Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How The HVAC Industry Is Adapting And Embracing Technological Change

15, November 2017: From the outside looking in, many people would assume that the HVAC industry has seen little technical development or innovation for many years. However, the reality is that drastic and fundamental changes are about to hit the industry, and companies will need to embrace those changes or face the prospect of going out of business very quickly.

In October 2016, an international agreement was reached which effectively froze hydrofluorocarbon production, which has lead to a frenzied search for a new and more environmentally friendly alternative. Companies will need to embrace these changes and potentially invest in training for their technicians to ensure they are up to date with the latest changes and regulations.

Consumers have come to accept that air conditioning is just a standard everyday benefit. However they may not be aware of some of the other benefits of good air conditioning management, and the companies which understand and explain those benefits may well be the companies which grow and expand moving forward. Education could actually become a USP to differentiate between companies.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is also bringing colossal change to the industry, offering the capability for customers to switch their HVAC systems on remotely via their smartphones. This modern technology on its own could potentially save energy consumers significant sums of money in energy costs at a time when energy prices are rising rapidly.

Finally, not all of the advancements in technology need to be directly related to the products themselves. With the rapid growth of the internet, companies need to embrace the internet and utilize its strengths to generate sales. Air National HVAC is an example of a company that understands and has embraced the internet and as a consequence is growing rapidly.

The HVAC world may have remained mostly stagnant for many decades, but all of a sudden there is a wind of change blasting through the industry.

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