Friday, 18 November 2016

Promising Golden Globe Screening for foreign movie "The Road to Mother"

Hollywood; 19, November 2016: November 13th of 2016. All signs are pointing to a smashing success for producers Aliya Nazarbayeva and Svetlana Korotchenko’s epic international movie, THE ROAD TO MOTHER, represented for sales in North America by Elliptic Entertainment, after their Golden Globe screening in Los Angeles.

A large number of HFPA Members (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) turned out to screen the film, most notably MunawarHosain, Armando Gallo, Lisa Liu, Lynn Tso, and BarbarosTapan.

For the Movie’s sales representatives and organizers of the event, Vincent Bouvier, Lorenzo Antonucci, and Henry Lipatov, the success of the screening raises hopes that the movie will be among the HFPA Member’s ‘wish list’ for the nominees of the prestigious 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

In addition to the HFPA members, attendees included a number of top distributors and journalists, who all gathered in the prestigious screening room of THE LONDON HOTEL, West Hollywood.

‘The Road to Mother’, produced by NEW WORLD PRODUCTION, is a dramatic Independent film that features one of the most tragic periods in Kazakhstan’s history. Director, Akan Satayev, presents a story about the overwhelming power of a mother’s love and highlights the struggles of the Kazakh people and their ability to persevere. The story spans from the 1930’s to present day and is not only an historic panorama, but also a hymn to family values and the sense of honor and charity.

‘The Road to Mother’ was released in movie theaters on September 29, 2016 in Kazakhstan.

Domestic release is forecast throughout 2017 by Elliptic Entertainment.

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