Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Airwheel Electric Scooter for road safety Are Better To Improve Air Conditions and Suit to More Riders

14, March 2017: Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter tells people that the wheel and the air are greatly connected; and smaller wheels mean better air conditions and more comfortable city life. Of course, Airwheel did not invent the wheel, which directly cleans the air pollutions.

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The smaller the wheels are, the better the air conditions will be. How can this happen? However, Airwheel does a good job to interpret it. Airwheel developed its intelligent electric scooters with smaller wheels, smaller body sizes, and eco-friendly features, which all contribute to the convenient riding experiences and better conditions. All the intelligent vehicles from Airwheel family have more compacted sizes compared with traditional ones.

Because of the compacted sizes of wheels and other vehicle units, even the largest product series—the S series double-wheels electric scooters are the tiny companions by the sides of people. The largest wheels of vehicles in Airwheel family are no bigger than 20 inches. The advanced techniques of Airwheel in designing and developing products make Airwheel products strong and intelligent enough to replace traditional transport vehicles. Airwheel S5 is the high-end products in Airwheel family. With the largest body sizes and various vehicle accessories, Airwheel S5 is not only the electric vehicles carrying people to the destinations, but also take people’s necessities on the accessories like bags to the destinations. The long range and good adaptability of S5 in all conditions of roads make S5 the best option in middle-long distance travel.

Airwheel R5 electric assist bike belongs to the new product series in Airwheel family. This time Airwheel designed the products with the inspirations from traditional popular vehicles among people—the bike and e bike. The difference is that the intelligence technologies are perfectly integrated into the vehicles. The intelligent functions make R5 the next-generation e bikes with various ride styles.


Airwheel never stops satisfying the needs of different user groups. And it insists on adopting electricity as the power resources of its products. Sitting posture self-balancing scooter S8, foldable electric scooter Z5, E series of electric folding bikes and C series of Smart helmets are newly released by Airwheel in the past year. Together with the efficient and powerful motors, Airwheel electric scooters make the cities more enjoyable with less pollution.

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