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Staycations Advice from InsureMore

01, September 2015: With the school holidays in full swing, many families areheading off a few weeks to enjoy a holiday somewhere. While many UK residentstraditionally choose France, Spain and further afield, more and more are planning a 'staycation'.

Finding Fun Closer to Home

Top online Insurance provider InsureMore reveals that so-called staycations are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. With so many appealing destinations to choose from, without the hassle of having to arrange flights and travel money, it seems clear why this is so.

But travel industry experts like InsureMore recommend that travellers still make sure they are well covered against any mishaps even if they are not planning to go overseas. They say even though they will not require medical health cover when they are on holiday in their own country, there are many other things that could go wrong that travel insurance can cover.

A recent article from The Guardian researchedthis issue in depth, and the general consensus was that there is certainly a need for travel insurance regardless of the travel destination. For example, one of the major problems when going on holiday is if travellers have to cancel their arrangements. The costs of cancelling accommodation, car rental and more can add up, and this is something that a good policy may be able to cover.

There is also the risk of losing personal items and,while some items may be covered on the traveller's home insurance policy, representatives from InsureMore say that not all policies do cover items taken out of the home. It is well worth checking details like this before you embark.

Read the Fine Print

There are also certain things that need to be considered when purchasing a travel insurance policy for a staycation. For example, sometimes one may not be covered in accommodation that is very close to their home, or they may have to be staying a certain number of nights in pre-paid accommodation in order to be able to make a claim.

The general advice from experts in both the travel and insurance industries is that staycation insurance is definitely a good idea, but to read policy details carefully andspeak to the provider if you have any queries.

About InsureMore:

Insuremore provide a range of low-cost travel insurance policies for the B2C market, including single-trip, multi-trip and family insurance. Contact them at

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Airwheel Rocks the Golden Technologies Electric Scooter Market

01, September 2015: It has been decades since electric scooter entered the public view. Nowadays, due to the development of scientific technology, the current electric scooter has been added intelligent settings, batteries of large capacity and humanized design, enabling it to gain wide favors among consumers. As a top brand within the industry, Airwheel rocks the whole market for its various kinds of electric scooters.

On the one hand, Airwheel self-balancing scooter features its intelligent design. It is equipped with built-in intelligent chip that enables the vehicle to achieve self-balancing by technological control rather than mechanical driving. Plus, with the help of the intelligent chip, the vehicle can provide riders with three kinds of protections like low battery protection, speed limit control and tilting protection. This intelligent design will ensure the safety of riders to the utmost. In this way, there is no need for consumers to worry about getting hurt from riding the vehicle.

What’s more, Airwheel has developed an exclusive mobile app for its consumers, especially those who choose the latest intelligent scooter A3. Riders can connect the vehicle with their mobile phones and monitor the real-time data during the riding process. On that account, it will be easier for them to adjust the vehicle and have the vehicle recharged in time when it runs out of power.

On the other hand, Airwheel has adopted the lithium battery from Sony which is mainly used by Tesla auto. Every battery cell is equipped with a unique potential transformer to offer electricity and temperature protection. With the large capacity of batteries, Airwheel electric scooter can travel as far as 100 miles away at the cost of 1 kWh of electricity. Thanks to the large driving force, it is able to reach 18 km per hour at most and achieve a range of 48 km. Riding such a vehicle, users can get around the city freely, which is beyond comparison.

Given the unique design of Airwheel electric scooter, itdefinitely rocks the market.

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Embrace the Sunshine outside On an Airwheel Intelligent Standing Electric Scooter

31, August 2015: With the rapid development of social media, people tend to communicate with others via all kinds of social media rather than actually go out and have fun. Thus, there are more and more otaku and otaku girls who becomes separated from the real world. As a matter of fact, this kind of lifestyle is not healthy. Instead, people should go out more to experience the beauty outside other than stay at home and face the computers. And Airwheel electric scooter will do them a favor.

As for those who want to take a look at the rest of the world, cars may not be their optimal choice for their sight will be restricted while sitting in the car. In order to see the world holistically, riding an Airwheel intelligent scooter would be their best option then. Since the vehicle is controlled via body movements. In other words, people don’t need their hands to steer the electric scooter. When they are standing on the board, their hands are free to take some photos or do some stretching exercises. Or they may put on their earphones and enjoy some melodious music during the riding process. On the weekends, people may ask their friends to go out for a gathering and have a ride together. Instead of typing on the keyboard, they can actually talk face to face. When they are tired from riding, they can find a café and just sit down to have some coffee. Since Airwheel electric unicycle is rather small and light to carry around, people can easily take it into the café and put it aside.

It is fine to spend some quality time alone at home. However, it will be unhealthy to totally keep away from the sunshine outside. Therefore, people should go out and may as well have a ride with Airwheel electric scooter once in a while.

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Aimee Age Correction Cream Review - Redefine Skin The Naturally Effective Way!

Ocala, Florida, USA; 31, August 2015: Most women thought, that having a wrinkle free, spotless and truly radiant looking skin is not so attainable after all, because they usually presume that only stars and celebrities have the right to own and easily achieve such divinity. But with Aimee Age Correction Cream skin care, the mission to face this issue is just so easy, uncomplicated and absolutely painless and non-invasive!

Aimee Age Correction Cream skin care is one of the best anti-aging serum, it’s a new & hot-fresh skincare that has been recognized in the public and featured in most famous social media sites and women’s magazines as well as it is a very good anti-aging cream for 20s. Aimee Age Correction Cream is a clinically-proven solution, highly composed of high-end, ultra-effective ingredients that are known for their excellent anti-aging and age-defying roles for the aging and damage skin.

Aimee Age Correction Cream is a best skincare for aging skin and popular for being an injection-free and laser-free treatment, providing skin repair and rejuvenation without the intervention of Botox and high-risk, expensive cosmetic surgery. Its scientifically advanced wrinkle reduction and prevention formula has been confirmed to release revolutionary breakthrough skin benefits;

* Visible fine lines and wrinkle reduction
* Reduce under-eye imperfections - eye bags and dark circles
* Replenish skin through collagen production
* Promotes skin hydration
* Balances skin moisture
* Toning and tightening the skin

Aimee Age Correction Cream skin care embodies active key ingredients which are truly capable to effectively reduce wrinkles and which is why it was considered as one of the top rated anti aging creams all over the US & Canada. Aimee Cream’s agents are not only responsible for clearing out skin imperfections and redefine skin to appear youthful, but more importantly, improve and enhances the overall state of the skin. As well, this skin care product is safe, gentle and hypoallergenic, thus absolutely works on all skin types, without the fear of occurrence of any side-effects.

Essential ingredients -- Polymoist - PS, Matrixyl 3000, Proprietary enzyme blends, Marine botanicals.

Product’s Availability -- Aimee Age Correction Cream skin care is available for grabs through “internet-exclusive” deal. Hence, this skin care cannot be purchase at any leading beauty shops or stores.

You can watch Sarah G youtube video about Aimee Age Correction Cream here.

For further facts and informative pieces of Aimee Age Correction Cream skin care, visit its official website and also find out its limited risk-free trial offer in favor of potential buyers of the product.

To seek more details of this skin care product, it may also be found in this reliable site:

About Skin Care MD

The website is specialized in advocating or endorsing skin care solutions through contributing honest and reliable product reviews in order to assist online visitors and potential customers for wise product selections based on their particular needs regarding skin issues or concerns.

For further information and details, visit and subscribe for news updates and advertisements by email.

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Company Cites Powerful Ingredients Of BioDerm RX

New York, New York; 31, August 2015: In a press conference of the company held yesterday at New York, New York, the company spokesperson, Ms. Imelda Ramirez, cited and explained the natural and powerful ingredients their BioDerm RX skincare formula contains.

“With these natural and potent ingredients, a lot of people these days have really enjoyed the potency of our product. Hence, there are so many published BioDerm RX review articles in the World Wide Web,” she exactly explained.

According to the spokesperson, their product has these powerful ingredients:

* Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
* Diamond Powder
* Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
* Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
* Xanthan Gum
* Lavender Extract

With the combination of these working and efficient ingredients, BioDerm RX can actually provide these benefits, according to the company.

Firstly, it can remedy the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

Secondly, it can stop sagging and dryness of the skin, due to free radicals.

Thirdly, it can repair the skin dermis, where cells and tissues are found.

Fourthly, this formula can restore the youthful and smooth appearance of the consumers.

Lastly, this skincare solution is capable of reviving skin firmness, tightness, moisture and hydration.

As to the potency of this formula, the spokesperson further cited that there are so many reviews online to verify their claim on its powerfulness.

“When I started using this product about 2 months ago, I’d seen that the wrinkles, fine lines and age spots on my skin were gone gradually. I can now show off my skin to a lot of people during any social gathering,” says Clarissa Roman, aged 38.

This skincare formula, according to Ms. Ramirez, is available online through its official website only. There is a BioDerm RX risk-free trial for every potential consumer in this world to grab.

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Explore Your Dream City with the Top Valued Offer!

31, August 2015: Most people must want to go to and explore many wonderful vacation spots of the world. However, the accommodation and air travel rates in reality are usually above their vacation budget. This is the biggest reason why individuals would naturally start shopping for competitively priced travel deals and packages that are available at their dream holiday destinations whenever they draft their holiday blueprint. People seem to have issues in locating the right place for these kinds of deals and promotions.

To get access to the best travel and holiday accommodation packages, you must have a look at the internet site Hotel Rate Discount. Discounted travel deals from over hundred countries across the globe have been displayed here. This travel website can be the best choice for you if you are looking for a travel promotion that fits easily within your stringent budget. The moment you type in a destination, the embedded online search engine will immediately scan through the network to present a list of the most suitable deals for your needs. Hotel Rate Discount is in association with many other travel sites like Travelocity, Expedia, and also Booking. So, they absolutely can offer you some the best travel packages as per your search requirements.

You will not have any difficulty in using the site interface because it features an uncomplicated format. First, just think about your vacation destinations. You can get some ideas from the huge selection of travel locations listed in the website. Once you have made your decision, just key in your desired spot and travel date on the corresponding slots. If you wish to receive much more customized search results, you can add other details, such as number of people traveling, type of room required, and things like that. The search results will include a comprehensive list of all suitable offers and promotions sold at the chosen travel destination. You will find details about customer feedbacks, costs, hotel stars, hotel room photos, hotel location, and also hotel features. There is also information about the trending lodges and inns in particular locations. After you have come to a decision about the lodge that you want to stay in, you just have to make bookings for your vacation date and your work is done.

When you first landed on this internet site, you are presented with snapshots of beautiful and attractive vacation destinations from all around the globe, together with a number of strongly recommended hot spots. You can be confident that you would be presented with the most suitable packages that match your requirements because Hotel Rate Discount bears a massive network with top travel firms across the world. To find the top discounted travel offers, air travel deals as well as car rental plans just visit

Aside from information about vacation packages and offers, you would also be able to read entertaining articles in the editorial section of the website. The site owners have shared their own travel activities in these articles. These posts could be of great use to you. Aside from information on must-do activities as well as sightseeing attractions, such posts also provide some useful travel tips such as things to carry and other precautions which need to be followed. With the help of all this helpful information, you can certainly make your holiday a most remarkable experience for you and your family.

About Hotel Rate Discount:

Hotel Rate Discount is one among the best rated travel sites on the market. The services offered by this site can help make your vacation planning tension-free and enjoyable. As the website offers a great number of low priced travel packages, you can easily plan a vacation even if your budget is restricted. You may even save a large sum of money only by picking the most affordable deals found in this website. You can also travel and explore a few of the luxury travel getaways of the world, all thanks to Hotel Rate Discount. Try out the internet site right away by visiting

Link For SEO - Finest Quality Link Building Solutions at Affordable Rates

USA; 31, August 2015: It is actually possible to make good profits in internet business with a modest budget. That is definitely a good news for all online business people and website owners. Link For SEO, a well-known and established SEO solutions company, has just introduced a whole new set of SEO services that will allow you to build a profitable internet marketing business or website. The most interesting part is that these services are available at very reasonable rates. And that means you get the best SEO solutions that are not just effective but economical as well. You could improve the visibility of your web blog and increase search engine rankings at an affordable price. This company is recognized in the market as the best SEO provider.

Link For SEO has been around as an optimization solution provider for over ten years now and in the present day, this happens to be one of the best and most trustworthy SEO solutions across the world. All through the years, Link For SEO has helped a large number of online businesses and internet marketers propel their internet sites to success. Let’s check out the views expressed by Jane Madison, a California based blogger- “I am fully satisfied with the services offered by this SEO solution company. I have applied several SEO tactics before, and none of those worked until I discovered this established SEO company. I would highly recommend you to apply the services of Link For SEO if you would like to enhance your website traffic and get good SEO rankings”.

There are many other individuals across the globe that are extremely happy with the SEO services provided by Link For SEO. Many satisfied clients have offered great feedbacks and testimonials that vouch for the exceptional services provided by this company. If you would like to read some reviews and testimonials please visit:

It’s apparent from the name itself that this SEO solution company primarily focuses on the backlinks creation for blog sites and websites. What makes them shine out from other SEO companies is the quality of service. The backlinks developed by Link For SEO are always of the finest quality, unlike various other SEO providers. This service provider gives importance to quality and not just the quantity. Backlinks developed by Link For SEO can definitely ensure good search engine ranking positions for your website.

Article syndication, blog commenting, social networking, video clip submission, blog network, link pyramids, website submission, and link wheels are a few of the strategies which are employed by this company for creating of backlinks.

Apart from offering SEO solutions and services, Link For SEO even offers a blog, where clients, as well as website visitors, could get free tips and ideas in operating a blog or online business. From article marketing to advanced search engine optimization solutions, Link For SEO has a wide variety of tips that can improve your knowledge in web optimization and internet marketing. Online business owners, who are seeking advice on how to create a blog and make it profitable, can get help here:

Link For SEO has got a team of handpicked website link builders and optimization experts who would provide all your search engine optimization needs. Aside from being competent in SEO approaches, these specialists are also knowledgeable in field of online marketing. If you want to talk to some SEO specialists, please just click the link:

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PDF Flipbook Software by AnyFlip Innovates Methods of Content Marketing

29, August 2015: AnyFlip software company limited, creators and owners of the highly popular web content creation and marketing PDF flipbook software says it is still committed to helping their current and potential clients and partners to create powerful web content to promote their products, establish better active customer relationships and expand their brand names to new customers.

With a business portfolio boasting of several blue chip, A-list companies like DELL, P&G, PANDORA, IKEA, Airbnb, Wedding Magazine, Schneider Electric … and over 217,000+ happy users and clients worldwide, it’s no wonder the AnyFlip’s PDF Flipbook software is highly regarded on the internet by businesses, webmasters and website owners to create effective web content and useful but relevant information for their website, brochure and magazine audience.

PDF flipbook software by AnyFlip was designed to bring new inspiration and better ideas to the current content creation and marketing practices. Users of this software can now:-

• Convert PDF files to digital flipbooks which enable direct viewing on most internet browsers.

• Create rich multimedia content rather than just boring plain static text. Adding files like videos, audio, photos, slideshows, word documents, YouTube clips, eye catching animation on any web publication and social media channel at the click of a button

• Make flipbook viewable on all devices (PC, Mac, Android or iOS). Publishing offline versions of digital materials on DVD, CD, USB etc is also well enabled for onward physical distribution at tradeshows, meetings and fairs.

• Share PDF flipbook content to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at the click of a single button.

• Boost profitable internet and e-commerce ventures by enabling every PDF flipbook viewer to shop right on the spot within any digital magazine, brochure or catalog. No need to navigate to an order page or any new webpage.

• Create unique, engaging content in 17+ foreign languages including Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hebrew and even Basque. The AnyFlip PDF Flipbook software also supports Right to left (RTL) content reading and creation for content written in languages that are only readable that way e.g. Hebrew and Arabic.

• Do so much more too numerous to mention.

Just like Stephanie Keith, another happy user of the AnyFlip PDF flipbook software and e-marketing manager says “If you are still worried about managing your online marketing profitably, I strongly recommend AnyFlip to you. Use AnyFlip to create cool multimedia digital brochures for your branding and online promotions without any coding and expensive programming!

For more Information about AnyFlip or to personally experience and see how it works, and how this software can be of great benefit to business, visit

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Garcinia Optima Review - Naturally Trim Down & Achieve Health To The Highest Level!

Woolhope, UK; 29, August 2015: Garcinia Optima is just one of the most ultra-effective and highly recommended garcinia cambogia-made products that was recently produced in UK and featured all over the web market. Rapid gaining of weight or obesity problems is one of the most common health issues why the garcinia cambogia extract has been taken advantaged by many health experts to formulate health solutions, especially on weight loss management scheme.

What is Garcinia Optima?

Garcinia Optima is an advanced weight loss agent that is certified 100% natural and safe. It is enriched of HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid extract which is found in the garcinia cambogia fruit that has numerous slimming and health qualities, which made this product a highly effective one.

Based on scientific study, it revealed how this HCA extracts tremendously work in the body system, in order to provide benefits that lead to successful gaining of well-shaped body and a healthier system. It actually serve as an “appetite suppressant” that naturally prevents hungriness or starvation. It “increases serotonin levels” to stop emotional eating, “improves sleep” and also “burn fats, calories and sugar,” which then leads to losing weight fast and effective.

* Elevates levels of energy
* Enhances mental health
* Serves as antioxidant
* Improves body metabolism
* Efficiently burns fats, calories and sugar
* Prevents too much food cravings
* Slow down build-up of fats

Garcinia Optima has gone through clinical tests and approval, thus, there is no room of fear for those potential users of this product, since it is guaranteed safe without causing any forms of adverse effects.

Where to buy Garcinia Optima? This product is available as an “online-based” health product, which can only be bought through its official website and not at any leading stores or supermarkets.

For further details, special offers and more, visit its official website.

About I’m Losing Weight

The website is one of the trusted sites all over the web because of the products that it promotes, especially the weight loss related products on where people can try the products that I'm Losing Weight promotes, paying only the shipping and handling for them to test it and see results before they actually pay its full price. The reviews of the products that it promotes are all effective and are all from nature 100%. Because of these products effectiveness the consumer can get an assurance that it will change their social life in a physical way!

For further information and details you may visit here -

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Telephone: 785-835-8109

New Directions For Women Announces New Family Therapy Information Page

Costa Mesa, CA; 29, August 2015: The internationally renowned, Costa Mesa-based womens recovery facility New Directions for Women has released a new information resource for substance-dependent women with families or children.

The page is designed to help them address and understand one of the most widely-overlooked aspects of addiction therapy for women: how to help, and handle, her children while she is receiving treatment.

"We consider addiction to be a family disease," said New Directions in a statement. "We're committed to healing the whole family, and we believe this is not just good but necessary in light of the profound effects which addiction as a disease can have on the family."

For people who live with or otherwise relate regularly to people who suffer from chemical dependency, the New Directions staff recommends and is happy to support them in being involved with the treatment of the person they love. This is the New Directions family program -- helping them to make their own journey into recovery.

Often, it's the family members of the patient who have been through the roller coaster and emotional devastation of broken promises and false hopes that are the common side effects of chemical dependency as a disease. New Directions believes they deserve the chance to identify and voice their thoughts and their feelings. They promise to openly, honestly assist family members of their patients to work towards a deeper understanding of themselves, and help them develop the relationship they deserve to have with their loved one currently suffering from a chemical dependency.

The family program

The NDFW family program is based on the principles of the "12 steps" of Alcoholics Anonymous, and encourages every family member to take part in self help meetings regularly. The program includes on-site groups, educational therapy, and family therapy.

Additionally, NDFW also specializes in treating children of the patient, regardless of whether they live with their mom or not throughout treatment. Children receive early intervention treatment as well as individualized care which help address their unique needs -- for example, if they suffer from the consequences of prenatal substance exposure, NDFW can help identify and treat the condition.

Children also receive counseling services to help them build up emotional strength as well as deepen their own resilience. For this, NDFW offers a variety of techniques like art, role playing, storytelling, journaling, recreation, and more. Younger children can benefit from the "mommy and me" play therapies, and there are other therapies available for children of all ages.

School age children are also enrolled in the Newport Mesa School District where they can attend classes, and they're encouraged to participate in a healthy way in summer camp programs, educational, programs, and extracurricular activities. There are also 12 step-based programs for children.

About New Directions for Women:

NDFW is a non-profit luxury rehab center for women based in Costa Mesa.

In more than 3 decades of service the NDFW staff has been able to develop a uniquely effective approach to treating addiction in women of all ages.

For Media Contact:
Tania Bhattacharyya
(866) 346-8431

NFL Jerseys Presents Its Branded NBA Jerseys for Basketball Fans

Australia; 28, August 2015: Sports fans just love to have designer clothes in their sports collection. Whether it is soccer or Basketball, there are huge amount of sports fans having keen interest in these sports. Buying jerseys of different teams has become a common phenomenon and they prefer to wear these jerseys on the days when their team plays their match. Buyers prefer online store as it adds convenience and helps them in selecting wide range of dresses from the store. One of those stores that have been selling sports jerseys for a long time now is NFL Jerseys online store.

NBA fans searching for nba jerseys Australia can have a look at the collection of the online store and buy the jersey of their favorite team. Everyone has their own favorite and the website makes sure that they have accessories available for all kinds of sports lovers. Along with basketball fans the site also provides jerseys of soccer and NHL teams. NFL is mostly famous in America, Europe and Australia and the online store makes sure that the buyers don’t go dissatisfied.

The nfl jerseys Australia are mostly sold under the brand of Nike and the website makes sure that the buyers get good discount and don’t need to spend much. The biggest advantage about online stores is that they act as an online mall for the buyers and provide exceptional discount. Soccer fans can have a look at the football socks, t-shirts, training clothes, soccer scarf, soccer shorts and various other accessories. The sports jerseys are not only limited to simple team jerseys as there are various stylish t-shirts and shorts that are loved by fans. Fans like to copy their favorite player and their style. The online store makes sure that the NBA or soccer fans can have a look at the trendy shorts, shoes, scarves and t-shirts worn by their favorite stars. There are discounts worth 30% to 60% on all kinds of dresses and jerseys. These discounts help the fans to get cheap nba jerseys according to their needs.

The website keeps updating its monthly specials and brings new accessories each month. The buyers can have a look at the size chart available on the website and get the products that match their size. It is important to have a proper look at the jerseys and make sure that they meet the buyer’s requirement. In case the buyer needs to return any product and ask for a refund they can contact the customer support of the website.

About NFL Jerseys:

NFL Jerseys is an Australia based online store that sells various sports accessories and jerseys through its website. Buyers can have a look at all the designs on the website and buy their favorite team’s jersey. To know more about the online store one can visit the abovementioned website.

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Company: Sinceone Fashion Technology co.,ltd.

New Study Proves Energy Efficient Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Gas Heating Products are Preferred

Tampa, FL; 28, August 2015: A renewed focus on energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been achieving momentum, even in the most unlikely of places.

There was a recent study conducted by Schneider Electric and the Alliance to Save Energy that proves this renewed focus on energy efficient products is growing in places that may not have been evaluated in the past. Their study found that nearly nine out of ten respondents believe that energy efficiency is of significant importance to fulfilling the core mission of U.S. higher education institutions. This study also revealed that eighty-eight percent of respondents believe that energy efficiency cuts costs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and is the most fiscally responsible way to meet their requirements for energy.

Since there is an increased movement to find more energy efficient ways to cool and heat a business or home, there will be an increased focus on what products are the most efficient and economical to achieve this. Heat pumps may be a solution to efficiently and economically heat and cool a home or business rather than relying on conventional means to perform these tasks. Higher Education Institutions and those interested in saving energy and saving money may consider this option.

“Heat pumps are already an economical source of heating and cooling, providing equivalent space conditioning at one-quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating or cooling appliances,” says the National Air Warehouse. “Within current industry standards, their energy efficiency is excellent and they are integral to a high quality of life for people around the world. As that world addresses global climate change, however, any innovation that reduces its negative impact on the planet is welcome.”

For more information about products, like high quality heat pumps, that will make your home or business more energy efficient, Visit the National Air Warehouse at: You can also visit their blog at: Additionally, they can be reached by phone, Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5PM (EST) at: 1-888-966-9536.

Full news story:

Distributed by Press Release Jet

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Contact Person: Brody Mitchell
Phone: (888) 966-9536

Personalized Cleaning Services Throughout Massachusetts Offered By The Fabulous Maid

Boston, MA; 28, August 2015: The Fabulous Maid is pleased to announce that its cleaning services throughout Massachusetts are personalized to fit the needs of the specific client. The company offers both residential and commercial cleaning programs. In addition, special needs or services can be arranged as required by the client. Clients who need janitorial or general maintenance services will find that the house cleaning Boston professionals at The Fabulous Maid can accomplish the tasks with the highest quality results.

The Fabulous Maid is professionally certified and each maid service Boston staff member must complete comprehensive training coursework. They are fully bonded and insured and have passed background checks. The cleaning service Boston MA team brings the latest and most effective equipment and tools to the client's workplace or residents. The cleaning services are available for large or small quarters. Products are ecologically friendly which are used are of the highest quality.

Each home or business is addressed with the same level of care and attention. Clients may remain on the premises while the work is being done, or may continue their regular lives off-site. If regular cleaning is arranged, the type of deep cleaning which the maids provide will keep the premises looking great between visits.

A lengthy list of standard tasks is included for cleaning services Boston area residences Each room of the home can be included in the arrangements. If the cleaning is for commercial space, the contract will define the duties to be performed, as well as the frequency and the time frame. The cleaning schedule can be arranged to occur during times when the business is not open, to minimize disruption to customers and staff.

For Media Contact:
Company: The Fabulous Maid
Address: 925 Washington st, Suite 11,
Boston MA 02124
Contact Telephone Number: (617) 929-5000
Toll Free Telephone Number: (888) 622-7937

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Are PBNs the Future Of SEO?

28, August 2015: With the recent Google crackdown on various link platforms such as so called Web 2.0 sites, bookmarking, wiki and profiles, are we headed towards the way of PBNs?

If you are to believe the top SEO agencies, we are.

“If you ask me whether we are headed towards PBNs as the future of SEO, I would say yes, but not necessarily in the way you think of it. If you can tell my PBN as a PBN, then you are not thinking of it the right way and you are deemed for failure,” said a top buyer on BHW, a popular internet marketing forum where such discussions are common.

According to Jesse, he spends tens of thousands of dollars every month on SEO and has a bunch of affiliate and ecommerce sites which he manages all on his own with the help of individual freelance assistants spread all over the world.

“My writers are based in Phillipines, India and US. My designers are Eastern European and Vietnamese while my SEO guys are from nearly every continent,” said Jesse.

If you have dug deep into forums such as BHW, you will find out that there are a lot of buyers who use PBNs, but the biggest fear of even the largest spenders is deindexing, so are we moving on to personal PBNs now? If you were to believe Barbie.ken from Earthier Pro PBN setup, the answer is Yes.

“All the big buyers of PBN links are now busy setting up their own PBNs. This is just the big guy’s way of dominating over the small guy. This is the future of SEO. The big fish will have their own untouchable PBNs while the small time players will be prone to deindexing and other troubles normally associated with blog networks that are available for sale or renting to anyone,” said Barbie.ken

The question about personal PBNs is how long they last. According to sources, there are people using their own networks and doing well for 2 years. The key is to not have it spammed and make it look like a real blog. The real question is how much this method gets confined to the big guy and how far the small guys are able to go with this expensive method.

Airwheel X8 Single-Wheel Intelligent Unicycle Is a Stunning Breakthrough for Commute

28, August 2015: The X series single-wheel intelligent unicycle is a classic scooter product line of the famous brand of Airwheel. The intelligent electric scooter is overturning people’s daily commute. In a long time before, people have to take a bus or subway to go to work or school. Some people may afford a private car and use it every morning and evening. Whether it’s mass transportation or private trip, it’s causing people a lot of trouble.
Airwheel Scooter2

The bus or subway is always crowded during rush hours. If it’s hot summer, people also have to suffer the stuffiness in the air-conditioned compartment or high temperature and sweat in an unsealed car. If people use their own car, they have to deal with the parking problem and traffic congestion. People have to find a temporary park site if it’s an unplanned trip which is not an easy job in a crowded city. Or too many cars often make the road jammed and drivers have to waste too much time on the trip.
Airwheel Scooter1

Airwheel is committed to helping to solve this annoying problem. Its innovative intelligent unicycle is based on a simple wheel, but with modern energy technology to provide running power. It as simple as a tire of a traditional car. But the rider can stand on the pedals of each side to drive it. It uses aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to stay balanced. The rider can just slightly lean forward and backward or tile to the right and left to keep standing on it without falling over. Once get the hang of it, the electric scooter becomes people’s most powerful weapon for short and medium distance trip.

X intelligent electric unicycle is a stunning breakthrough for daily commute with its distinctive look and high-end essence. It’s both fun and useful.

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Boyan Slat, 21 Years Old, And Airwheel Intelligent Standing Electric Scooters, 3 Years Old, Have the Same Dream - Changing the World.

27, August 2015: They are different and they are not at the same ages, but they have the same dream—to change the world. Boyan Slat, 21 years old, has been working hard and achieved great progresses towards his dream for years—to save the polluted sea. Airwheel, 3 years old enterprise in the intelligent scooter industry, has successfully changed the daily city traffic for people.

Before Airwheel entered the intelligent scooter market, intelligent self-balancing scooters are labelled as the upper-class toys which are only affordable by the rich and the governments with special needs. But it’s reasonable that, as the transport vehicles invented to change the traditional traffic, intelligent scooters should be the products affordable to the public. Airwheel was the pioneer who truly brought intelligent scooters to the grand public. Airwheel X3 electric unicycles are the first model in Airwheel family. And they are also the model which made the public experience the novel ridings on intelligent self-balancing scooters.

But only making the intelligent self-balancing scooters the publicly affordable vehicles is not the end of Airwheel’s endeavours. After X series products, Airwheel has introduced Q and S series intelligent scooters which satisfy different needs of consumers. Q series twin-wheel intelligent scooters are the ones designed for young people who want thrills of riding anytime and anywhere. S series two-wheeled intelligent scooters are designed for high-end users to satisfy their needs of comfortable leisure time. Yet this is still not the end of Airwheel in designing overturning products.

In this year, Airwheel once more surprised the world with its A series sitting-posture scooters. Once more, Airwheel leads the intelligent scooter industry to the era of sitting-posture riding. A new subfield of the intelligent scooter industry has been exploited by Airwheel.

The same dream of Airwheel and Boyan results in great achievements, and both of them have amazed the world. But now it’s still not the end of their conquests. Time will tell what they will achieve in the future!

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Great Experience of Standing to Ride an Airwheel S3 two-Wheeled Powered Electric Self Balancing Scooter

27, August 2015: Airwheel is a leading manufacturer of intelligent electric scooters which are the most popular mini vehicles in the past few years. The smart vehicles are completely driven by a maglev motor powered by a large-capacity li-ion battery in a smooth and quiet manner. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor transport. For example, one can ride it into an elevator in the building, or ride it around in a big warehouse. The scooter can also be used in a big open place, including a playground, a golf course, or others. The first intelligent are almost unicycles which requires highly of people’s ability to keep balance. But it is quite a challenge for some people, especially those aged ones. Now Airwheel has come up with a perfect solution to it, the Airwheel two-wheeled electric S3 scooter.


The Airwheel S3 electric two-wheel scooter uses aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance. Thanks to the 14 inch large tires, the scooter can almost stand itself as long as the rider holds the control shaft gently. The rider doesn’t have to tile sideways slightly to stay balanced any more, he or she just needs to lay hands on the control handle and try to keep the body straight and the scooter will do the job left to keep balance.

What a great news it is to those who want to have a convenient vehicle for a short distance but can’t stand on a unicycle! The S3 can reach a max speed of about 16km/h, almost 4 to 5 times human walking. S3 can hold a max load of 120kg, most riders need not worry about that they may crush the machine. With the new intelligent two-wheeled scooter, people can enjoy a fresh new experience of riding.

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The Quiet Yet Strong Hearts in the Fickle Society: Airwheel X5 Single Wheel Electric Unicycles.

27, August 2015: In the cities, people are living a fickle life. People are suffering from the terrible traffic conditions, like traffic jam or huge crowds in the metro and buses, or the pollutions caused by vehicles like air pollution and noise pollution. Now Airwheel has introduced its X5 electric unicycles which have a quiet yet strong heart to offer people the convenient and comfortable city life.


The strong yet quiet heart of Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters are the powerful, efficient yet noise-free maglev motors which enable riders to ride the vehicle at a top speed of 18 km/h. The extremely efficient motor and the battery cores from Sony give the vehicle a long range covering 23 km when the X5 is fully charged. The noise-free and powerful motor offer riders green and convenient city life.

Airwheel X5 electric scooters are utterly powered by electricity, so there is zero emission of air pollution while riding X5. The extremely energy-saving feature of X5 indirectly cut down the air pollution because nowadays most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. And the noise-free motor gets rid of the noise pollution utterly. The more people choose Airwheel X5 electric scooters, the better the city life will be.

The great convenience comes from the great portability and adaptability of Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters. Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters have small sizes and weigh only 11 kg. So even young girls can carry them anywhere, like in the cars, in the metro and on the buses. The strong performances of Airwheel X5 result in the great adaptability. On any tough road, Airwheel X5 intelligent scooter is ready to serve the rider.

The quiet vehicles also offer riders quiet city travels. Because of the great portability of X5, riders can ride them on roads where people only can walk. But don’t worry about the possibility of running into somebody. The X5 scooters are as easy to be controlled as people’s body parts. Riders can enjoy the city beauties they missed in cars or buses.

Airwheel X5 scooters—the quiet yet strong vehicles for people!

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Shop Fancy Chic Comes Up With Its Range of Designer Shoes and Accessories

China; 27, August 2015: It is important to stay updated with the new fashion and wear dresses that are in trend. Online stores with their updated range of designer clothes help buyers to get the dresses according to their fashion needs. One of those online stores that provide unique collection of dresses and accessories are Shop Fancy Chic. They have tops, coats, jackets, trousers, tee and almost off range of dresses that one could possibly look for.

Shop Fancy Chic acts as an online mall for the buyers as they have products in almost all the designer categories. Buyers can have a look at their monthly collection to get an idea of the range of products sold in the site. They keep coming up with new collection every month and this provides the buyers with new option according to the recent trends. The ankle wrap boots have a designer point and women can select them according to their size. It is important to compare the products and select the correct size. The buyers get all the options to compare the products and select the one that goes well according to their needs. Some of the other boots that are similar to the ankle wrap boots are Nigel cut out lace pumps, Lenora open toe lace up, Retta Basic stiletto heel pump and much more.

The Multi Strap Ankle Boots are made up of synthetic material and consists of multi strap design. They have a concealed wedged heel and designed with a side zip closure. At Shop Fancy Chic the buyers get additional 10% discount on the products they select. The buyers just need to sign up and they would be provided with the discount coupon. Along with the ankle boots, women would also love the Floral Cut Out Boots. These boots have stiletto heel, leather upper and black zip closure. The online store is never short on variety and makes sure that the buyers get enough options to choose from. There are continuous discounts going on in the website and people can expect to buy the products according to their budget.

One can check out the lookbook of the website to have a look at the laces, denims, spikes and various accessories. Singing up with the newsletter of the website would help the buyers to stay updated with the latest products being added in the store. It would provide them an idea of the modern design added every month in the website.

About Shop Fancy Chic:

Shop Fancy Chic is an online store that has been selling various designer boots and dresses for a long time now. These products are available at a discounted rate on the website. One can visit the above mentioned website to know more about the online store.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Shanghai Weiye Unveils New Coating Line & Premise Production Line for Optical Fiber Cable

Shanghai, China; 27, August 2015: Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company keeps on modernizing their machines and equipments, in order to produce world class products that can meet the global standards. The company has recently introduced new cable production line, coating line and stranding line with an aim of supplying high quality optical fiber cables to the industries around the world. The new developments resulted following a dedicated R&D effort and an investment of a sizeable amount of money.

The new premise cable production line has multiple applications and can be used in producing varied products, such as Simplex, Duplex Zip-cord, Micro Distribution Cable, FTTH Drop cable etc. The products can have varied diameter range and a number of fiber counts. The products could be made of the extrusion materials of PVC and LSZH, and may feature a desired mechanical line speed and operating line speed. The spokesperson of the company reveals that the new production line will be able to produce and supply cables with desired specifications and features for industries.

The company’s new secondary coating line provides them with a capability to accomplish finishing of cables at a great speed, with a maximum working speed of 350m/min. With a Jelly degassing and filling device and an electrical control system, the coating line ensures great performance and an impeccable finishing of cables. The finished product achieves the long-term durability that an industrial client can always appreciate.

Shanghai Weiye has also now an improved SZ stranding line that can be used for fiber loose tubes. The spokesperson reveals that they have modernized more than 240 SZ stranding lines since their establishment in 1998. With a working speed between 80m/min and 100m/min, the new stranding line is remarkable for its performance and product delivery. With an electric control system and multi-wheel tension unit, this stranding line can revolutionize the fiber cable industry. To check the details, features and specifications available with them, one may visit their website

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd:

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company has been researching and manufacturing optic fiber cable equipment since 1998. The company’s products include fiber coloring machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, sheathing line, FTTH cable production line, simplex, duplex, fiber pay-off, kevlar server, extruder, Stainless steel tube production line, take-up, fiber in steel tube production line and so on. Their big market share and high quality equipment’s performance are highly acknowledged in China and worldwide.

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Ups and Downs of Unlimited Holiday Packages

Hardy, VA; 27, August 2015: In last few days Microsoft, Adobe, and Netflix have announced important changes to their maternity leave plan. Netflix, for example, offers the so called "unlimited" maternity leave until the child is one year old for both mothers and fathers. While this might sound like something unique and unusual, actually this practice is becoming a standard in Silicon Valley where companies fight for talent.

The Netflix plan covers about 2,000 full-time employees. The main goal of this decision is to promote “freedom and responsibility” among its employees. “[It] gives our employees context about our business and the freedom to make their own decisions along with the accompanying responsibility,” explains Netflix's chief talent officer, Tawni Cranz, in an official blog post. During the period of leave, employees will receive full pay, including all other benefits, which should help families substantially to focus more on their families and recovery after the pregnancy and birth.

And while this sounds like a great way to attract top, family oriented talent to the company, Netflix also offers unlimited holiday time for every full time employee, which caused a lot of negative comments on the web, even from Netflix employees. But why would something rather unique and positive be a source of negative outbursts, even from company employees? The answer - uncertainty. Multiple questions are being shared every day on social media.

"It’s normal that people are confused by this. Obviously, no one will walk up to their manager and say that they will be taking the summer off," says one Netflix employee asked for comment. "One thing that strikes me is that if someone takes long holidays, the company will not hire anyone in his place. So such a strategy puts a huge stress on the whole team, and makes the employee look like a bad guy."

Is this the way for large corporations to not only lower the amount of holidays people take, but also weed out people who will take too many of them? Should employees feel uncertainty when taking time off? Even more uncertainty was provided by Microsoft, with their explanation that should clear things up: "As we ask our employees to bring their A-game to work every day to achieve our mission, we believe it's our responsibility to create an environment where people can do their best work". So what’s the A-game? Is this working constant overtime, being top employee on the floor, or just meeting targets? Those are the questions that unfortunately were left without answers.

Tech Companies are slowly pushing the agenda that "time off is for lazy people" while advertising it the other way around. And while large companies can count on initial losses on this strategy, the startups trying to attract talents are backed into a corner. "We did it a year ago. Since our team was hovering around 10 at the time, every day taken off by an employee was a huge loss for us", says Jacek Kowalski from SkyFinance, a failed startup. "Our most important employee went on a holiday that lasted much longer than expected. We lost key talent, but we couldn't employ anyone else, as we had to pay him" he says, explaining how losing a key developer was bad for his startup. With a lack of talent and limited resources, the company failed to raise enough funding and failed to meet its own goals.

While this is disastrous for some startups, there is a handful of medium sized companies that are comfortable with this vacation model. "It is all about tracking and communication", says Cricket Maiden , from - "we have multiple customers, even small ones that offer these kind of vacation packages. The key is in communication and transparency." For an unlimited holiday model to work, it is important to have a very clear communication line between management and employees. Tracking of holidays is one of those important pieces in this model. By smart data analysis, management can track which employees take more holidays, despite projects and goals not being met, and then communicate with them before this becomes an issue.

But then there is still an issue with employees that are stressed about taking too many holiday days per year. There is a light in all of this confusion. As Mathias Meyer, CEO of, explained in his blog post: "Starting in 2015, we’ve implemented a minimum vacation policy. Rather than giving no guidelines on what’s a good number of days to take off, everyone now has a required minimum of 25 (paid) vacation days per year, no matter what country they live in. When people want to take time off beyond that, that’s good, and the minimum policy still allows for that. But it sets a standard amount of days that we expect our employees to take off in order to focus on their own well-being rather than work."

Despite a lot of confusion, the unlimited vacation idea is slowly gaining acceptance, and some companies are going the extra mile to improve communication and clarity to reduce misunderstandings regarding their offerings. While still in its infancy, the system will surely offer an interesting trump card for employers looking for the best talent, and not only in Silicon Valley.