Thursday, 3 November 2016

MEDEMBASSY Leads the Way in Medical Tourism for Hepatitis C Treatments

Alhambra, United States; 03, November 2016: MEDEMBASSY is a leading provider of Hepatitis C treatments in India. Catering to the medical tourism market, MEDEMBASSY has helped cure over 600 patients. With a selection of top private hospitals in India, the company is now recognized as a leader in its field.

Affordable, effective and professional treatment for Hepatitis C

MEDEMBASSY offers treatment for Hepatitis C that both works and is affordable. It's a well-known fact that India has become the global leader in medical tourism.

The trouble is; patients seldom know whether they receive good value for money. Plus, they can sometimes be unsure if the treatments they pay for actually work. Thankfully, MEDEMBASSY offers peace of mind when it comes to Hepatitis C treatments.

The consulting team consists of world-renown medical experts. At the helm is Dr. Gourdas Choudhuri and Dr. Neeraj Saraf, both of whom are qualified and experienced doctors.

The need for medical tourism

It's a sad fact of life that Hepatitis C treatments are expensive in some countries. Even if patients have insurance cover, they might find that they need to cover the bulk of their fees. Medical tourism offers those patients access to the same treatments but in other countries. What's more, they are available at a fraction of the cost they initially got asked to pay.

Hepatitis C treatments often get made available at lower prices in some countries. With that in mind, it's possible to pass on those savings and enable patients access to cheaper treatments. MEDEMBASSY offers medical tourists affordable Hepatitis C treatments through key locations in India.

How the process works

MEDEMBASSY offer a full suite of consultation services. Also, they can also help patients take care of Indian visa requirements. Few of their competitors can boast such a solution for their clients.

First of all, patients must provide evidence to MEDEMBASSY that they have Hepatitis C. Usually, the process involves submitting specific medical reports that confirm their diagnosis.

Next, a personalized rehabilitation program gets designed and includes treatments with genuine, branded products. MEDEMBASSY is proud to announce that it offers a high 95% cure rate for Hepatitis C.

The benefits of using MEDEMBASSY

Hepatitis C patients from China and other areas feel that cost is a big stumbling block to getting treatment. MEDEMBASSY makes available the drugs needed to cure the disease at one-tenth of the cost. Of course, it's crucial that the treatment gets backed by a superior level of service.

At MEDEMBASSY, they stop at nothing to deliver 100% satisfaction. They ensure patients have a comfortable and rewarding experience during their stay in India. MEDEMBASSY offers a range of treatment programs tailored to each patient's needs.


MEDEMBASSY offers a full suite of consultation and treatment services for Hepatitis C sufferers. Catering primarily to the Chinese and Asian markets, they have a range of top treatment facilities in India. With affordable prices and a first-class service, MEDEMBASSY also boasts a 95% cure rate.

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