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Bellesse Anti-Aging Eye Serum Review - Youthful Looking Skin? Makes It Happen!

28, February 2015: Bellesse Review - Majority of women have that very common goal in their well-being, to have and always have that clear, nourished and skin always at its youthful best, regardless of movement of age, which everyone knows is truly uncontrollable. But even if that’s the case, all women have the power to control lifestyle in terms of taking care of oneself. And that involves how to keep or maintain a healthy and vibrant younger looking skin. 

Just recent, an organization of women in Brooklyn, New York gathered around and conducted a press meeting about “women and skin issues” topic. They had invited along Linda Harris of New York, NY who is the spokesperson of Bellesse anti-aging eye serum skin care product. Aside from answering the questions regarding the topic, Miss Harris also took the chance of introducing this revolutionary skin care that will bring breakthrough to women of all ages who suffered premature signs of aging. 

During her discussions, she directly said to the audience that Bellesse has the ability to make it all happen! Which she explained that, Bellesse is a vitamin c age defying eye serum that is also known as an injection-free skin solution since according to clinical tests and scientific observations, Bellesse is even far better than the painful injection procedure called the botox. With the use of Bellesse advanced anti-aging formula, the user will notice a very big difference in the skin. 

These dramatic clinically proven results are the following; 

* Reduction of fine lines & wrinkles by 84%
* Boost up collagen production in the skin by 95%
* Decrease in appearance of under-eye imperfections by 79%

Moreover, the spokesperson pointed out that Bellesse eye serum is a 100% naturally produced skin care, with no additives, chemicals or synthetically made materials involved. In this case, Bellesse organic agents are nourishing and helpful in terms of skin health. Bellesse is a safe and hypoallergenic skin care product, which means that the user should not be scared of any side effects or allergic reactions after being regularly used. Besides that, the use of Bellesse is highly recommended for daily routine and it actually works on all skin types. And that is truly superb! 

Audiences are actually have been asking if Bellesse product is offering risk-free trials, and Miss Harris never failed to advertised that Bellesse has its official webpage. She stressed out that there, women will be able to get more amazing facts about this phenomenal skin care product. And what more exciting about, is what awaits to whoever visits the website. 

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The Rise in Popularity of the Fabulous Coloured Diamond

28, February 2015: With many trends in the fashion world it is celebrity endorsement that is the instigator, and this is arguably the case for the coloured diamond. Recently, J Lo, Beyoncé and Kate Hudson are among the ladies exposing this fabulous alternative to the traditional white diamond. Despite the rise in popularity of coloured diamonds being a recent phenomenon and one that is only predicted to see a significant increase this year, these stunning stones have been flying under the radar for some time. You only have to think of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe for evidence of that!

Why is it now then that these coloured stones are making a comeback? Available in almost every colour possible, they are very versatile and make a fabulous quirky alternative to the classic traditional stone. By their very essence they are marvels of nature and it is their rarity and uniqueness that attracts the modern woman to them. L, from F&L Designer Guides believes that ladies today strive to be different, want to make a statement and express themselves in ways that they could not in years gone by, and the coloured diamond allows them to do that.

F, on the other hand, suggests that it is the improvements in production that has helped increase their popularity and made them more affordable for more people. This, along with the commitment to the marketing and promotion of coloured diamonds as a new and interesting product range for designers such as Alexis Dove, Amanda Li Hope, Jana Reinhardt and Jon Dibben (all members of F&L Designer Guides) and their customers, is supporting their rise to fame.

The yellow and pink coloured diamonds are definitely the most popular and can be incredibly pricey, but do not be put off. The beauty of coloured diamonds is that there is one to suit everyone and every price point, and with the stones becoming increasingly available you will much more easily be able to find exactly what you want.

About F&L Designer Guides:

F&L Designer Guides is a fast-growing community of some of the most creative bespoke engagement ring designers in the UK. If you're seeking an engagement ring that is as unique as you are, come browse F&L's hand-picked selection of independent jewellery designers and let their work inspire your own one-off design.

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Upcoming Celebrations in Puglia

28, February 2015: Renowned for its accomodation in the unique "trulli" houses, the stunning Italian region of Puglia is high on the radar of international travellers. With Christmas over, the next big seasonal spike for travel comes with the Easter period, and companies like the renowned specialist Italian accommodation provider, Cottages to Castles, are reportedly already reaching capacity with bookings to the region. 

Festival Time 

With a high proportion of Catholics, Easter marks a very significant time in Italy, with a host of celebrations and festivities held at varying times all over the country. A spokesperson from Cottages to Castles confirms Puglia is no exception, with many of their clients travelling to the region especially to take part in the festivities in places like Bari, Taranto and Alberobello. 

The annual "Fracchi of San Marco" procession is held in Lamis, on Good Friday. A huge torch is constructed from tree trunks (fracchia) bound together. On Good Friday, the torch is loaded on to a cart and used to light the way at the head of a procession that escorts the Madonna Addolorata to the site of the body of Christ. The procession includes locals dressed as pilgrims in traditional garb and even miniature versions of the trulli. 

In Alberobello, the Passion of the Christ attracts thousands of locals and visitors to experience the spectacle. Throughout the streets of the town, more than 200 young players enact on various stages, culminating at the 'crucifixtion' in front of the historical seat of this holy play, the Church of St. Anthony. 

For those interested in the deeply religious aspects of Easter, in Taranto, the Holy Week is heralded by a series of centuries-old rituals. These include one on Palm Sunday where representatives for the two 'brotherhoods' of the city vie for the right to carry the sacred religious icons in the ensuing procession. 

With experts predicting a record summer season in Italy, the prospect of spending spring in Puglia may be appealing to many travellers looking for a quieter experience. The spokesperson from Cottages to Castles says the Easter period is traditionally a busy one for their accommodation in Puglia, not just because of the festivals scheduled at that time, but also because of the mild weather conditions. 

About Cottages to Castles: 

Cottages To Castles is a family-run company offering quality accommodation in privately owned Italian villas. Their comprehensive catalogue encompasses all the main Italian locations, and their family team of experts will use their knowledge of Italy to find the perfect location for any client’s holiday. Visit Cottages to Castles at 

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F&L Designer Guides Welcome Danish Designer Tina Engell

28, February 2015: The community that is F&L Designer Guides is further enhanced by the recent inclusion of Tina Engell. And, as with every new member, Tina Engell brings yet another design profile to the collection of F&L designers that evolves to become ever more eclectic.

Walk into the studio of this designer and you get are greeted with a plethora of clues to her style and inspiration. With clean lines, an open plan, plus bright and sophisticated fixtures, her workshop complements her stunning collections of jewellery, which include fabulous engagement rings. These rings are perfect motivation for the couple looking to design their own elegant contemporary piece.

It was Tina Engell's 'less is more' ethos that drew F, the founder of F&L Designer Guides to her work. He believes that it is an incredible talent that can create pieces with such honest and simple lines relying on no elaboration to make a real statement. Her jewellery combines stunning metals with gemstones using a minimal approach, and while the approach may be minimal the results speak volumes. If it is a chic stylish addition you want to your engagement ring that you are looking to wear everyday, then Tina Engell could be the designer for you.

Tina would be the first to admit that her characteristic style is born from her love of her home country, Denmark, one that epitomises understated elegance and honest design. It is this purity with which she flawlessly creates that L, the co-founder of F&L believes is the artist’s biggest asset.

Very proud to be promoting bespoke design and bringing it to the people of London, F&L Designer Guides are very excited to welcome Tina Engell into the fold.

About F&L Designer Guides:

F&L Designer Guides is a fast-growing community of some of the most creative bespoke engagement ring designers in the UK. If you're seeking an engagement ring that is as unique as you are, come browse F&L's hand-picked selection of independent jewellery designers and let their work inspire your own one-off design.

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Cellumis Age Defying Serum Review - One Of The Best Anti-Aging Miracle

27, February 2015: Cellumis Review - Speaking about skin issues and problems, women by nature regardless of outgrowing age always find ways to look flawlessly beautiful and youthful as much as possible,. But always bear in mind that there are still options or alternatives available. These are specifically precautionary and solving ways when it comes to reducing and totally eliminating these shameful aging signs.

The other day, a launch of a new anti-aging skin care was successfully done during the press conference brought by a famous tv broadcasting agency in Florida. They had invited during the interview, Andrea Banks of Santa Fe Spring, CA., the spokesperson of this newly released miracle serum - Cellumis Anti-Aging Serum skin care.

During Andrea Banks’ deliberation, she pointed quick yet very informative pieces about Cellumis skin care. She defined Cellumis Age-Defying Serum as a one-of-a-kind skin care serum uniquely designed by wonders of science and scientifically approved and proven to give ultimate benefits to the skin without giving the user any side-effects after regular use. She added, Cellumis is a revolutionary combined of clinically examined ingredients that delivers intense anti-aging power and extensive age undo formula.

Of course part of her discussion are the benefits of Cellumis anti-wrinkle. Finally! an age-defying serum that truly works and does remarkable difference than any other age undo formula sold out in the market;

- Guard against sagging & thinning
- Rapidly minimizes wrinkles
- Smooths facial surface
- Reduce age spots/hyper-pigmentation
- Lessens fine lines appearance
- Boost up skin hydration
- Improve skin elasticity & plumpness
- Decreases redness & inflammation

Furthermore, Andrea Banks mentioned that since it is scientifically tested, precisely it is confirmed safe and has gentle formula. Making Cellumis a skin treat will not even results to any side-effects but only brings out advantages and treatment to the aging and damaging condition of the skin.

She added, before leaving the audience, to take note that Cellumis advanced anti-aging formula is an "exclusive internet offer" skin care product. That means interested buyers cannot just buy Cellumis from any beauty shops or local stores but can only have the purchase transactions exclusively in its official website.

You can visit here to learn more about Cellumis Age Defying Serum,

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Visit Exotic Travel Destinations with Economical Travel Packages

27, February 2015: Getting an opportunity to travel to a dream holiday destination is something which most individuals wish for. However, the hotel and flight costs in reality are usually above their traveling budget. It isn’t surprising that there is a huge demand for discounted travel and hotel accommodation packages nowadays. A lot of people opt for such packages because it could save them a whole lot of money. However, most people seem to have a problem in finding the right place for such offers and promotions.

Hotels And Travel Discounts is one of the best websites that helps vacationers find the cheapest deals for accommodations, flight tickets, as well as car rentals in over a hundred countries worldwide. This website can find the most budget friendly offers for your holiday vacation, so now, it is no longer impossible to have a wonderful holiday with a tight budget. This website features an embedded search engine. To find the best vacation deals, you simply have to perform a search by typingthe location name. This website will provide you with better choices compared to the rest because it partners with several best travel sites, such as Booking, Expedia, and Travelocity.

This website is very simple to use. First, just think about your travel destinations. If you do not have any idea, you may have a look at some destinations listed on the site for inspirations. Then, type the location of your choice and the date of traveling. If you wish to have more personalized search results, you may add additional details, like number of people traveling, type of room required, and such things as that. When you click on the search button, you will be provided with a very comprehensive list of offers and promotions. You will find information about the hotel stars, guest reviews, costs, hotel images, location of the hotel in maps, and most importantly, the hotel features. You will also be provided with information about which hotel is popular with the vacationers in that specific location. After going through the list, you just need to book the hotel of your choice and you’re done! It’s as simple as pie!

When you first landed on this website, you will be presented with pictures of eye-catching and attractive travel tourist spots from all around the world, together with several highly recommended hot spots by the admin team of the website. Some of the best travel agencies located in various countries around the world are in collaboration with Hotels And Travel Discounts website. To find the best discounted travel packages, flight deals, as well as car rental packages, simply visit

One thing that makes this website more interesting is that you can read traveling publications of the website owners. The website owners have shared their personal travel experiences in these articles. These articles might be of great use to you. They highlighted a large number of tips, guides, advantages, and the must-do activities in specific destinations from their own experiences. Using this useful information, your holiday will certainly be more enjoyable than ever!

About Hotels And Travel Discounts:

Hotels And Travel Discounts is one among the highest rated travel websites available today. The services offered by this website will help make your vacation planning tension-free as well as enjoyable. Making bookings for your flight tickets, hotel accommodation, and other sight-seeing tours may be done with ease. With the help of this website, it is not impossible anymore to explore your dream city while saving a lot of money. Visit this website today and plan your next family vacation –

The Goldilocks Enigma Is A Husband/Wife Duo Whose Music Combines Psychedelic Indie Rock With A Positive Message

Arnaudville, Louisiana; 27, February 2015: Believing that Christ is the cornerstone of a fulfilling existence, the Goldilocks Enigma seeks to inspire listeners with their upbeat brand of psychedelic indie rock. Refusing to stay in one place, their arrangements differ from track to track, encompassing elements of various rock genres such as blues, garage, grunge, and indie. Comprised of a former business owner/entrepreneur and his wife, the Goldilocks Enigma is an example of normal individuals pursuing their artistic dreams. 

Proudly claiming not to seek fame or fortune, the Goldilocks Enigma is not a conventional rock outfit. Don't expect to see fake people promoting a superficial existence, but rather down to earth musicians sharing a positive message of faith with listeners. In fact, the husband and wife duo shies away from the glitz and glamor rock stardom and is not afraid to present their message of faith and belief in a purely underground fashion. 

The band is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter simply referred to as "The Husband", who was a previous small entrepreneur and small business owner. Feeling unfulfilled in his daily life, he packed up his business, and after a leap of faith and encouragement from bandmate, singer/songwriter, and spouse known simply as "The Wife", unpacked his instruments and began making music. Today, the two share their experiences and faith in God to those seeking a fulfilling existence. 

Their album, "Bread & Circuses" is a 21-track masterpiece that touches on the finer points of faith through finely-engineered layers of sound. 70's grooves quickly spin into garage indie seamlessly, with the only commonality being their powerful message of faith and understanding what it means to be human. The album is the perfect representation of a band that truly knows what it means to create art, rather than simply making music for the masses. 

Recorded at a home studio, "Bread & Circuses" has a DIY feel, while maintaining a polished sound. Currently available at Cd Baby, Amazon, and iTunes, the album is the perfect record for those in need of inspiration and the courage to pursue their dreams. In addition, the Goldilocks Enigma's music and videos can be found on their YouTube page along with behind-the-scenes glimpses into the work and dedication involved with producing art and the strengthening of faith. For more information, check out their website at 

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Vibrant Skin Stem CellActiv Review - Brings Out More Benefits For the Skin Than Any Others

27, February 2015: Vibrant Skin Stem CellActiv Review - In Daly City, California, recent blogs and women’s report feedback say there is no other anti-aging creams that can do miracle just like the Vibrant Skin Stem CellActiv anti-aging skin solution. Thousands of women from all over the country have testified its wonder in terms of age-defying effects and how it eradicates and prevents wrinkles very fast!

Samantha Taylor, the top endorser of Vibrant Skin anti-wrinkle formula had been invited for an interview by a famous broadcasting network in town. People are so crazy to try an experience Vibrant Skin’s phenomenal benefits. The reason why a press conference was called for this purpose.

During the interview, Samantha Taylor did what she supposed to do. To reveal to the audience or viewers the remarkable characteristics of Vibrant Skin advanced anti-aging solution and its numerous benefits when this skin care is already applied and penetrated deeply to the skin.

Firstly, Samantha defined, Vibrant Skin Stem CellActiv is an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle skin remedy that has has the mainly works as a wrinkle reduction and prevention formula. It is an all natural derived skin care product that is definitely safe, totally nourishing and is able to reinvigorate the skin, also serves as a powerful antioxidant and has the capability to reduce the signs of skin damage and aging.

She also added that since Vibrant skin is all natural ingredient product and safe, it is clinically proven that it does not reacts to any side effects after being regularly used. Skin irritations and allergic reactions to the skin are not even expected to occur after the use of Vibrant Skin formula.

The speaker of course did not fail to enumerate the skin care’s exceptional benefits;

* Helps improve quality of the skin barrier to prevent premature aging
* Increases skin elasticity, firmness and suppleness
* Functions at the cellular level to help strengthen the dermal matrix
* Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines
* Helps with skin brightening or lightening
* Serves as a potent moisturizer
* Improves skin hydration
* Boost up skin collagen production

After the quick yet very informative announcements of Miss Taylor, She then left the audience with advertising the official webpage of Vibrant Skin Stem CellActiv facial cream. And she challenged the attendees to try the “risk-free trial” offer in order for them to prove that Vibrant is indeed a miracle cream.

For more information please visit

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Human Reproduction Changes On Horizon

27, February 2015: IVF technology advances have reached a brand-new level, with the UK's parliament voting fiercely in favour of brand-new laws in the nation to permit the production of IVF embryos with mitochondrial DNAfrom a 3rd benefactor, so in addition to the nuclear DNA originating from an embryo's two parents, a small amount of DNA would also come from a third parent. The new technique will allow couples to utilize IVF for the conception of kids, who otherwise would have inherited mortifying mitochondrial or other genetic diseases.
Human Reproduction Changes
MedicalNewsToday has published an article revealing how genetic scientists have made use of a new strategy that permits the whole genome of IVF embryos to be scanned via the cells of 10 biopsies. The researchers say the testing is the very first to be able to detect all the new genetic mutations that happen distinctively in an individual, instead of just those that have been handed down from parents. The development allows the whole genetic code to be scanned for "potentially harmful" mutations, however more work is had to fathom the exact disease consequences, according to the Genome Research Journal, who confirm that the whole-genome sequencing outcomes were analysed from cell biopsies removed from 2 individual embryos from the very same couple.

According to the study, the strategy indicates the 5-day-old, blastocyst-stage embryos could be scanned, in a research initially, for "de novo mutations," those arising spontaneously in the egg or sperm and not passed down from either parent. This, the authors state, enhances the power of whole-genome screening to spot the diseases that may befall test-tube infants. Dr. Brock Peters and Dr. Radoje Drmanac, from Complete Genomics, the firm based in Mountain View, CA, that has actually developed the screening technology, are amongst the study authors. They have in fact stated... "This is the first demonstration that a large bulk of single-base de novo mutations, which trigger a disproportionally high percentage of genetic defects, can be detected in pre-implantation genetic medical diagnosis."

On the other hand, the report says, the pre-implantation genetic medical diagnosis that is utilized in fertility centres can find just the big chromosomal abnormalities or genetic mutations that are passed on to in vitro-fertilized (IVF) embryos by their parents. Using up to just 10 cells to do the whole-genome sequencing indicates the DNA has to be amplified, which can introduce errors, according to the study results, nevertheless, Drs. Peters and Drmanac, working with other commercial researchers from Complete Genomics and from Reprogenetics, did use the strategy at the NYU Fertility Centre to eliminate any falsely recognized genetic mutations.

The authors conclude their paper by stating their results recommend that whole-genome sequencing utilizing bar-coded DNA could be made use of in the future as part of the pre-implantation genetic medical diagnosis procedure to make best use of comprehensiveness in finding disease-causing mutations and minimize the occurrence of genetic diseases. It has recently been announced that for the 2nd time since 2013, the World Congress of Human Reproduction has entrusted the IVF-Spain Foundation to organize a satellite event on genetic innovations applied to fertility. World class speakers shall be presenting their latest works, such as Professor Nathan Treff, Director of Molecular Biology Research in Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Santiago Munna, avant-garde of pre-implementation genetic screening and preconception screening, as well as Professor Jose Horcajadas, world specialist in endometrial receptivity. The event will be held in Berlin, from the 18th of March till the 21st of March, 2015.

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Insulated Lunch Bag: School Dinners Becoming Healthier Backed By Students

27, February 2015: Raquel Hellman has recently published on KIMT news a story about the growing challenge to make children make healthier dinner choices, while stating that school lunches are no longer just oily french fries or fried chicken. Lauren Daley, a student at Lewiston Altura Secondary school, stated "When you consider school lunches, a great deal of people do not consider what we have, which is really healthy, good solid food!" 
Insulated Lunch Bag

Vickie Speltz, the district's Food Service Director said that nowadays, school dinners do really look a little various to what they did before. She added... "We have split it up into different areas now, because if the children are going to have lunch at school, then they're going to want a good selection, which quite honestly we actually did need to offer them." She revealed that at Lewiston Altura Secondary school, the kitchen had been provided a whole new complete makeover, consisting of the addition of vegetable and fruit bars, though mentioning that it is still quite a problem to make it much easier for students to make the much healthier choices now available. She likewise mentioned the importance of a healthy balanced diet plan at school, stating... "This could actuality be the healthiest meal any one student might get during the day, so it really is so important for schools to feed them that one healthy meal."
Freddie and Sebbie

School student Daley likewise stated... "When you eat healthy in school, you truly do appreciate it since it's good and wholesome. In the past when I got home, I 'd really fancy some really nice corn or beans, and ask mama to make it for me, but eating healthier has taken that away, so now when I go home, I know I won't be snacking till supper time, when I'm going to eat a bag of chips or something like that." Another student Arron Hohensee likewise stated that it eliminated the chance of snacking because you were still full up from lunch. The Lewiston Altura District has also gotten a grant from Minnesota's Farm to School program, with the cash being utilized to continue making healthier food options readily available to students in Minnesota. 

Another advocate for healthier school food is father of 4, and Nevada based business Freddie and Sebbie co-director, Neil Speight, who states that another way to guarantee that youngsters receive all their required daily nutrients is for parents to prepare a healthy packed lunch at home for their kids. He included... "It's great to see that at least one school district is taking the issue of healthy dinners for children seriously. It's so vital for children to get a well balanced diet, and additionally parents could also take the initiative of preparing a cold meat salad at home, as well as packing a bottle of natural juice or water, together with fruit or berries, while all being securely stored in an insulated lunch bag to avoid food going off prior to it's enjoyed at school." 

For more information and images for Freddie and Sebbie's Insulated Lunch Bag visit: 

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Car Trash Can With 4.7 Star Score Following 6 Months Trading on Amazon

26, February 2015: Something that would seem like an average car trash can, has really turned out to be quite a surprise, according to some of the validated customers on Amazon. Freddie and Sebbie primary spokesperson, Neil Speight, states that the luxurious auto trash can has been created to fit most cars, which according to him has actually been a definitive factor in making their trash bin so popular among Amazon consumers.

Car Litter Bin

In a recent optimum 5 star ranked Amazon validated review, one customer has said... "We simply adore our vehicle trash can, specifically that it has the Velcro on the bottom, making it steady on the floor, so it doesn't move around. It's perfect for our van, and fits effectively between the front panel and the fold down console. If we are transporting the grand children, we likewise have the choice of simply picking it up, and simply sticking it where ever they may be sitting for their ease of use. It is durable, well made, and we are able to line it with a bag from the most recent visit from the supermarket, then merely pick up the handles, take out, and dispose of appropriately. All simple stuff to set up!"
Freddie and Sebbie

Daniel G. Lebryk from Chicago begins his rather witty 5 star testimonial by saying... "I like your garbage can!" He adds... "For the past month I've driven a lot, and invested a lot of time in my vehicle. In fact, I have actually fallen in love with this trash bin. Yeah, right, a guy can fall in love with a trash can, since I have. This is the most hassle-free, well thought out vehicle trash container I have actually ever seen. Let me count the ways I like thee oh humble trash can. You don't seep, I can toss anything inside you and you hold them. Your cover is easy to raise, but obviously I don't keep you closed up with the Velcro, as that would be rude."

Visit here to watch the video:

He also asserts that the Freddie and Sebbie auto trash can is exactly the right size, neither rubenesque nor anorexic. He says... "Precisely the best size. At first I was wishing to put this on the floor in the front seat. Well the area for stuff in the front wasn't wide enough. Darn it, I thought this was going to be easy. So I searched in the back seat. My car happens to have a completely flat rear floor, and there was this nice area just behind the rear vents where I might put this box. It turned out to be exactly the best height to not block those rear vents. Well, the added reward being that black just sort of blends in on the rear floor. I was sure I would hate the garbage box back there, but it ends up that it's the best place in the world. When I'm driving I can reach back, get one side edge of the top, flip up the top part way, and drop my garbage into the box. The lid then falls down securely on the box, concealing all that nasty garbage."

The new images in addition to complete product specs can be seen on Amazon here:

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