Monday, 20 November 2017

Sositar Mould Co., Limited Produces a Wide Range of Precision Molded Parts for Various Enterprises

21, November 2017: A near endless number of products and items that are used both in the industrial/commercial as well as domestic sectors worldwide have been manufactured using plastic injection molding process. Starting from complex automotive parts to simple bottle caps and from medical/surgical/diagnostic instruments to home appliances are all fabricated using injection molding technology. Virgin plastic granules serve as the basic raw material that is melted considerably to fill up a customized mold through high pressure injection. Once the mould filling cools down sufficiently the molding machine opens up to release the prototype. Sositar Mould Co., Limited is one of the premier plastic manufacturing companies in China, exclusively engaged in producing a range of high-quality plastic molded components for more than 17 years.

Sositar Mould Co., Limited manufactures and supplies custom plastic parts including but not limited to plastic injection parts, 3D print prototypes, mock-ups, high temperature plastic parts, plastic molds, CNC rapid prototypes, silicone brush, PVC fitting mold, and transparent plastic product mold. The enterprise also produces rubber parts, CNC machining prototypes, injection mold for auto parts, customized steel inserts, plastic injection tooling, plastic prototypes, promotional silicone components, silicone keypad, rubber cover, PPSU, and overmolding molds. The manufacturing company has received and continues to receive from world-class multinational/transnational corporations like Aston Martin, BOSCH, DELPHI, Ford, Nissan, and Philips which is a fitting testimony of the high level of craftsmanship it has achieved in its business.

The firm has a very large and sprawling workshop with an area exceeding 3,800 sq. meters where over 150 seasoned toolmakers work diligently to fabricate about 60-80 molds, including precision molded parts, every month. Sositar Mould Co., Limited is also capable of making plastic injection molded pieces and modules weighing up to 1.5kg or presses up to a maximum of 650 tons. The outfit takes advantage of the state-of-the-art web-oriented tools and techniques in order to keep the marketing, management, and production costs under control. Additionally, exploiting the web-based tools also goes a long way in enabling the company to create molds and communicate with its customers with greater efficiency.

Most of the production equipment and machinery installed in Sositar Mould Co., Limited have been sourced mainly from Taiwan and Switzerland. These include 17 milling machines, 11 Charmilles EDM machines, 6 CNC machines, 4 lathes, 10 grinding machines, 7 wire-cutting machines, CMM, a video measurement module, a slow-fed linear cutting machine, and a CMM, and numerous supplementary machineries. The setup specializes in crafting precision molded parts for various companies engaged in automotive, medical, home appliances, sports goods, agricultural/agro-based, home appliances, and numerous other commercial sectors. Sositar Mould Co., Limited has been an ISO9001-2008 accredited company from 2004 which ensures that all its customers are supplied with products that are of the best quality as well as remain functional for years on end.

About Sositar Mould Co., Limited:

Since 1998, Sositar Mould Co., Limited has been producing a wide range of precision molded parts for various enterprises that are the leading commercial organizations in Europe and North America.

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