Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Winter is the Perfect Time for a Villa Vacation

30, November 2016: With the winter break approaching, many people are looking for an opportunity to get away somewhere warm. Thanks to Exceptional Villas that is a distinct possibility. The travel firm offers holidaymakers the chance to stay in villas all over the world, from Antigua to Thailand.

Founded in 1992, the company has grown considerably. It now hosts more than 1,700 villa rentals worldwide for families looking to escape the winter blues. During the winter, many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Scientists don’t know the exact cause of this, but symptoms include depression, anxiety, and insomnia. One of the ways to get rid of the winter blues is to spend some time lounging in the sun beside a villa, getting plenty of vitamin D.


Exceptional Villas offers villas all over the world. However, most of its villas are clustered around the Caribbean. Villas can be found in Barbados, St Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua and the Cayman Islands. The Caribbean isn't the only place in which the company operates, however. It also hosts villas as far afield as Greece, Ireland, Thailand, the United States and Mexico.

How Exceptional Villas Works

Exceptional Villas might be flung far and wide, but the company prides itself on keeping its customers up to date on local areas. The company says that it is able to match its customers to locations thanks to its local knowledge. Its villa experts, it claims, know every single villa that the company operates. And, as a result, they can give guests information on all the local restaurants, beaches, and excursions. Customers are matched with villas that actually suit their needs. Whether you’re with the family, hosting a wedding or on a romantic break, there should be a villa for you.

Exceptional Villas also offers its clients a concierge service. When travelers arrive at the airport, they can take advantage of the company’s Airport VIP Fast Track Service. This enables holidaymakers to get through airport lines more quickly. The company will then shuttle them between their villas and the airport. It will also help them book meals in local restaurants and organize other activities.

Exceptional Villas knows traveling can be exhausting. The last thing its guests they want to do when they arrive is to go back out again and buy food. The company helps to make customer arrival more enjoyable with its standard grocery pack. On arrival, the pantry if full of food, ready to cook. If guests don’t want to cook, they can opt for a chef to cook a meal for them.

What Customers Say

Most customers say that the quality of the service on offer by Exceptional Villas is high. Some customers report that the showers are excellent and that the hotel locations are great. One customer says that they felt like they were in the middle of paradise.

Other clients comment on the quality of the customer service they received. For instance, the company went above and beyond for one particular group of ten girls looking for a villa. It helped the group find a driver so that they could get around and a chef to meet their dietary needs.

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