordinary pamper. Due to the inevitable passing of years, the skin cannot prevent itself from undergoing aging. And due to external threats like harmful UV rays and free radicals, skin is prone to damage issues. However, as expertise arises, solutions and alternatives are available in order to rectify these skin ageing and damage concerns and able to restore and revive skin health, beauty and younger-looking aura. Introducing! Revita Beau Advanced Eye Treatment.

Dark circles, puffy eyes, expression lines and wrinkles are just some of the most common and familiar skin dilemma faced by everyone especially in their growing years, busy lifestyle and stressful living. But, with Revita Beau Eye Serum, everything seems convenient and natural. Revita Beau is a highly recommended skin care treatment by dermatologists and skin experts due to its extensive yet safe combination of radiance-enhancing and glow-boosting age fighting ingredients.

One satisfied user in the name of Kimberly of Florida stated in her testimonial, “I have been applying Revita Beau for the past month and I am ultimately satisfied and extremely happy with what this product has did to me! Just few drops are enough for my whole face and it makes my skin silky-smooth once absorbed. For a high-end product like this, the value is really great!

Phenomenal Benefits of Revita Beau

● Less visible dark circles and eye bags
● Reduced and lightened age spots and hyperpigmentation
● Vanished wrinkle size and expression lines
● Supple and Plump skin
● Lifted, tightened and firmed skin
● Smoother and softer skin
● Skin is youthful and resilient
● Developed skin immunity and protective barriers against external threats
● Improved overall skin appearance and condition

To purchase Revita Beau Eye Serum, since it is an internet exclusive product, order transactions and further product facts can only be accessible through its official website.

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Adair's Airwheel intelligent electric hoverboard in pristine condition

26, February 2016: Adair is a scooter-lover. Since his first time to expose himself to Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, he saw the design and technology in it and took to it. From then on, he started to collect Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters of one or another sort. At home, there are a host of models of Airwheel, i.e. Airwheel electric unicycle, Airwheel twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter and Airwheel two-wheeled scooters. You name it, he has it. He keeps them carefully and therefore they are all in pristine condition, looking new brand. Of these models, Adair adores the electric unicycle X8 the most. Up to now, it is still Adair’s favourite scooter.


Airwheel single-wheeled intelligent scooter is famous for its agility. In the beginning of the establishment of Airwheel, it released the single-wheeled intelligent scooters. Therefore the electric scooter X-series are the first models in the history of Airwheel. They came as a milestone for Airwheel. During the development of electric unicycle, Airwheel pushed out many models of single-wheeled scooters, say X3, X5 and X6. Adair successfully collected each model of these sorts. The technology and design culminated in X8. X8 is laudable and hailed as the classic model amongst single-wheeled scooters. Adair sees the excellent agility in X8, thinking highly of its design and technology. He is also positive about the future of X8. The glamour of X8 will not die away with the passage of day.

Through steering Airwheel X8, Adair gained the unprecedented sense of achievement. As you know, of these models, X-series successes for its single-wheeled design and also scare away a host of beginners for this trait. The single-wheeled design demands for a great effort from the rider who aspires to be veteran player. Adair also experienced the tormenting process of learning. He finally learned to ride it without any hitch. Adair now steers it expertly. It can be said that he is an expert in riding Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter X8.

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Contact Person: Eric
Company: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd

NovuDerm Instant Lift Effective To Remedy Deep Wrinkles And Fine Lines, Says Company

New York, New York; 26, February 2016: NovuDerm Instant Lift is a skincare brand, according to the company, which is able to remedy deep wrinkles and fine lines. “Our product has the best ingredients, which can naturally enhance smoothness and youthfulness,” says Andrea Christenson, spokesperson of the company. Further, she states that their skincare brand is working, since a lot of NovuDerm Instant Lift review articles are posted online.

The spokesperson further explains that their product has active neuro-peptides that focus on agrin/MuSK post-synaptic pathway. Through this process, muscle contraction is minimized, which would lead to the prevention and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

The main secret of this formula, as the company divulges, is the used and formulated ingredients. These ingredients, based on the spokesperson’s claim, are tested clinically. They are formulated in a state-of-the-art laboratory. “We invested enough for the perfect formulation of our product, just to help those people, who have been suffering from serious skin problems,” adds the spokesperson.

Meanwhile, one posted NovuDerm Instant Lift review has this viewpoint based on her personal usage: “It´s been 7 days since I started using the NovuDerm Instant Lift and I am in L-O-V-E! I´ve noticed my skin tone is more naturally radiant and requires less make up. The lines on my face have softened and smoothed. It´s easily applied, my skin drinks it right up. It´s the one product I truly enjoy wearing on my face.” The name of this user is Shauna Davie from Sydney, Australia.

NovuDerm Instant Lift skincare formula is available online, through an official website. There is an offered risk-free trial program people can avail of through the Internet.

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Philadelphia, PA 19108

With Airwheel personal transportation electric air board Z3 for shopping

25, February 2016: As the online shopping is on a rise, the store shopping is going downhill. However there are still many trendy women who are fond of store shopping. It seems to them that the store shopping remains the special charm to them. Or they cherish the feelings of store shopping which cannot be gained through online shopping. Still the store shopping is not an effortless job. On the contrary, it needs much energy and physical strength. Though Bella likes shopping, she dislikes intensely walking too long. Walking too long will cause legs to ache. Recently, she came across a kind of brand new electric scooter, called Z3, which is produced by Airwheel, a worldwide famous scooter-maker. She bought it with determination. This small move makes a different way of life.


Yesterday, she did not go shopping on foot. And she rode Airwheel M3 for her shopping. This kind of electric scooter Z3 is conveniently portable. It looks like the traditional electricity-assisted scooter, but it is superior to the traditional. Airwheel adds a lot of design and technology to this model, making it stand out from other models. The eco-friendly nature makes it suitable for use in the store shopping. Unlike the traditional electricity-assisted scooter which produces a lot of exhaust into the air, the intelligent self-balancing scooter M3 runs quickly, emitting nothing into the air.

Since Bella owns this handy device, she never uses it alone. She strongly recommends it to her best friends. Her friends see the convenient vehicle and thinks highly of it. They asked Bella where and how to buy it. Bella told them that she bought online but need book it in advance. The model is quite popular. Now it is the hit scooter amongst the electric self-balancing scooters of Airwheel. Therefore buyer cannot get it shortly after payment. Later, her friends all have the model Airwheel M3. They can ride them to go for the store shopping now.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A happy Valentine's Day with Airwheel X8 single-wheeled electric scooter los angeles

25, February 2016: For lovers, the Valentine's Day is a very important day, which is named for Saint Valentine an early Christmas churchman who reportedly helped young lovers. Heather is a handsome boy who has been in a relationship with a lovely girl. On this important occasion, he cannot be late for the date. This year, he is going to ride Airwheel X8 electric unicycle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward to attend his appointment by leaning forward and backward, that is similar to the techniques of riding a bicycle.


Debuted as Airwheel latest masterpiece, X8 single-wheeled electric scooter underlines consistent premium quality and handles various terrain challenges with ease. Ride Airwheel X8 one wheel scooter, Heather will never miss any date nor deadline. On Valentine's Day, many people have been stopped by the heavy traffic and even some of the loves are angry with each other for being late for so long time. Range of Airwheelelectric one wheel X8 is over 20km at an electronically limited speed of 18km/h. With simple operation and sufficient battery range, Heather is free to enjoy portable and pleasant riding.

What makes the Airwheel X8 one wheel scooter especially popular with commuters who live in large urban centres? The convenient carry handle at the top of the frame makes it easy to transport and take with you when you're in a situation where you can't use it, such as the subway. Heather can easily lift it into the restaurant and put it under the desk. Have you beat a tight schedule? Airwheel X8 self-balancing electric scooter will help you out. And Heather is a good example. If you do not want to be late for this important date, you can ride Airwheel X8 single-wheeled electric scooter to have a happy Valentine's Day.

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Sunlux Ltd Release New Range of Quality Roof Window Skylights for the UK Market

United Kingdom; 25, February 2016: A new UK-based company has just released a range of quality window skylights onto the market. The products sold by this firm are high-quality and guaranteed to last many years. Indeed, that is why so many new customers say they will return for more purchases in the future. According to their website, there’s no need to settle for inferior items just because the cost of premium solutions is too high. The team works hard to make savings and keep prices as low as possible for their clients.

Sunlux Ltd’s roof windows are proving a real hit with homeowners around the country. They’re perfect for anyone who plans to perform a conversion, and they help to spread light through those otherwise dark areas. Customers can discover windows from some of the best-known manufacturers in the country. Brands like Fakro, Velux and Keylite, are easy to find thanks to the online store provided by this company. Anyone can take a look at the website and see the low prices for themselves.

Unlike other businesses operating in this marketplace, Sunlux Ltd places emphasis on customer satisfaction. The team is always willing to answer questions and offer advice based on the requirements of their clients. With years of experience in the industry, they know how to find the best products for your project. Alongside the range of roof windows, Sunlux also stocks:

● Accessories
● Flashing Kits
● Smoke Systems
● Sun Tunnels
● Loft Ladders
● Loft Staircases
● L-Shape Loft Doors
● Roof Membranes
● Sash Windows

People who plan to perform home improvements during the next few months should visit the website today. Customers are often shocked by the savings they can make when selecting this brand over the competition. Right now, everyone can benefit from a £50 off voucher with every Fakro flat roof window purchase. So, that means homeowners can keep more cash in the bank for the finer things in life.

The products available through the store are selected for their durability and resistance to damage. They also represent a simplistic and contemporary style with universal elegance. All windows are designed to fit any building, and that’s why consumers can’t go wrong when buying from this company.

Anyone who would like to know more about these specialist roof window products should visit the Sunlux website. People can also contact the team using the details listed below. Deliveries are dispatched to the UK the same working day when ordered before 12 pm, and buyers should receive their items within 48 hours.

For Media Contact:
Marcin Kielkowicz,
Unit 9C, Europa Trading Estate
Fraser Road,
Erith, DA8 1QL,
0208 310 0400,