Friday, 29 December 2017

New Organization Offering Hope and Opportunity to Seniors

Brick, NJ; 29, December 2017: Live Past 100 Well is a website that offers help and information to seniors and those over 50 on living a longer and more fulfilling life. Every day they post up new information and articles that can help you live a better life. At you will find a site created by seniors and for seniors with latest news and information to help you prosper.

The site includes topics on just about any aspect that could affect your life including information on how to analyze yourself and improve yourself. Whether your goal is to become more fit and/or attractive to find a new mate or it's to make some more money or even improve yourself to have better relationships the site has information that can help you.

Live Past 100 Well is an advocacy that aims to teach seniors and help seniors to be as successful as possible and live the longest, healthiest life possible. As they grow they want to help with policies, information and anything else that can affect your life.

They even provide courses, quizzes and tests that can help you improve your lifestyle through self awareness. Right now most information on the site is completely free and doesn't even require you to sign up, but for courses and other premium information there is an extremely low yearly fee which is about the price of a cup of coffee at your local premium coffee shop.

For additional information please contact: Chuck Stephens at Live Past 100 Well by phone ((732) 831-7500) or email (

You will also find further information on their web site at

About Live Past 100 Well: was created by seniors for seniors as a way to empower seniors to live a longer, healthier life and make seniors more knowledgable about their rights, and to educate them. It is a new organization that has strong support and currently growing at an incredible pace. They are an open minded group and will listen to ideas for improvement and you could help mold them into an even greater resource for seniors.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Chuck Stephens
Company: Live Past 100 Well
Phone: (732) 831-7500

China-Hifi-Audio Supplies Music Angle Tube Amplifiers With Various Specifications To Worldwide Music Lovers

Guangzhou, China; 29, December 2017: Audiophiles, song and music aficionados who were born at the turn of the millennium and in the eighties or nineties of the bygone century might never have seen a tube or valve-powered amplifier or speaker. However, the music enthusiasts and aficionados amongst baby boomers and those who attained adulthood in the 60s and 70s were the ones who lapped up the clear and crisp audio emanating from vacuum tube amplifiers and preamps that were linked up with vinyl disc turntables and vinyl record players. These valve preamps that fell into disuse with the surge in popularity of transistor amplifiers are back in fashion as these are becoming a big hit with contemporary audiophiles. China Hi-fi Audio has earned a solid goodwill by popularizing the retail of an array of distinguished Chinese brands producing hi-fi valve audio systems like the Music angel tube amplifier

China-Hifi-Audio is a famous web-based stockist of high-end CD player, hi-fi vacuum tube stereo amplifier, valve preamps, hi-fi power supply cables, and many related accessories. This online outlet stocks products of Music Angel, Original, Opera, Meixing MingDa, Yaqin, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, Dussun, Shanling. The different hi-fi products, components, and accessories that the firm lists on its official site can be grouped under the categories of Music Angel tube amps, Shanling hi-fi CD player, Meixing MingDa valve HD-28 amplifier, Choseal hi-fi cables, G&W power filter sockets, and so on. China Hi-fi Audio inventories many models of Music Angel tube amplifier including Music Angel Class A Tube Integrated Amplifier EL 34X4 XD5000MKIII, and Music Angel Tube preamp Marantz 7 circuit preamplifier. 

Talking about the Music Angel XDSE M9 amplifier it is an integrated amplifier that reproduces very high quality of sound that has an acoustic sweetspot sure to enthrall the most persnickety of audiophiles. Anybody logging into this e-commerce site and placing an online order for the aforementioned product can expect to receive a completely brand new product that comes packaged in an OEM box carton. The topnotch features of this Music Angle XDSE amplifier include a performance-oriented EL 34 tube. The device is made to operate on two channels that function on a standalone basis. 

The components in Music Angel XDSE M9 EL34*8 amplifier include DALE military resistors that have been produced in the US, ALPS potentiometer manufactured in Japan, WIMA capacitors fabricated in Germany, and copper wires from Hitachi. This vacuum valve amplifier has been crafted by skilled craftsmen with their bare hands. Additionally, point-to-point soldering using copper wires adds to the capability of the device. This amplifier exploits the traditional push-pull circuitry enabling it to handle bursting music toning down the bass and accentuating the mid-range and treble acoustics. 

About China-Hifi-Audio: 

China-Hifi-Audio has dedicated itself to publicizing a notable range of hi-fi audio systems like vacuum based amplifiers and preamps. For more details please visit their website. 

For Media Contact:
Company: China-Hifi-Audio

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd Produces PVC Granules for Using In Plastic Injection Molding and Extrusion Industries

Tongxiang, China; 28, December 2017: PVC which stands for poly vinyl chloride or simply vinyl is a plastic polymer that ranks third in terms of global production and use, after polyethylene and polypropylene. Poly vinyl chloride is produced in two basic types-rigid PVC, usually referred to as RPVC, and flexible PVC. Vinyl, in its rigid or solid state is mainly used for manufacturing pipes, conduits, windows, doors, bottles, plastic cards, and so on. On the other hand, the softer version of PVC which is obtained by adding plasticizers, mostly phthalates, is used for making vinyl gramophone records, slippers, flip-flops, plumbing, inflatable items, signage, and so on. Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd is a leading Chinese manufacturer of pure, virgin grade PVC granules that is further processed into UPVC granule, flexible and clear poly vinyl granules. 

Tongxiang Longcheng has entrenched its reputation by focusing on producing the best grade of UPVC granule for two decades. The UPVC or un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride compound produced by Tongxiang is of a superlative grade, typified by the smooth texture and color of the granules. These vinyl pellets or granules produced by the manufacturing concern conform to industrial quality norms are extensively used for fabricating heavy duty pipes, tubes, channels, and a range of products and items. The Tongxiang-based manufacturer receives bulk orders for supplying UPVC granules not only because of their excellent quality but also because of competitive prices and stellar services. UPVC compound finds sweeping use in chemical and construction industries, especially for creating lining or coating in tanks, grooved boards, frames of windows and doors, pipe fittings like flanges, tees, and elbows. 

Flexible PVC particles that are largely used for making handles and grips, toys, hoses, gaskets, glazing profiles, and footwear are also manufactured by Tongxiang Longcheng. The manufacturing firm has a sprawling factory spread over an area of 6000 sq meters for fabricating a variety of PVC granules that have a soft and flexible texture. The pellets are produced exactly as per customers’ specifications and have a firmness ranging from 40 ‘shore A’ to ‘60 shore D’. These soft granules which do not contain any PAHs, DEHPs and heavy metals, can be used for making food-grade products. They also are highly resistant to UV as well as weather-proof. 

Tongxiang is also a specialist producer of transparent flexible PVC compound that is used across numerous industrial/commercial and domestic segments. For instance, the crystal clear PVC pellets find their way into transparent labels, packaging containers, garden hosepipes, wire sheaths, medical tubes, footwear upper and soles, seals, and filters, and the like. These pellets also used for making IC packaging tubes, price tags, slippers, rain boots, and heat-shrinkage label films thoroughly comply with ROHS international quality standards. 

About Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd: 

Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd has been engaged in producing virgin grade of PVC granules both of the rigid and flexible varieties that are used in a wide range of plastic injection molding and extrusion industries. 

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Jane Tang
Company: Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd
Phone: +86 573 8861 8523

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Features of SMM Fans Services You Should Know

28, December 2017: We cannot ignore the importance of social media for your brand promotion. Majority of the consumer is online now and you need the advanced stage of best followers and fans. In this regard, the SMM fans services providers can help you a lot. As the services providers offer you the ultimate fans and followers in the package so you can get instant upgrades and better responses. But, to get the services you need to observe some of the ultimate features of the SMM fans services providers.

Organic likes

SMM fans always offer you the organic generation of likes, fans and followers. The platform engages many people to your profile and pages to give you more of the responses. There are no automated accounts or software that gets you unknown or fake responses. You will have the real response and get a better response from them as well.

No admin access required

The services do not require any access to the admin account. In fact, it is all about sharing your profile and company page with the other people through publicity and you will get results.

Instant response

The best features of SMM fans are the instant response you will observe on your page or profile. You do not have to wait for a long time to get the productive results. In fact, it will take limited hours to observe growth and rapid followers or fans.

Favorable packages

All the effective and original service is available to you at affordable packages that are in your budget. You do not have to manage any specific budget to get manage fans. In fact, it will bring you effective results and more profits.

Service support

The SMM fans provide you with the ultimate service support on time to resolve all your issues and problems. If you are facing any confusion related to the services and results you can ask the representative anytime.

On-Site: it might not be difficult to access the SMM fans services providers but you deserve the best. Make sure you are going to hire up the best team and professionals. On-site we offer you the ultimate social media fans, followers, likes, shares and subscription generation. In the variance of services, we have the best packages for you. To get more information about the services and packages visit

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Martha Woodall
Company: SMMFans

Book a Callback Online With Mr Sparky's New Website Launch

27, December 2017: Mr Sparky are a locally owned and operated business, working with residential, commercial, and industrial clients on all of their electrical servicing needs. Promising quality workmanship and a safe and dependable service, Mr Sparky can handle a range of tasks both big and small.

Why not take the hassle out of putting up your Christmas lights this month by hiring Mr Sparky to do it for you? Everything will be installed safely and professionally, so you can get into the Christmas spirit in no time, and at an affordable price. All you have to do is book with Mr Sparky over the phone or online and the team will do the rest.

More About Mr Sparky

Mr Sparky is a licensed and insured electrician in Sydney, and no job is too big or small for the team to handle. They can take care of upgrades, emergency services, installations, and more. With a great reputation in the area and a focus on building trust with customers, Mr Sparky are your go-to team for electrician services. Whether you need help installing a ceiling fan or overhauling wiring, you can feel confident with Mr Sparky on your side.

How Mr Sparky Can Help You

Mr Sparky offer many services suited to all types of clients.

- Installations - keep energy costs low and maintain safety.
- Electrical Safety - will ensure business is compliant with Australian standards.
- Lighting - add the finishing touch to your home or business decor with custom lighting.

Mr Sparky work with residential, construction, and commercial clients and can help with a plethora of different tasks.

- Smart home wiring.
- Security lighting.
- Safety inspections.
- Smart solutions.
- And more.

- Security lighting.
- Testing and tagging.
- Crane connection.
- And more.

- Boardroom setup.
- Shop and warehouse.
- Office space.
- And more.

Mr Sparky also has a VIP Club and discount available for members. If you’re still not convinced, you can take a look at the many client testimonials on site. Mr Sparky has been rated 5 stars on Google, so you know you’re putting your home, business, or construction site into the hands of the right team.

Book your callback today. Use the information below if you’re interested in Mr Sparky’s services.

For More Information, Contact:
Name: Steven Sukar
Address: 9/162-166 Goulburn Street,
Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Telephone: +61 1300 770 771

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Firefly Search Limited Expands Into New Zealand SEO Market With SEO+

26, December 2017: Digital marketing company Firefly Search Limited has recently announced a new SEO brand known as SEO+. Based in New Zealand, SEO+ hopes to deliver a completely transparent and trustworthy digital marketing advice in order to promote growth and change in local companies who are specifically looking for high-end SEO campaigns. SEO+ believes that every business should be paying attention to their digital marketing strategy and investing in SEO to provide long-term success to their online presence.

As a business based in New Zealand, SEO+ understands the challenges that business owners in the area go through on a regular basis. SEO+ has propelled itself into the digital marketing industry by using its own methods as proof that they are qualified and well-equipped to consult other businesses in New Zealand.

“...I was sick of hearing horror stories of hard-working New Zealand business owners trusting dodgy digital marketing consultants and companies who promise the world and sadly don't deliver.” Anthony Baxter, CEO

SEO+ offers a range of different services for businesses of all sizes. Search engine optimization is SEO+’s forte and primary service. SEO+ promises to assist businesses in ranking higher on search engines with ethical methods that promote long-term success instead of short-term results. SEO+ also offers advanced Google Analytics setups and implementations, as well as Google AdWords assistance. A free SEO consultation is offered for interested clients, but quotes can be requested as well at no charge.

Being a company that uses a result-driven approach to their workflow, SEO+ swears by its transparent approach so that clients are always aware of what their activities are and how they plan to achieve digital marketing success for their clients—nothing is hidden behind closed doors. The SEO+ team consists of ex-Google staff, highly creative and skilled content writers and also search algorithms specialists. This mix of talent and specialities gives SEO+ the workforce needed to provide a complete digital marketing service to their clients.

“Since Firefly started 3 years ago in my bedroom in Auckland, We’ve been busy helping hundreds of business owners achieve their dreams and goals and live the lives they want to live by helping them grow and reach the results they initially set out for.” Anthony Baxter, CEO

For more information, please refer to the contact information below to get in touch with SEO+.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Anthony Baxter
Phone: +6493901421
Website: Invites Young & Adult Players to Participate in an Adventurous Journey in Virtual World of Ninjago Games

New York, NY, USA; 26, December 2017: Ninja Warriors are the fascinating characters and a gamer would always love to assume the role of these warriors to fight off dreadful enemies. One can now venture into the exciting, virtual world of the Ninja warriors, which is full of adventures. A gamer who wants to write his own story of bravery and courage can now participate in the journey of a NinjaGo Game, which is now available on the website

The website brings a collection of games from the Ninjago series for both young and adult players. Some of the common and popular game titles in the collection include Rush, Final Battle, Smash DX, Save Llyod, Spinjitzu, Snake Invasion and lots more. These games will take gamers to a fictional country where gamers have to showcase their valor to launch a fight against monstrous enemies. These games offer the much-needed thrill and adventure that one always enjoys while playing a virtual game. 

According to the spokesperson of the website, they have a number of NinjaGo Games where players have to defend themselves and also aggressively fight against the armies of skeletons. The games have an exciting storyline for gamers to have all the fun and adventurous experience as soon as they enter the gaming world. The horrible monsters are waiting for the gamers and they are thirsty for blood. A gamer needs to rely on his warrior skills to save himself from these continuously attacking enemies and also to destroy them eventually. 

The spokesperson reveals that each of these games has their own storyline and the one thing common among them is the unlimited fun. The gamer will make efforts to protect the cities and villages from cruel invaders and hence will assume the role of a savior. Besides the regular games, the website also organizes competitions, tournaments and gaming excursions, which all multiply the fun of being a Ninja warrior in the virtual world. To start playing one of these games, one may visit the website 


Story of Ninjago began in 2011, when the famous LEGO Company issued the first series of constructor kit with toy ninja-warriors. The series has astonishing success, and fans liked heroes so much, that story was continued and storyline was significantly expanded. Today, they offer a number of Ninjago games, songs and pictures and lots more for the fans of the Ninjago games. 

For Media Contact:
Telephone: +1-561-414-0187

Monday, 25 December 2017

Insider Shows How to Find a Good Home Remodel Contractor

25, December 2017: It is not always an easy task to find a good home remodel contractor who is reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective according to California’s leading home contractor Marc Gieselmann, who recently released a new home remodeling service video. 

Gieselmann, who owns and operate HK Construction, Inc., headquartered in Poway, CA, said he created the video, located on Youtube at, to educate homeowners with insiders information so they don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous contractors. 

“How do you know you chose the right one until the contractor is done? Or do you really know for sure? What if it looks good on the outside but it’s all wrong on the inside? What if he used sub-par materials or hired help with little to no experience? These are questions that you need to get honest answers to before you engage the services of a home remodeling contractor,” said Gieselmann. 

In this new home remodeling service video about how to find a good home remodel contractor, Gieselmann teaches viewers how to avoid problems by showing them what to look for in a contractor before they even talk to one. 

“I’ll also reveal the right questions to ask so you don’t get tricked into a bad experience,” added Gieselmann. 

Following are some of the things viewers will learn from the new HK Construction Service Video: 

• How to screen prospective contractors quickly before even talking to them so you can save time in your search.
• How to meet with a contractor without wasting time asking all the wrong questions so you can find the best one for you quicker.
• How to avoid becoming a victim of these 5 common contractor scams so you can rest assured that your project goes smoothly.

“You’ll find this service video necessary, because it will save you time and money, helps you avoid unnecessary hassle and needless aggravation, and ensure you get your home remodeling project done right, on time, and for a fair price,” noted Gieselmann. 

The new service video covers in detail the following topics: 

• How to Screen Prospective Contractors Quickly
• Meeting with Contractors and Getting Quotes
• Avoid Becoming a Victim of these 5 Common Contractor Scams

“We hope you’ll find the video presentation to be informative and helpful,” said a confident Gieselmann, who has been running his company, HK Construction since the early 1990s. With nearly 1,000 successfully completed home remodeling projects under his belt he has happy clients all over San Diego County. It has also achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau Great reviews on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List and more. 


HK Construction, Inc., founded by Marc Gieselmann, is family owned and operated since we began in 1990. The company specializes in home remodeling contractor services. This includes room additions, loft additions, ageing in place remodeling, home renovation, handicap and elder care additions, roofing, driveways, outdoor remodelling, decks and much more. No job too big or too small, we handle it all. See our construction services page for more information. 

For further information, contact:
Company: HK Construction, Inc.
Person Name: Marc Gieselmann, Owner
Phone: 858-748-6580

Friday, 22 December 2017

The Ventana Group publicizes the availability of WPS office suite for PCs and mobile devices

Palo Alto, CA, USA; 23, December 2017: In the years following the commercial release of Microsoft’s MS-Office suite, chiefly comprising MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Access, and MS-Outlook, several other operating systems have been launched from time to time. These operating systems were designed and created with the objective of offering an effective alternative to Windows OS that enjoyed a virtual monopoly as the MS-Office suite was powering majority of desktop or tabletop PCs and mobile gadgets. Some of the operating systems that were successful in offering a stiff competition to Microsoft’s Windows included Linux, Android, Lotus, iOS, Google Drive, Apache OpenOffice, Open365, OfficeSuite, and SoftMaker Free Office. Kingsoft Corp which happens to be a frontline global innovator of OS applications is the registered trademark owner of WPS office software that comprises a group of computer tools including the PDF to WordConvertor tool. 

The PDF to Word implement comes in perfectly handy for converting files archived in ‘PDF’ or portable document format to DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, HTM, RTF, DOT, DOTX, and back to PDF module. This tool can be customized or personalized for the user’s convenience as the office or home-based professional can do exactly what he or she wants without disturbing the formatting. Additionally, conversions from one format to another can be carried out effortlessly by retaining the original layout and fonts as well as the tables and bulleted points. The user also does not have to comply with any registration formalities for converting Adobe files to DOC or DOCX layout on an immediacy or urgent basis. Furthermore, fast conversion of PDF files/ pages which have been split or merged to MS-Word is also possible. 

For making the most of the WPS’s Word Converter for PDF, the user needs to comply with some simple and easy-to-follow steps. Firstly, one has to download and launch the WPS Writer application on his or her tabletop or handheld device. Thereafter, he or she has to look for the ‘Special Features’ segment in the header menu and click on ‘PDF to Word’ for opening the tool. Next, the user has to either draw the PDF file archived in the local storage or open it directly. Finally, the individual has to move the mouse pointer to ‘Start’ option of the convertor and click on it get the conversion underway. 

Once the conversion is complete, the convert PDF to Word tool will automatically open the newly converted file for perusal and editing by the user. The conversion happens quickly and accurately, can be securely uploaded and stored as well as instantly accessed from anywhere, anytime. Most importantly, conversion and archiving of files is on the cloud meaning that the user has constant access to the software’s state-of-the-art version. 

About WPS Office Software: 

Palo Alto-based WPS Office Software is a leading office productivity suite for PC and mobile devices. With more than 1.2 billion installs, WPS Office is a high performing, yet considerably more affordable solution that is recognized as a preferred alternative to Microsoft Office and is fully compatible and comparable to Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word. The WPS Office suite is available for Windows and Linux-based PCs as well as Android and iOS. WPS Office Software is a subsidiary of Kingsoft Corporation, China's leading Internet services and software company. 

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Denise Nelson
Company: The Ventana Group for WPS Office Software
Phone: (925) 858-5198

Person Name: Cole Armstrong
Company: WPS Office Software
Phone: (650) 617-3213

TrustyHour Ltd Introduces Interactive Platform To Help Traders Dealing In Cryptocurrency

United States of America; 22, December 2017: Trading in currencies has been attractive all around the world. People love the risks attached to currency trading. The emergence of various open trading networks is promoting trade in cryptocurrencies. Traders need to make sure that they contact a professional with good experience in order to earn good profits. One of the companies that have come up with an interactive trading platform includes TrustyHour Ltd. 

It is important to go through a proper research before starting trading and investment. In order to make trust payment the traders need to rely on the platform. Going through reviews and reading the statistics make the job easier for the traders. Clients need to go through the details of the platform in order to make sure that they are aware of the trading process. It is important to learn the tricks of the trade in order to master it. Staying in touch with the professionals makes the job much easier. Clients can either get in touch through the live chat or they can contact them through email. The professionals are experienced and they make sure that the clients get the value for their money. 

The instant payment option gives the clients an advantage to get their returns faster than expected. They can get hourly returns and the traders have the option to withdraw according to their requirements. The interactive platform focuses on the ease of use for the traders. They provide a complete detail of the graph of client’s earnings. Improving the earning is only possible by learning he trade and staying in touch with the experienced professionals. The website is completely secure and the professionals use SSL certificate in order to provide secure payment system. Going through the investor stats on the website gives an idea of the investor confidence for the new clients. While trading in any platform the clients make trust deposit. Companies make sure that they live up to the expectation and there is no trust deficit. TrustyHour Ltd makes it easier for the clients by providing them efficient solutions for their trade. 

In order to trade with ease the clients are always in search of a company that stays in constant touch with them. The 24 hour service provided by TrustyHour Ltd makes sure that the client queries are answered as and when they require help. To trust instant one need to go through the feedback of the old clients that have been trading through the platform. Reading the reviews helps in making a smart decision. 

About TrustyHour Ltd: 

TrustyHour Ltd is a firm based in United States that provides an innovative interface to help people deal in cryptocurrency. They have been in this field for a long time now. In order to know more about the company one can visit the above mentioned website. 

For Media Contact:
Company: TrustyHour Ltd

Get A Free £10 Bet With The Ultimate UK Online Betting Directory

22, December 2017: Betting Sites aims to provide unbiased, accurate information and reviews on bookmakers, betting exchanges, spread betting brokers, and all other betting site services for their audience. Betting Sites want everybody to have an enjoyable, responsible betting experience. 

Sites Covered By Betting Sites 

There’s a never ending list of sites covered by Betting Sites. Here’s an idea of the sort of sites you can find: 

* Betway
* Sun Bets
* Fun88
* Sport Nation
* Royal Panda
* Ladbrokes
* Ole777

With Betting Sites easy to use website, you can easily see the trending betting sites, free bets available, and ratings/recommendations. You can also get a free £10 voucher from Betting Sites, as well as see the top betting events and special offers from other sites. 

As an extra resource for their audience, Betting Sites keep a blog outlining match previews and odds, as well as other useful information. 

More About Betting Sites
Betting Sites provide promotional sign up offer information from all the betting sites reviewed and listed. These may be in the form of free bets, betting bonuses, deposit bonuses, enhanced odds, and no risk bets. 

It is Betting Sites goal to provide to the point, accurate reviews with all of the necessary information that will help you to choose the ideal betting sites for you to use. The reviews will provide quick insights into the pros and cons of each site, so you can decide which one to use in a flash. With over 50 years of combined experience in online gaming marketing, Betting Sites' editorial team are at the forefront when it comes to analysing betting sites and services. 

One Click Ratings And Reviews
Betting Sites offers the opportunity for the betting community to leave one-click ratings and reviews on services they have used and share their own experiences to further enhance user's understanding of the betting services available.

Why Use Betting Sites?
Betting Sites offer quick and accurate insight into all UK regulated betting services and provide information on each of the sites, as well as editorial and community ratings and reviews. This helps users to make a quick decision on what is right for them. Users will also be able to take advantage of several exclusive sign up promotions and all the standard free bet offers for each of the betting sites listed. 

For Media Contact:
Name: William Tucker
Telephone: 0845 686 0913

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Premium Quality Hair Extensions from GT Hair Boutique - No Synthetic Fibers!

20, December 2017: In the past, it has been a struggle for hairdressers and people looking to give their ‘do some oomph to find premium quality human hair extensions with no synthetic fibers. This is the exact reason GT Hair Boutique created their own brand of premium hair extensions that can be treated exactly like human hair, as they contain no synthetic fibers.

Hair Extensions on Offer from GT Hair Boutique

There are two main collections on offer from GT Hair Boutique:
* The Diamond collection - the best quality available. There are no higher grade hair extensions out there.
* The Gold collection - superior quality hair extensions while remaining value for money.
* Diamond sew in extensions
* Tape in extensions
* Gold sew in extensions
* Clip in extensions
* One piece hair extensions
* Full lace wigs
* Lace front wigs
* Micro loop extensions

GT Hair Boutique have been providing customers with an immaculate beauty experience for over 2 decades, so they know exactly what customers want and need when it comes to hair extensions.

More about Hair Extensions from GT Hair Boutique

The hair extensions from GT Hair Boutique are 100% human hair, with no synthetic fibers like 99% of brands out there. The hair is hand picked and graded to ensure they meet quality standards, and can be washed, styled, colored, and cut just as you would treat your own hair.
These extensions were created as there was a gap in the market for premium quality hair extensions, and GT Hair Boutique believe they have finally filled the gap.

You’ll feel the difference with these premium quality hair extensions - GT Hair Boutique will send you a free sample to prove it. Just pay shipping.

GT Hair Boutique Resources

On the GT Hair Boutique website you can find resources to help you learn more about extensions and caring for your hair. For example:
* Choosing authentic virgin hair
* Crochet braids
* Making sure you look your best even with damaged hair

Wholesale Orders

GT Hair Boutique offers seamless wholesale options for hair salons as well as beauty supply retailers. They make it quick and easy for hair salons and beauty supply retailers in Canada to be supplied with premium quality human hair extensions and wigs. The orders are shipped from Canada directly to your door. Wholesale orders minimum as low as 6 bundles with volume discounts.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Nathan Henry
Company: GT Hair Boutique
Phone: 1-226-777-7071

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Big sales for Christmas - FlipHTML5 digital publishing software now available for 20% off

19, December 2017: FlipHTML5 has made a name for itself in the digital publishing industry, providing a wide range of effective and affordable solutions to clients across the globe. The digital publishing giant recently announced that Christmas will be starting early this year, as it offers the different plans of its digital publishing software to clients at a 20% discount. The discount available on the pro, gold and platinum plans is set to run till the 28th of December, allowing clients to enjoy the best of digital publishing at remarkably affordable prices.

FlipHTML5 has stood out as one of the leading providers of digital publishing solutions provider. According to the CEO of FlipHTML5, Winston Zhang, the discount offer is part of the company’s drive to ensure that everyone regardless of their level of computer knowledge and financial standing can create exciting and captivating digital content anywhere in the world. The discount offer of 20% on all plans can be accessed using the coupon code – DAL-CF8.

The discount will allow users to enjoy the 20% off for the first month for the pro and gold memberships, with buyers of the platinum plan enjoy the discount for the first year. The discount is undoubtedly the best Christmas gift for businesses and individuals looking to communicate better and more effectively. This is so as the software has been described by many as the best digital publishing platform in recent times thanks to its amazing features and benefits.

About FlipHTML5:

FlipHTML5 is headquartered in Hong Kong and as one of the world leading providers of digital publishing software; the company offers a wide range of e-publishing software for users around the world. The company also offers customized solutions for publishers in different industries such as Game, Firm, Fashion, and Finance.

For Media Contact:
Company: FlipHTML5

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Chinese Pianist Shizhe Shen's Charity Work Inspires Building of a Charity Music Room after Her Name in Xiangxi

China; 16, December 2017: Many often, an artist becomes a philanthropist and dedicates his/her part of career life to charity. Chinese Pianist Shizhe Shen is one of those rare artists who inspire others with her music and charity works. Recently, a charity music room was built after her name in Xiangxi to commemorate her dedication to charity.

Born in 1994, Shizhe Shen received her first piano lesson at the age of 6 with Ms Hua Wang. After completing her studies with Professor Bin Su at the middle school attached to the Wuhan Conservatory of Music, she moved to England with a full scholarship to study at both the Purcell School of Music and the pre-college of Royal Academy of Music under Professor Tessa Nicholson and then at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover (HMTMH) with Professor Arie Vardi.

Shizhe Shen started showing her talent in playing the piano since very early and won numerous competitions in China, including the 1st prize at the "Qintai piano competition", the top national "Song Qinglin scholarship", the 1st and the Absolute prize at the prestigious "China Golden Melody piano competition". When she moved to Europe, she also won several recognitions, such as the 1st prize at the Purcell School Concerto Competition, the 1st prize at the Christopher Duke Piano Competition and the 3rd prize at the Louisiana International Piano Competition.

Now she is being invited to give many master classes in piano. As one of the most promising pianist of her generation, she has received many enthusiastic reviews as well. Professor Arie Vardi describes her as “a natural born performer and a great artist”.

Shizhe Shen gave her first performance at the age of 7. Since then she has been invited to give numerous concerts at the most prestigious concert halls in China including the Changsha Concert Hall, Hunan Grand Theatre, Hunan Concert Hall, Kaiyuan Grand Theatre Concert Hall, Huangzhong Concert Hall, Bianzhong Concert Hall. As well as in Europe and the United States such as Steinway Concert Hall, Wigmore Hall, Coughlin-Saunders Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall, Reinberger Hall at Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ulsan Concert Hall (Korea), Rossini-Saal, Regentenbau Bad Kissingen (Germany), Krakow Philharmonic Hall, among others. Her performance of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 with the Rapides Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Roberto Gianola was successfully broadcasted over the world.

As one of the most outstanding pianist of her generation, Shizhe Shen has been invited to perform at several music festivals such as "Kissinger Klavier Olympic" “30th Kissinger Sommer", Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad. She also played a few compositions by the famous French composer Thierry Escaich at the festival and received great recognition by the composer himself.

About Shizhe Shen:

Shizhe Shen is a Chinese pianist who has won many accolades for her playing piano talent and has performed in many prestigious events worldwide. Shizhe Shen is now Artist in Residence and artist director at PinYa Media, which is now considered as one of the most important media companies for classical music in China.

Friday, 15 December 2017

PosterLOL Launches Their Quality Range of Tokyo Ghouls Posters & Anime Collectables

China; 15, December 2017: Anime is the Japanese term for computer animated television shows. It is the short form in the Japanese language for the English word animation and has a rich history that has its origins back in the 20th century. Anime has gained popularity all over the world and its fans have their reasons for that. Anime is different from the mainstream animation series coming out of Hollywood as Japanese artists are known for their unique style of expressing emotions in their animated characters. Manga and anime series is also famous for their fantastical settings and unique storytelling style. The graphic novels, manga and anime are favourite among all age groups as they have a different take on the realities of life. They create a satirical scenario while depicting the instabilities of the human society.

PosterLOL is an e-tailer that operates out of China. They are associated with the fabrication, supply, and designing of anime scroll poster. They carry out their business operations through their carefully designed and feature-laden web store. The web store is equipped with all the bells and whistles to ensure a seamless shopping experience for the visitor. The posters and collectables are manufactured using state of the art machinery and automated equipment. The raw materials such as the paper and flex materials are sourced from third party suppliers who ensure quality over quantity. The company also has their dedicated unit for designing and quality control. All the posters and collectables are created using state of the art computer designing software by skilled designers.

The best selling product of the company is the Anime scroll poster Kantai Collections Rising popularity of the manga/anime posters and collectables are the direct result of the unique and sophisticated marketing strategies put in place by advertising agencies. The anime clubs have not only gained a strong foothold in Japan but also in the international scenario. Since the 90’s, the growth of the Otaku culture and its related subcultures also work in favour of the exponential growth of companies like PosterLOL.

The company invested a lot of its time and money to perfect their manufacturing units. The anime scroll poster Tokyo Ghoul series of posters from the company are made using the highest manufacturing standards which are at par with the guidelines and requirements of most countries overseas. The payment mode of the company is flexible and they recently started accepting payments in the form of COD. The shipping network of the company is extensive which allows the firm to deliver the orders of their clients on time, irrespective of their location.

About PosterLOL:

PosterLOL is a manufacturer and supplier of quality assured anime posters and collectables. They operate through their intricately designed and feature-laden web store and is often regarded as a customer-centric organisation for their flexible payment options. For further details feel free to visit the official website or store of the company.

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Company: FoShan Khipusoft Technology Co., Ltd.