Friday, 25 November 2016

The Flipping Book Tool FlipHTML5: The Future of Digital Publishing Is Here!

26, November 2016: There is no disputing the fact that the advent of digital publishing has changed the entire publishing landscape, availing publishers and users the opportunity to publish and use materials on digital devices with the click of a button. FlipHTML5 takes this new digital publishing experience to a level surpassing everyone’s expectations by providing interactive digital publishing platform with universal compatibility and great flexibility.

FlipHTML5 flipping book tool is developed by FlipHTML5 Software Company, a global leader in digital publishing that continues to blaze the trail in the provision of innovative, technology-driven, low-cost and scalable digital publishing solutions that provide value for money and enhance overall user experience. The FlipHTML5 tool is based on the HTML5 technology that offers universal device and multi-browser compatibility and delivers unique user experience with great reliability and safety.

FilpHTML5 is the perfect digital publishing solution. It provides an interactive platform to create and publish eBooks, magazines, brochure, flyers, pamphlets and other materials, giving users unlimited freedom over style, design, size and accessibility through its user friendly edit features and unlimited hosting cloud platform. Above all, the FlipHTML5 is embedded with search engine optimization that improves web visibility, giving users the unique opportunity to market their publications, products and brands via its email marketing feature.

The new FlipHTML5 comes with rich multimedia features and extensions, allowing users to insert videos, images, audios, links, animations and texts to make products more presentable and interactive. It has a multi-language interface that works with 17 languages, full customization features for user creativity, and customer care and support help services that provide on-hand support through email. It is native android app feature is meant to support unlimited innovation in a way that meets the demands and preferences of users.

FlipHTML5 is perfect for ecommerce, allowing users to make business presentations, promo presentations and manage online marketing with great ease and convenience. FlipHTML5 is also ideal for individual users, allowing them to track and follow their favorite publishers and get regular updates through subscriptions. Published materials on FlipHTML5 can also be downloaded for use offline.

All these can be achieved with just the click of your digital device, from the comfort of your homes and workplaces, and without any real coding knowledge or effort. Surely, a digital publishing experience cannot be more rewarding! If digital publishing has a future, it is FlipHTML5! That future is here! For more, please visit FlipHTML5 homepage.

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