Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Maxingreda Nutrition Brings Natural Immunity Boosters for Humans to Help Maintain Good Health & Vitality

Xi'an, China; 22, March 2017: Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd has always been in the forefront when it comes to supplying high quality, pure and natural herbal extracts for better human health. The company now introduces several new botanical extracts that are amazing immunity and energy boosters.

The company brings the Inonotus Obliquus Extract that is extracted from a kind of medicinal extract found mainly in Russia, Poland and Eastern European countries. This bacterial parasite is a precious fungus that can be used in the treatment of several types of cancers, such as liver cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer and others. The Inonotus obliquus or chaga mushroom contains more than 200 ingredients that have amazing medicinal properties. These ingredients can cure hormonal disorders and boost the immune system against the growth of cancerous tumors.

People can rely on the Reishi mushroom extract for its miraculous health benefits. Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd supplies this medicinal mushroom that is a strong tonic to boost human immunity. Its ingredients can regulate the blood sugar and blood pressure and can be very effective anti-diabetes remedy. This mushroom extract can also protect human liver and promote sleep. The Reishi mushroom has been used in the traditional Chinese medicine for over 2200 years now, and now people can enjoy the real benefits of this medicinal mushroom. With more than 800 active ingredients, this mushroom can prove of immense health benefits for the mankind.

One of the popular herbal products that the company supplies to customers is the icariin 10%. The product is extracted from Epimedium or horny goat weed. It has several health benefits and more commonly used as a sex enhancer or an immunity booster. It is also known to relieve menopausal discomfort. There are several clinical studies that show that it can increase the penile blood pressure and prove helpful in the treatment of impotency in men. The natural herbal extract can be consumed as a supplement on a daily basis.

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About Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd:

Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd is a 15-year-old Professional cGMP manufacturer of organic fungus extract, men’s health ingredients and botanical extracts with warehouse in New Jersey and California.

Maxingreda Nutrition Co., Ltd relies on pure ingredients and the foremost scientific research for manufacturing nutrition products that are truly life enhancing. The company endeavors to improve the quality of life of men and women by manufacturing and supplying great natural solutions all over the world. They offer an opportunity to get the best wellness products in the world for people to make their life the best.

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