Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Free Quran Teaching Academy Launches Online Courses for Mastering the Quran Easily online Quran Teaching Academy

18, October 2017: Though Islam is relatively a new religion when viewed in the perspective of the origin of other major religions including Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, almost 24% of the world’s population swear by the Quran. The gospels in the Quran, the holy book of the Muslims was revealed to Prophet Muhammad by the divine voice and is at the core or the Islamic faith. The Quran which was conceptualized approximately 1400 years ago continues to be guiding light and symbol of hope just not for the Muslim adherents but also for humanity as a whole. Since the very day, the holiest book of the Muslims was bestowed upon the Islam practitioners for spreading the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, memorizing the couplets and reciting the same has been a crucial component of their beliefs. The online Quran teaching academy which is the brainchild of Gulam Babar was recently hosted.

Although countless people have memorized the Quran and recited passages from the holy book since the time it was written, the concept of learning it through the web is relatively new. The practice of attempting to gain knowledge about the pious tome gained currency following the advent of the internet. The advanced instructional tools and techniques of the internet make the onerous and arduous task of mastering the book of Allah easier. The online Quran teaching academy has clearly demonstrated the ease with which the couplets and prose in the consecrated work can be learnt learn by heart. Free learning and practice programs organized by this web-based educational academy have amply corroborated that learning the Quran by rote through the online route happens to be more effective in comparison to studying the same in brick and mortar locations.

Online Quran teaching academy offers software for interactive visual communication which in turn goes a long way in helping to establishing a personal rapport with the pupils. The software applications are inherently user-friendly rendering it convenient for not only the adults but also the youngsters and kids to enlighten themselves with the holiest of books for the Muslims. To put it in short, the software can aid kids in interacting on a personal level with the online tutor or instructor, thereby making the edification experience more effective. Talking about picking up the nitty gritty of the Quran via the online interface, there are numerous web-oriented courses that can be easily browsed on the net. Additionally, these online courses are easy to follow thus making the entire learning process more effective and the experience more delightful.

Online Quran teaching academy offers these courses for free and does not charge any fee for downloading the course software. There are experienced and knowledgeable teachers who tutor in such a way that your instruction is effectual and the wisdom that you gain about Islam is accurate. Some of the courses include Quran memorization, Basic Tajweed course, Advanced Tajweed course, and so on.

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Free Quran Teaching Academy founded by Gulam Babar archives courses on Quran that anybody can download free of cost and gain comprehensive knowledge about the holy book of Islam.

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