Friday, 5 May 2017

19 Year Old Rising EDM Producer Endeavoring To Reach to the Top & Choose Music as a Career

College Station, United States; 06, May 2017: Emman-Pelumi has been into music since he was little, and at the age of 19 years now, he has been trying hard to create his own position in the music industry. Born in Nigeria and got exposed to EDM, and he loved EDM, which changed his life. He then determined to choose music as a career and since then working really hard to get to the top and get noticed.

Music lovers can have the opportunity to listen to Emman-Pelumi on the sound cloud music platform, where he has posted remake of a popular track. With some great beats, the track "Its Eternity Wishes" also features Emman’s sister Doreen. The track is posted with the purpose of his Music Promotion, and many sound cloud users have already enjoyed the track. With a pulsating music, one would love to listen to the track.

Speaking about this new musical remake, Emman-Pelumi states, “I have been gone for a while, but now I am back to finish what was started and also provide you guys with great Sounds of music.” He is back and promises to himself to work hard and create great music that can take him to the top. With his new track available on the sound cloud, he is aiming to reach the heart of the new-age music lovers and is confident of adding them as his fans.

Emman-Pelumi already has several tracks on the Sound Cloud before this new remake, such as Far From Home, Eternity Wishes, SoulMates, Alan Walker Memories, Believe, No Worries and others. His earlier tracks were substantially appreciated by the music community and a number of music enthusiasts follow him on the social media to learn more about his music. With his hard work and dedication, Emman-Pelumi is destined to achieve an enviable spot in the music industry. To enjoy the remake of his new track, in which he has teamed up with his sister Doreen, one can visit the link

About Emman-Pelumi:

Emman-Pelumi is a 19 year old rising EDM producer, singer and DJ who is trying to get out there more. He has been into music since he was little. He was born in Nigeria and got exposed to EDM and loved it. He chooses music as a career in life and also working really hard to get to the top and get noticed.

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Contact Person: Emman-Pelumi

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