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GPS Sport Watch provides review articles on variety of GPS sport watches

USA; 01, June 2015: There are various gadgets available to help people track their workouts and sporting activities. One of those gadgets are the GPS sport watches and activity trackers sold by various branded companies. It is important to make a proper research and stay updated when it comes to sport watches and activity trackers before purchasing the appropriate product. In this regard consumers have the option of visiting GPS Sport Watch review website to have updated information on the GPS watches and activity trackers that are out in the market. Here they will get expert reviews on GPS sport watches of various brands and companies. Hence this online platform provides sufficient scope of product selection for the customers.

This is online portal provides detail technical specifications of every GPS sport watches and activity trackers. Reading these blog articles users have the scope to know the functioning processes of these watches and activity trackers. The site never discloses the personal information of the users as well as their queries in respect of any product to the third party source. Viewers have the option of posting their comments after reading all GPS sport watch reviews quite conveniently. Polar M 400 currently is right on top of the preferred list of GPS sport watches and activity trackers in the site. The review site mentions in detail that this product contains GPS that can allow the users to find new routes for running without getting lost. Readers also get to know that this watch helps to track the running pace, distance covered as well as the altitudinal level of running. Besides, users have the option of sharing their intense workout videos to other users with the help of Polar Flow app.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT is currently placed in the second position as per the product ranking of the site. The site mentions in detail that this sport watch is water resistant and is quite ideal for swimmers. Technical details of the product also include wireless heart rate monitor and easy transmission of workout data in the computer. Supportive accessories of this product are also mentioned in this site quite prominently. Viewers have the option of reading review articles on the basis of brand category. The site allows the users to visit the portal of for further information.

The review articles in this online platform are written in simple manner for easy understanding of the readers. The site works as a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programmes for earning advertising fees under All these review articles are posted by Cherry Jones on the basis of her personal experience.


GPS Sport Watch provides review articles on every GPS sport watches of various brands in a simple language. Articles are posted by Cherry Jones. For more information viewers can visit the site.

New Toys Announced That Will Definitely Get Kids Excited This Year

1, June 2015: Toys set this year for release include Hot Toy's Avengers "Age of Ultron Movie Masterpiece Hulkbuster Iron Guy toy", which is a scale Hulkbuster Collectible Figure, around 21" tall, and looks very much like the Hulkbuster in the motion picture. Loaded with special functions on his armor, it is expected to come out in the first half of 2016. On the other hand, toy giant LEGO also revealed the release of their latest building block set, the Creator Ferris Wheel, composed of 2,464 pieces, and featuring suspended gondolas on a Ferris Wheel that actually turn. It additionally includes stalls, kiosks and over 10 mini figures and will be on the market from the start of June 2015.

Toy Hammock Net

Adding to the enjoyment is the recent release of the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter this month, which features a display screen stand and fact plaque for collectors plus a TIE Fighter mini figure with blaster. Other toys that are anticipated to make it big this year are the Minions, the adorable and funny yellow creatures from the movie franchise Despicable Me, who are set to have their own film out this summer, and Hasbro's Jurassic World Growlers collection targeting audience ages 4 to 11.

On the other hand, as toys generally remain to make waves and make both kids and the children at heart delighted, the Nevada-based company, Freddie and Sebbie, created the perfect option to eliminate clutter in the home and organize toy rooms without much hassle with its jumbo Toy Hammock. It is heavy duty, perfectly developed to blend into any interior design, and simple to set up. One of the ratings for this product on the Amazon Marketplace states: "This is a cool idea of making storage space out of thin air - literally! The hammock is a cool concept and it looks perfectly fine in any room. We have actually been using it to keep toys for our youngsters, but I am now believing I might use it for other things too. Naturally, the things you keep on it need to be light, since the hammock can only bear so much load. However light items will certainly go on it excellently. In the meantime, we are keeping toys that the kids want ready access to and have fun with the most, so they don't need to open up cabinets trying to find their favourite toys - they are right in front of them. The hammock, connected in one corner of the space, at say slightly above waist height, looks fantastic. Does not resemble a storage option at all. A+."

When it comes to the warranty for this toy hammock, Freddie and Sebbie representative, Neil Speight, said in a statement: "Due to the nature of this product, it might be put under heavy strain, should too much weight ever be put in the toy hammock. We would for that reason ask clients to be aware of this fact, however should there ever be an issue of damage of any type, then the lifetime replacement guarantee offered on the Amazon Marketplace would always be acknowledged by Freddie and Sebbie." More details about the Freddie and Sebbie toy hammock storage organizer can be found on the Nevada based business' main Amazon Marketplace store.

For further information about the new deluxe jumbo toy hammock storage organizer, available exclusively via

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Miami Air Conditioning Company Expands Service Area to Pinecrest and Coral Gables

Miami, Florida, 30, May 2015: Premier Miami air conditioning services company Laco Air Conditioning Inc. has announced the expansion of their services. Now, residents and businesses in Pinecrest and Coral Gables can enjoy the reliable services from Laco Air Conditioning Inc.

Family owned and operated, the company has proudly served the Miami area since 1985. The Laco Air Conditioning Inc. staff offers friendly, expert A/C repairs, maintenance, and retrofits that are backed by expert, licensed, and insured technicians. Instead of working by hourly rates, which can quickly exhaust budgets, Laco Air Conditioning Inc. utilizes flat rate quotes from a fixed-price list to ensure transparent, affordable pricing.

“Our staff is proud to announce that individuals and businesses in Coral Gables and Pinecrest can now utilize our services,” said the company’s staff. More information is available at

About Laco Air Conditioning Inc.:

Laco Air Conditioning Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been proudly serving the Miami area since 1985 with affordable, professional A/C repairs, maintenance, and retrofits.

For Media Contact:
William Lledo, Owner/Operator
Laco Air Conditioning Inc.
10720 SW 83rd Ct.
Miami, FL 33156
Phone: 305-595-7818

What Artists Need to Know About Richard Prince Selling Instagram Photos for $90k

30, May 2015: Richard Prince is an artist who makes a lot of money from art. His current instagram prints are going for a reported $90,000 a pop and are causing waves all over the internet. Prince is blurring the lines of "original" art as some would say that his newest exhibit goes beyond the lines of what's legal.

The $90k print of Doe Deere

Prince is selling $90,000 prints of famous instagram models including Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime. Underneath each print he changes the text of the original instagram post which legally constitues it as an original piece of art.

There are thousands if not millions of artists online, and they couldn't give away their work nonetheless sell someone else's photos for $90,000. So why is Richard Prince able to do this and those artists can't? The answer is simple: they don't know how.

Want to experience the thrill of selling art online you're seeing other artists have?

Watch the free video at Artist Profits. If you'd like to be in the know of the full gambit of tricks and tips, be sure to watch the entire video.

"Get ready to say goodbye to being a struggling artist forever!"

Watch the free video now-

5 Helpful Benefits Of Equinox Revealed

30, May 2015: The company spokesperson, Sheena Astor, revealed yesterday, during the press conference of Equinox held at the United Kingdom, that their skincare formula is able to provide 5 helpful benefits to the potential users. “This revelation is akin to what the users have been claiming in their individual Equinox Review posted in the Internet,” she initially stated.

First, this skincare formula is designed and formulated to help women address deep wrinkles. Wrinkles are usually caused by aging, stress and UV rays. “With our product’s ingredients, this problem is no longer an issue and this can naturally be remedied,” she further stated.

Second, this formula is able to resolve the appearance of fine lines. According to the users of this solution, Equinox has performed well in smoothing out those fine lines.

Third, it provides the skin with proper radiation, smoothness and brightness. These three aspects are important, so that women can uplift the level of their self-confidence. “Our formula is really able to help them have smooth, bright and radiant skin,” added Astor.

Fourth, it successfully combats against sagging and dryness, by restoring firmness and elasticity. A firm and elastic skin, according to scientific studies, can only be achieved when a skincare formula has effective vitamins and nutrients to repair cellular oxidative damage.

Fifth, this skincare brand removes puffiness and dark circles. Usually, women would suffer these problems due to stress and sleeplessness. However, the potency of Equinox can target the areas, particularly the under-eye area, where dark circles and puffiness are visible.

Sheena Astor concluded that, “Like what the Equinox Review authors are saying, our formula is better than those surgical treatments around, like Botox. It is painless and affordable. Further, it deals with skin problems the natural way.”

This skincare formula is priced affordably at its official website, where the legit Equinox can be purchased.

For Media Contact:
Address: 23051 Arbor Court
Baggs, WY 82321

XWPAK offers a range of innovative and strong packing solutions

China; 30, May 2015: Packing is defined to be both an essential as well as the identity of any product in the market today. Companies across the world have been using advanced and innovative packing methods to attract its customers and offer their products. Over the years materials used or the technology used has advanced drastically and the innovative packing solutions have made preservation as well as appearance of any product much better. To help companies get advanced and innovative packing solutions, XWPAK presents its range of packing solutions. The company is based in Shanghai, China and has been in the industry for several years now. The company is promoted by Shanghai Xiangwei Packaging Limited which is a known name in the list of manufacturers in the country.

They manufacture a range of products which includes the Zipper pouches, food packaging bags, non-food packaging bags, health food packaging bags, liquid & Spouted pouches, pet food packaging bags, etc. Rice paper packaging bag or the dry fruit packaging bags are some of the popular packages manufactured by the company. Other popular packets include the sugar free packaging bags in the food category. Similarly, the company caters to various kinds of other needs for packaging systems and makes its products available to customers across the world. Presently, their product categories are spread across 18 different categories and each of them have hosts of options to choose from. Besides storing dry food products, the company presents advanced packing systems for Meat and Cheese Product Packaging to store them for use for a longer period.

To know more about their products customers can check their website which features all kinds of the packaging systems they manufacture. The company specializes in making flexible packaging systems to suit virtually every need and budget. They have their own team of professionals who take care of the designing as well as production of these packages. In order to get a quotation of the preferred products on the website, customers can use any of the options mentioned on the contact us page. They would need to mention their specific requirements i.e. size, design, thickness, color, and other specifications which they may have. Once the details are received, the company offers a detailed quotation to the customer and offers their assistance to explain the entire process. They cater to customers from across the world and have flexible payment options.

About XWPAK:

XWPAK is a manufacturing company which produces a range of packing solutions for customers across the world. They cater to over 18 different product categories and have loads of options to choose under each. The products range from food and non-food items. For more information customers can visit their website.

For Media Contact:
XW Packaing Ltd
Address: 600# Lianying Road,
Songjiang Dist, Shanghai, China

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DDTank Mobile Brings the Classic Game to Your Mobile Device

29, May 2015: DDTank Mobile is the newest rendition of DDTank. The mobile version contains many exclusive features, but still manages to maintain all of the action and cuteness that made the original DDTank so popular. Unfortunately some of the systems, such as Totem and Pearl, have been redesigned so player’s data from the web version cannot be transferred across platforms. Adapted From the Smash Hit Browser Game. the Classic DDTank Legend Continues! DDTank Mobile is the first real-time, competitive shooter mobile game of its kind. It offers both offline and online modes, Bluetooth connectivity, and instant real-time multiplayer action with players from across the globe. 
DDTank 4

1. DDTank maintains the best features of the browser version and improves the gameplay with new ones. 
DDTank 5

DDTank Mobile maintains the same challenge system, checkpoints and features that were found in the web version of DDTank. Players will encounter familiar enemies, participate in many of the same activities, and find all of their favorite items, but will also be able to access all new content. 

2. DDTank has several new exclusive features. 
DDTank 6

The DDT Academy and the Labyrinth are two of the new features available in DDTank. In the DDT Academy players can participate in Classic Battle Rivals, Challenge Training and Survival Mode. These modes give players a taste of the traditional DDTank, but with the updated feel. In the Labyrinth players will find all new dungeons to conquer, with new enemies and bosses to defeat. Both can be played offline and both reward points to the player which can be exchanged for items and chests whenever the player is online! 

3. DDTank is specially designed for mobile users. 
DDTank 3

The mobile version maintains the original interfaces, but optimizes them for mobile devices, thus increasing accessibility and offering faster loading times. This offers a smoother, more satifisfying play style that is hard to accomplish with a mouse. In DDTank Mobile players have more control to assure their victory. Offline mode is also especially useful for users with network connectivity issues. 

For more information, please check out and Like the DDTank Mobile Facebook Fan page:

Zeus Age’s League Battle Ultimate Challenge

29, May 2015: Zeus Age is excited to announce the League Battle Ultimate Challenge! World Bosses can be a lot of fun, there’s a certain joy in teaming up with players throughout your server, but nothing can match the excitement of crushing another player into the dirt.

World Bosses lack variety. Once you’ve discovered the pattern, the correct assembly of units, skills, and items to be victorious, then fighting loses its savor and becomes a chore. Attack, defeat, collect reward, repeat. Killing zombies is a lot more fun than being one.

Zeus Age 1

Zeus Age’s League Battles add the glory of randomness into the fight. Even if you were to challenge the same player day after day, you would never know how they’ve assembled their team. Yesterday they used nothing but heavy-hitters, so today you decide to stock up on the defense, but oh no! Now their team is more balanced, and it’s a whole new challenge.

Being on the defense leaves you with the same mind-games. Will you choose Leviathan for his stun skill, on do you want a front-liner that does a bit more damage. Have they recently nerfed Fenrir, or does he still have his brutal swipe attack?
Zeus Age 2

League Battles do away with the need for World Bosses. One League stands supreme, and they reap the benefits of their superiority. They have to stay in one their toes, though. One slip and a new League might take the title, and rob them of their dominance (and bonus rewards).

Cross-server Battles add to the excitement. You and your friend accidentally joined different servers? You never know if you might one day meet them in battle!
Zeus Age 3

Zeus Age’s League Battles are the most exciting way to join the fight! Pick your favorite gods, heroes, and monsters, choose a strategy, and lead your League to victory!

Check out our Facebook page:

Twitter account: @PCL_ZeusAge
If you haven’t played yet you can download Zeus Age from the App Store or Google Play!

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DIY Tips to Help You Boosts the Sell ability of Your House!

29, May 2015: “Taking the time to make a few updates to the interior and exterior of your home is an easy and affordable way to boost the ‘sell ability’ of your home. From updated fixtures and paint, to an exterior revamp, the idea is helping potential buyers be able to picture themselves in the home,” said Kevin Bonnema. 

Here are a few of Kevin Bonnema favorite DIY projects that can boost the “sell ability” of one’s home, and he believes anyone can do it for his or herself. 


• A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. We don’t recommend a bright color or a chevron accent wall because those can be a bit too trendy. However, a neutral, clean slate can brighten a room and make the walls look fresh and clean. A colorful front door can make your home’s exterior pop. Red is always popular, but why not tries eggplant or sage? 

• Update lighting fixtures. Outdated fixtures can date your home, so consider investing in new lamp shades, drop lights and sconces to update the interior look of your home. It’s a quick fix and you can keep costs relatively low by comparison shopping. Installation is fairly simple and a little goes a long way. Don’t forget to change the light bulbs, a warmer light is more inviting than a harsh white. 

• Minimize personal decor. Of course, if you’re still living in your home when it’s on the market, it’s impossible to put every personal effect away. However, in the real estate industry, we know that buyers have a difficult time picturing themselves in a home that is full of photos and personal items belonging to the current owners. Putting away these pictures and replacing them with more generic decor can help the sales process move along more quickly. 

• Bonus tip: If you’re not living in the home, consider hiring a professional Stager to bring in rental furniture that will fill the home and make it feel less empty during showings. 


• Enhance the look of your gardens with well-maintained beds. Remove weeds, grass and leaves that clutter the view. Plant fresh flowers and shrubs that grow quickly and look full. Mulch can also be laid down between new plants to protect the roots and enhance the look of the garden beds. 

• Trim trees and shrubs. Not only will this encourage new growth, but trimming long branches can protect your home’s exterior as well. Hedge trimmers are inexpensive and easy to use, just be sure you don’t over prune! 

• Wash your siding and windows with a pressure washer or hose to remove yard debris, dirt and grime. This is an easy but time consuming task that can make your home look clean and well maintained. 

• Consider installing a new mailbox. This is another easy upgrade that can boost the ‘sell ability’ of one’s home and curb appeal without much effort. 

Nothing that every home has posed new challenges, Kevin Bonnema has assured if followed, the above DIY techniques will be proven helpful along the way. Now, we’re sharing them with you in an effort to boost your homes ‘sell ability’. 

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DressFirm Announces Signup Discount Coupons for their Latest Wedding Dresses & Special Occasion Dresses

Hong Kong; 29, May 2015: With an adorable collection of the best selling wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, etc. at a significant discount of up to 80%, DressFirm aims at bringing the latest fashion within the affordable limits of the worldwide women. At the same time, they are eyeing at new customers and are offering them a discount coupon code of 5% for signing up on the website. Besides, one can get free shipping as well for each order over $229.

“So, it’s raining discounts and customers can purchase trendy dresses to flaunt their personal style at a wedding reception or on any special occasion,” the spokesperson of the company reveals. According to her, their beach wedding dresses are the special attraction and are gaining a huge attention from the worldwide fashionable women. These dresses have been tastefully designed for a marrying woman to don a unique look. One can choose from a variety of styles, such as Cap Sleeves, Mermaid Deep V-neck, One-strap Appliqué Beach Bridal Gown, A-line Sweep Brush, One-shoulder Satin Beach Gown and several other exotic styles.

The online store specializes in designing and creating a great Wedding Dress range that can simply appeal to women of all ages, shapes and sizes, style choices as well as from different cultural backgrounds. They have different collections of Summer Wedding Dresses, Maternity Wedding Dresses, Plus Size Wedding Dresses, Designer Wedding Dresses, Vintage Wedding Dresses and others. According to the spokesperson, the collections of wedding dresses have been created, keeping the fashion choices of all women in mind. Besides, all dresses are made of high quality materials and feature delicate designing and workmanship.

The Hong Kong based online dress store keeps designing promotional offers and deals for customers to enjoy shopping and grab exceptional dresses at cost-saving prices. The spokesperson reveals that a large number of customers are coming forward to take advantage of their discount deals. At the same time, the online store is witnessing a significant surge in the new customers who are using the discount coupon codes for the additional price saving benefits. However, the dresses are selling fast and one should not delay to choose a dress of their choice from the website

About DressFirm LTD:

DressFirm is one of the world's leading online retailers, operating throughout the United States and Europe. The company has the largest apparel and sports equipment sites on the Internet. Dress Firm offers a wide array of national, private and exclusive brands which reflect the Company's commitment to providing customers with style and quality at smart prices.

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Exportimes Creates a Professional B2B Platform to Connect Manufacturers, Importers & Suppliers for Mutual Business Benefits

Dalian, China; May 29, 2015: The international trade is on the rise, and China has emerged as an important player in the global trade scenario. With a huge manufacturing base, the country is leading the way to supply to both end-customers as well as business clients. Companies from around the world that want to import machines, equipments and products to grow their business can now rely on The website is a reliable B2B platform to procure machineries, equipments and products to set up a business or grow an existing business.

Exportimes has a list of verified suppliers for an international company to build a business relationship with them. Exportimes conducts a quality audit of the Suppliers and manufacturing companies and prepares a report for an international company interested in importing from them. With a factory evolution, product inspection and credit check, the objective of Exportimes is to maintain a business integrity that can serve as the pillar of a long-term business relationship between the exporters and the Importers .

Exportimes offers customized services to international buyers where a company can choose specific services based on their requirements. The idea is to offer customers a complete satisfaction with the consultancy and the quality audit report to make sure that it is getting the best value for money. According to the different requirements, Exportimes defines the components of the professional analysis that can provide the complete details about a factory or a manufacturer for a sensible business decision making.

In China, one can find a number of manufacturers of the same products. However, an importer often puts an emphasis to do business with a reliable company that supplies quality products at reasonable prices and also maintains a due diligence. This is where Exportimes plays a crucial role of a trusted friend for an international company to find a reliable product supplier from China. The online platform has already an extensive list of product supplying companies, and one can also request for quality audit of a manufacturer before entering into a business contract. To check the list of the verified and credit check supplying companies, one can visit the website .

About Exportimes

Exportimes is a professional B2B website which can provide the best trade service to the customers. According to different requirements to different factories, they provide personalized solutions. Exportimes will make a quality audit report based on the actual data. The report, including multi-angle photos and video images of factory, electronic version of the documentation and professional analysis report, helps recommend suitable suppliers with accuracy and efficiency for buyers.

For Media Contact:
Address: 28F, World Trade Center, No.25
Tongxing Street, Dalian, China
Phone: 86-411-39803771, 86-411-39803852
Fax: 86-411-39803301

Lumera Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum - Multi-Benefit Natural Skin Care Miracle!

Longstock, UK; 28, May 2015: Most of the skin care products, whether it's creams, serums or anti-aging agents, all of them make promising roles when it comes to treating every woman’s skin issues and problems. These are standard formula or skin solutions but it is undeniably true that there are some which outstand among many others and become incomparable skin care products. One of these remarkable skin care items is this skin renewal and rejuvenating miracle without having to encounter any spend drastic measures such as cosmetic surgery, Lumera Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum is the proven amazing scientific results to battle troubling aging signs and defy age in the most incredibly way.

Lumera Eye Serum is an exceptional skin care line that offers excellent-for-skin elements that are truly beneficial and nourishing for all skin types. Based on studies, 90% of the skin care experts or dermatologists highly recommended the application of Lumare anti-aging skin care. It’s extensive ingredients includes “Polymoist-PS Complex” peptides which is actually responsible to help in reducing and eliminating fine lines and wrinkle depth, promote the production of collagen in the skin and absolutely provides plumping and firming effects.

According to an amazing feedback, “I’m a doctor currently advising patients on facial treatments. I have tried your product and it is turning out to be quite effective! Could you please send me some samples of your products so that I can share your solutions with my patients.” -- Dr. Lucia - Bergen, Norway

Features and Benefits:

* Injection-free skin solution
* Act like a mini face-lift
* Eliminates wrinkles within 2 days by 83%
* Reduces fine lines & under-eye imperfections by 79%
* Moisturizes skin by 74%

Availability -- Lumare Skin Eye Cream is an “internet-exclusive” skin care product which is exclusively distributed in its official website or to any of its authorized websites that promotes or endorses the product. Thus Lumera Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum is not available at any leading beauty shops or local stores.

For further facts, more information are found in its official website including its risk-free trial offer of the product.

Should be seeking another source of details of product review, click on this other reliable source of information:

About Skincare MD:

Skincare MD is a legit and trusted site that provides information about skin care products all over the globe for women and men who suffers skin problems and premature signs of aging like wrinkles, dark circles, acne and other skin problems. Skincare MD is a US based site particularly in Brooklyn, New York. This site only promote effective and clinically proven anti-aging skin care products for readers to gain trust to this site. For more information, visit

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Company: Skincare MD
Address: 463 e 9th st
Brooklyn, NY, 11218 USA

Houston Solar Company Partners with Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC)

Houston, TX; 28, May 2015: Houston-based residential solar energy company Simplify Solar has gone one step further in acquiring federal funding through partnering with locally-based Houston environmental research institution Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC). HARC, a 501(c) (3) organization incorporated as Houston Advanced Research Center, is a research hub providing independent analysis on environmental and energy issues to people seeking scientific answers. Founded in 1982, HARC today engages in projects focused on the science and engineering needed to address issues related to air quality, clean energy, and water quality and supply.

HARC works with the City of Houston on several renewable energy projects involving solar. For instance, HARC managed the Solar Houston Initiative after successfully seeking funds for the city in 2012. It developed the Solar Houston Plan that identified barriers and opportunities for solar power. To promote solar power’s viability, HARC is currently managing the solar panel system on top of the George R. Brown Convention Center. HARC has offered its grant writing services to Simplify Solar since Simplify Solar offers the unique opportunity to enable mass adoption of solar, which directly ties in with HARC’s goal of promoting solar power’s viability.

Simplify Solar achieves this objective through reducing soft costs via its turnkey online platform and hardware supply for the residential solar market. A primary aim of this program is to reduce solar installation soft costs – all non-hardware costs. Currently, these soft costs that include customer acquisition, financing, contracting, permitting, inspection, installation, and operations take up 64% of the total system cost. Simplify Solar has slashed soft costs by 30% through a combination of hardware packages with a web-based platform allowing the customer to choose a local installer.

Currently, HARC and Simplify Solar are working on a Department of Energy $500,000 grant as part of its Sunshot Incubator Program. The application has been submitted and the first review with comments from the Department of Energy will be given on May 22, 2015. The selection phase is in August 2015 with the awards disbursed in September 2015 to the winner.

Previously, Simplify Solar on its own has won a separate grant from the Department of Energy worth $25,000 in software services and is preparing for the next round of pitches to be given on May 14, 2015. Now working with HARC, Simplify Solar is in an even stronger position to acquire federal funding and to continue the mutual aim of pushing solar power’s viability and enable mass adoption of solar.

About Simplify Solar:

Simplify Solar is an end-to-end residential solar energy service provider which gives customers a comprehensive, transparent, and streamlined process to install solar panels for their homes as well as to track their energy production post-installation. By combining an automated software portal, a network of qualified solar installers, and an affordable hardware package, Simplify Solar is able to reduce the cost of solar installation by an average of 30%. Find out how at

For more information, please contact Shen Ge at +1(832)808-2371 or by email at

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Expat Staff Urged to Check Levels of Health Cover

28, May 2015: With new research revealing that many British expat workers believe that completing an EHIC form is as much as they need to do in order to secure free health care in other European countries, health officials are urging expats to find out how and what their employee health insurance covers them for.

Always Know the Fine Print

Insurance experts have expressed concerns that small companies are slacking when it comes to providing extensive health insurance for their staff working in the EU. They advise that employees should be asking about their medical insurance and ensuring it is comprehensive enough to keep them safely protected whilst outside of the UK.

It is not uncommon for insurance policies to cover accompanying families and more expensive health needs such as cancer care and childbirth. Company health insurance policies that do not include such eventualities should be treated with caution and checked thoroughly, industry experts stress.


Another example of questionable health coverage offered by companies is the provision of just an EHIC card, with no other insurance policies at all. Officials have urged that completing an EHIC form is the minimum that expat staff should be doing, as it will allow them to access state facilities within another European country, but these are always in danger of being oversubscribed or lacking in English-speaking staff. Private health insurance would ensure much faster health care access with a higher number of doctors fluent in English, in many cases.

A representative from insurance information company, All About EHIC, added, "If an expat worker is looking at serving a long-term contract, they should definitely be provided with more than just an EHIC card. While filling in an EHIC form is a good first step towards health coverage, we urge all expat workers to take personal responsibility for their health. They need to find out what exactly their employee health insurance covers them for before it’s too late and they end up with a huge fee to pay."

About All About EHIC:

P.K. Chong is the Managing Director of All About EHIC. As a major insurance authority, All About EHIC provides information and top up insurance for those travellers who already have the EHIC. This top up insurance will cover issues not covered by the EHIC card. Contact them at

For Media Contact:
All About EHIC
InsureMore Travel Insurance
Axiom House, The Centre
TW13 4AU
0844 567 8238

Travel Insurance Demand Soars for Mexican

28, May 2015: New statistics have revealed that Mexico is the number one holiday destination that U.S. tourists are buying comprehensive travel insurance for. A warning posted by the U.S. Department of State about current safety issues for travellers within Mexico has increased travel insurance but not affected tourism numbers, according to renowned travel insurer Insuremore who is following the trend with interest.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has released statistics that show a 22% increase in visitors to Mexico compared to 2013. In 2014 Mexico saw more US visitors travelling over its borders, with an impressive 11% increase compared to the previous year. The new warnings regarding the safety of tourists to Mexico appear to have done nothing to dampen the popularity of the holiday destination with US citizens.

The warning, which was posted in early May of this year, cautioned tourists about visiting certain areas of Mexico due to reports of organised crime. A detailed state-by-state assessment is available on the U.S. Department of State website, along with the advice that tourists should avoid displaying indicators of wealth and maintain awareness at all times. Reassurance has also been posted that increased security from the Mexican government has been put in place and that there is no evidence to suggest that tourists are being specifically targeted for any reason.

The travel insurance statistics also revealed other top destinations that tourists are purchasing comprehensive travel insurance for, which successful travel insurance company Insuremore has experienced first-hand. These include Italy, United Kingdom, France, Israel and Spain.

A spokesperson from Insuremore commented, “Our first priority is for our customers' safety so we are happy with the news that US travellers are investing in more comprehensive coverage following the warnings about tourist safety in Mexico, and imagine the UK figures would be the same. It’s fantastic to see more people taking out comprehensive travel policies in general, as it shows they are taking their health and safety as seriously as we do.”

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Portable Generator Review offers unbiased reviews of user friendly portable generators

United States of America; 27, May 2015: Generators are found in many homes and other establishments as per needs. These machines are installed to relieve the users during odd power cut hours. Generators have become increasingly valuable in this era when power cuts are frequent. Many people go through confusion before purchasing a generator for their use. Portable Generator Review is a website offering useful and thorough researched reviews on portable generators. There is a detailed analysis on parameters like wheels, engine, fuel tanks, mufflers, manufacturer warranty support, EPA approval etc.

There are many companies offering portable generator in different sizes and strength. In order to purchase the best portable generator available, it is better to research. It is wise decision to select a generator based on power requirements and performance. Portable Generator Review provides insightful reviews after hands on experience with these products. Thus, it helps the readers in making an informed decision as per the ratings given at the end of review. After measuring both the pros and cons of the product, customers can decide if it is a value for money product or not.

With portable generator reviews, customers are also enlightened on the functionality of the product. They are able to make the most of their invested sum of money and save effort. A generator is a must have for many households and offices to run a range of appliances. It includes air conditioner, refrigerator, lights, fans, coolers, heaters, electric iron, and other essential appliances. The reviews offered on site weigh varied aspects of the product such as fuel economy, noise level, light-weight, reliability, eco-friendliness, fuel tank capacity, etc,

There are times when power needs must be addressed without failure. Generator reviews provided by the site gives confidence to the readers whether to place their trust on a specific product or not. Many people are also concerned about the damage which may occur if the generator isn’t used for a long time. Going through the unbiased reviews can also answer the questions which may arise in the mind of purchasers. Thus, the readers will be able to extend the benefits to others after investing in a high quality portable generator.

With the advancement in technology, generators have also become more and more user friendly. Their successful installation and long life is desirable among the users. There is no need to ask anyone or make random phone calls for seeking advice. Portable Generator Review publishes reviews which are written by experts after a first-hand experience.

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27, May 2015: Final Fantasy XIV is the most renowned MMORPG game that has superb design and inviting game system as well as stories. In this remarkable virtual world, not just one can know the knowledge to level up, but also know how to build own house with friends. For the meantime, one could buy the horse and other transportation. Sounds great, right? To experience this very special tour, IGXE strongly suggest to buy cheap FFXIV gil online. With so many years of experience in providing professional internet service, IGXE client’s positive feedback is the main reason why gamers must choose IGXE.

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R4-3DS offers a variety of Nintendo game currencies

27, May 2015: Gamers are always hungry to explore different worlds. Their choice of games allows them to live in a fantasy world as imagined by them. Nintendo consoles are extremely popular in the gaming industry. R4-3DS is a one stop online shopping destination for a wide range of game currencies. In the Acheter Linker Pour 3Ds category, there is Cobra Ode, K3Ds, R-SIM mini-2, R-SIM9 Pro, R5sdhc, and Sky3D. The gamers can also shop for Carte r4i gold 3ds rts which is the only r4i that supports the Nintendo 3Ds. It is quite compatible with DSL, DS, DSi XL, DSi, 3 DS XL and 3DS. This is also compatible with Nintendo 2Ds to provide a complete gaming experience.

The R4i is basically a linker that succeeds the very popular R4 linker. It is entirely in form of plug and play, to support the data in a microSD card up to 32 GB. This R4i Gold 3Ds come with a wide range of specifications for the user. Being flexible with DC games, it also supports the real time save, soft reset function and integrated super cheat function. There is a multimedia support in form of MP3 files, wav, ogg via moonshell. Firmware update is available and the presence of blue light engine also allows for super speed transfer.

With r4i gold, the map’s size is quite identical to that of a usual DS game. GUI customization and supporter homebrew are also integrated. The availability of Wi-Fi board makes it all easy for multiplayer and web browser. DLDI auto-patching and supporter Homebrew are components that are well integrated within the system. The Linker 3Ds can support the microSDFC memory card up to 32 GB. These r43Ds make sure that the game won’t run well provided the files and software aren’t copied in a proper way in the microSD card. It is a 100% authentic product perfectly intended for a hassle free gaming experience.

The acheter Gateway 3ds is the only linker 3Ds to release the copies of the 3DS games on 3DS XL and 3DS. It is solely flexible with firmware V4.1 to V4.5 in the recent times Firmware spoofing and multi-region are also available. Multiple gaming supports is also available in a single microSD card. However, it should be formatted in exFAT and FAT32 and after a successful launch, the player should press select button in the main menu to proceed ahead. Software of the card (kernel) is installed freely in the available linker packs.

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